Revision history for Perl extension Capture.

0.01    Wed Mar 12 15:11:37 2003

        - original version; created by h2xs 1.1

0.02    Sat Dec 20 08:23:00 EST 2003

	- Fixed bug that caused messages to be printed if nothing was captured.  
	  Thanks to Robb Canfield.
	- Some changes to documentation

0.04    Apr 29 13:18:39 EDT 2005 

        I found a couple of problems that made me re-think the module
        IO::Capture::ErrorMessages.  As a result, I am  removing this
        module from the distribution.  It is  now depreciated and will
        be remove in the next release.   IO::Capture::Stderr now has
        has the same functionality that IO::Capture::Stderr did previously,
        and can be used instead.

        I have changed the base class so that you can now pass arguments
	to derived classes. 

        I have added a new parameter to IO::Capture::Stderr, "FORCE_CAPTURE_WARN".
        It controls capturing text sent via warn(), if $SIG{__WARN__} has been 
        changed.  The default is to let the text go to the handler set in 
        $SIG{__WARN__}.  If you want to override this, set FORCE_CAPTURE_WARN
        to a 1.