Version 0.102 - 2019-02-08
 - New argv profile 'consume'
 - Fix minor memory leak of self-referencing anon sub

Version 0.101 - 2016-02-11
 - Enable autoflush on output handles

Version 0.100002 - 2016-01-20
 - dumper is no longer supported due to changes in Log::Any
 - filter is deprecated in favor of log_level
 - New shared Config allows changing log level on the fly without
   re-attaching all adapters
 - New 'argv', 'env', and 'signals' features for common Unix behavior
 - Optimized log-level squelching with adapter subclasses
 - Customizable formatting, optimized via dynamic compilation
 - Customizable output handle/coderef or even writer coderef

Version 0.002000 - 2014-06-23
 - This module no longer prefixes info() messages with "info:", so that
   info messages are equivalent to printing the text.
 - Changed STDERR to STDOUT, since most logging tools actually connect
   STDOUT to the logger.
 - No longer join message parts with a space, and just concatenate them.
   This matches better with other logging back-ends.

Version 0.001002 - 2014-05-19
 - Basic support for all logging methods, prefixing all output with
   the canonical name of the log level.
 - Default filter is info and below.
 - Support for custom dumpers, used for non-scalars passed to 'debug'
   or 'trace' or any of the formatting '*f()' functions.
 - Embedded newlines converted to properly prefixed log lines.