Revision history for Perl extension List::Priority.

0.05  2012-03-11 14:30
	- Removed deprecated SIZE option.

	- Removed context-sensitivity of pop and shift.

	- Added highest_priority and lowest_priority methods.

	- Removed the bizarre "pop/shift first item with this exact priority"

0.04  Thu 29 Dec 2011
	- Various API changes (as detailed below): be sure to update client

	- Uses min/max rather than sorting all keys on pop/shift, for Greater
	  Speed. This introduces a dependency on List::Util.

	- Croak on malformed arguments, rather than returning error messages
	  in strings.

	- Renamed "SIZE" to "capacity"; added getter/setter.

	- Removed the restriction on duplicate items.

	- pop/shift now return a (priority, item) pair if called in list context.

	- Some documentation clarifications.

0.03  Tue 20 Dec 2011
	- Bugfix release: use this version if you really, really need to stick
	  to the v0.02 API.

	- Fixed shift() method, which now behaves as documented.

	- Added size() method, which reports number of items currently in the

	- Some documentation cleanup.

	- Added some tests.

0.02  Fri Jun 14 15:34:02 2002
	- Added support for a size limit on the list.
	  If you reach and attempt to insert more elements, most recent lower
	  priority elements already in the list will be overriden, but if you
	  attempt to insert higher priority objects.

	- Added a reversed extraction method - shift(), which will extract
	  the most recent and lowest priority object from the list.

	- Added an optional parameter to allow extraction from a specific

0.01  Tue Mar 12 22:34:02 2002
	- First release