Revision history for Perl extension LibZip.

0.06  2004-12-11
      - Enable .pl files in the libzip.modules file.
      - Check to clean tmp directories in the BEGIN and END of the application.
        Before was only in the END, and applications that crashes will never clean the directories.
      - TinyPerl updated.
      - Perl options alloweds can use modules at now.
        This is important for -c (check syntax)!!!

0.05  2004-06-14
      - Fixed warning for -w
      - Fixed option --help when -h is enabled.
      - Sources of TinyPerl in distribution finisheds.

0.04  2004-06-14
      - Enabled/fixed UPX over the executable on Win32.
      - Fixed original perl option -c for check syntax (when -c is enabled in the exec).
      - Fixed execution warnings when is not found.

0.03  2004-06-11
      - POD fixes & upgrades.
      - Added support to Win32 icon in the executables.
      - Added option to create GUI executables (non console).

0.02  2004-06-10
      - LibZip recreated from scratch. Result: smaller and faster binaries.

0.01  2003-??-??
      - original version;