2.4       2019-01-12 19:16:45+00:00 Europe/London

2.3       2018-07-25 23:32:04+01:00 Europe/London
- Allow specifying an array reference in resource_documents, this is useful
when you have situations where "all" is already called on your resultset and
the resultset is no longer available to you.
- Fixed some typos in the readme

2.2       2018-07-18 23:04:28+01:00 Europe/London
- Use a less taxing method of deriving a documents resource type with Mojo::Util::decamelize,
removing the need to lookup and cache the type using Lingua::EN::Segment and CHI.

Thanks to @dakkar and @jplindstrom for the feedback!

2.1       2018-07-12 20:09:22+01:00 Europe/London
- Allow attributes starting with an underscore to not go through kebab casing
- Fix bug where the relationship links were pointing to their origin in "related" and
to their relationships link in "self", should have been the opposite.

2.0       2018-07-02 23:44:40+01:00 Europe/London
- Fixed bug where unusual words were stripped out that due to containing
an underscore when formulating the documents resource type.

1.9       2018-07-02 21:32:35+01:00 Europe/London
- Update readme

1.8       2018-07-02 21:27:14+01:00 Europe/London
- Fixed bug where requesting relationships for compound documents whose relationship
names contained underscores were not producing the right document type.

1.7       2018-06-24 16:44:22+01:00 Europe/London
- Fixed a bug where I was type checking for DBIx::Class::ResultSet, which made fetching
nested relationships not work for applications that layer over a dbix resultset. Made
the check less strict so now the overlaying class should just provide the "all" method.

1.6       2018-06-08 00:17:54+01:00 Europe/London
- Add missing dependency Test::MockObject

1.5       2018-06-04 22:36:07+01:00 Europe/London
- api_url case insensitive type check

1.4       2018-06-03 14:55:21+01:00 Europe/London
Undergone an internal refactoring that cleans up how the document is built.

- Deprecated option 'with_relationships', use 'includes' instead with subset of relationships
or 'all_related' to include all direct relationships.

- Deprecated argument and option 'attributes_via', a role is now available for more sophistication,
JSONAPI::Document::Role::Attributes. Consume this role in your objects which implemented your custom
attributes method, and return a hashref instead of a hash from it.

1.3       2018-05-19 01:23:24+01:00 Europe/London
- Implement sparse fieldsets

1.2       2018-04-14 12:43:26+00:00 UTC
- Add license to README

1.1       2018-04-08 15:01:24+00:00 UTC
- Use file based caching
- New required argument: data_dir

1.0       2018-04-08 00:55:28+00:00 UTC
- namespace the CHI keys by this package name

0.9       2018-04-08 00:46:13+00:00 UTC
- Use Lingua::EN::Segment to split the pluralised document type correctly into a hyphenated string

0.8       2018-04-02 22:11:49+00:00 UTC
- Fixed bug where compound document returned 'data' as an ArrayRef when it should be a HashRef

0.7       2018-04-02 21:22:54+00:00 UTC
- Fixed bug in compound document relationships where the 'includes' option was not taken into account when passed to resource_document

0.6       2018-04-02 01:01:31+00:00 UTC
- Fixed bug where relationship names and their links were not kebab cased
- Pluralise the type of relations using their relation name, which is already found, instead of its result source

0.5       2018-03-31 20:52:26+00:00 UTC
- Required 'api_url' attribute
- Support for relational link objects

0.4       2018-03-04 12:50:37+00:00 UTC
- Optional 'kebab_case_attrs' and 'attributes_via' attributes
- Less strict type check for row object

0.3       2018-02-18 13:02:29+00:00 UTC
- Pin dependency Test::DBIx::Class to 0.52

0.2       2018-02-17 18:19:50+00:00 UTC
- Update dzil prereqs

0.1       2018-02-17 01:57:42+00:00 UTC