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Revision history for Lingua-RU-Inflect

0.01    24 Feb 2010
        First version, which inflect russian given names and detect gender by name.
        Complex names are ignored.

0.02    04 Mar 2010
        Included documentation in Russian.
        Sub choose_preposition_by_next_word and its aliases was added.
        More tests was added.
        Some bugs was fixed.

0.03    18 Feb 2011
        Arguments can be transmitted to functions as list or hashes.
        Prepositional subs and aliases now DEPRECATED, they moved
        to Lingua::RU::Preposition

0.04    16 Aug 2012
        Issue #1 - Warning was fixed (perl 5.14 and newer,
        thank to vividshow@github for patch)

0.05    16 Sep 2014
        Prepositional function was removed.

0.06    04 Oct 2018
        Issues #3, #4 was fixed.
        Exception lists was extended.