Changes for version 0.120

    • Improve arg checking in Cart->remove (Peter Mottram).
    • Allow cart remove using id or index as well as sku (Peter Mottram).
    • Extend cart update method to allow hashref args for index/id (Peter Mottram).
    • Add product_grep methot to cart class (Peter Mottram).
    • Add combine attribute to product class (Hunter McMillen, GH #34).
    • Add product_class attribute to cart class (Peter Mottram).
    • `after quantity` modifier in Product should be `after set_quantity` (Peter Mottram).
    • Remove cost_push handle from Role::Costs->costs (Peter Mottram).
    • Use Carp::croak in Role::Cost (Peter Mottram).
    • Reintroduce Interchange6::Types type library (Peter Mottram).
    • Improve workaround for Type::Tiny::XS bug (Peter Mottram, GH #28).
    • Change Cart's find method to use HandlesVia Array's first (Peter Mottram).
    • Use PositiveOrZeroInt type check for quantity arg to update in cart (Peter Mottram).


Open Source Shop Machine
Cart class for Interchange6 Shop Machine
Cart cost class for Interchange6 Shop Machine
Cart product class for Interchange6 Shop Machine
Type library for Interchange6


in lib/Interchange6/Role/