Revision history for Lingua-Sentence

1.100     2017-02-26
    - Moved to Dist::Zilla
    - Moved to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
    - Tidied the code to get rid of the tabs and spaces problem
    - Removed use of non-ASCII characters in the regular expressions.
      Use the \x{} syntax instead.
    - Un-escaped several regular expressions non-metacharacters
    - Removed usage of two-arg open
    - Removed bareword file handles
    - Use File::Spec and Path::Tiny to slurp files

1.05     2013-12-19
    - added language support for Danish, Finnish, Lithuanian and updated
      language support for Greek

1.04     2013-02-01
    - added language support for Czech, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian,
      Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish
    - changed license to LGPLv3 because language support files come under
      this license
    - fixed RT issue #82069: Sentences with more than one trailing
      whitespace not split
    - removed use of Exporter as this is object-oriented module

1.03     2010-12-04
    - added language support for Catalan and Dutch
    - update language support for Spanish

1.02     2010-07-07
    - added language support for French, Italian, Spanish
    - switched to File::ShareDir to access nonbreaking prefix files

1.00     2010-02-18
    - original version