Revision history for JSON-Schema-Tiny

0.006     2021-06-06 18:20:19Z
          - properly update initial_schema_uri in the state object while passing
            through $id keywords, to keep error locations accurate

0.005     2021-06-05 17:56:50Z
          - errors are no longer generated on the presence of unsupported
            keywords from other draft specification versions
          - now checking syntax for the keywords: $id, $anchor,
            $recursiveAnchor, $vocabulary, $comment

0.004     2021-05-21 05:03:42Z
          - new optional OO interface for options, as an alternative to global

0.003     2021-05-15 18:17:16Z
          - fixed error strings used for failing "dependentRequired"
          - keywords in the applicator vocabulary are now applied before the
            keywords in the validation vocabulary (true/false results are not
            affected, but the order of annotations and errors will change)

0.002     2021-04-08 23:46:59Z
          - new config option $MOJO_BOOLEANS, which will treat \0, \1 in data
            as json booleans

0.001     2021-03-30 05:39:59Z
          - Initial release.