Revision history for IO-Async-SSL

0.25    2023-08-16
         * Make sure to `use Module VERSION` without quotes to avoid upsetting
           perl 5.39.1's complaints about undefined import method with

0.24    2022-12-20
         * Updated for new error message format of Net::SSLeay (RT142553,
         * Spelling fix 'querying' (RT142917)

0.23    2022-05-23
         * Force IPv4 in openssl s_client
         * Declare dependency on Test::Identity
         * Pick port dynamically in t/20stream.t

0.22    2018-06-06 12:01:54
         * Increase IO::Socket::SSL version dependency to 2.003 due to
           important bugfixes (RT#125220)

0.21    2017-11-01 11:46:00
         * Detect early failures of IO::Socket::SSL->SSL_start such as bad

0.20    2017/07/11 12:49:13
         * Minor fixes to openssl-running unit tests
         * Provide a dhparam.pem override file for testing with socat, as some
           versions object to the default one (thanks ilmari)
         * Rebuild SSL certs to 2048 bits

0.19    2015/10/15 16:44:06
         * Catch ->start_SSL throwing errors, rather than expecting it to
           return undef
         * Swallow SSL errors if 'on_ssl_error' handles them

0.18    2015/06/29 23:52:36
         * Apply utf8::downgrade() inplace to strings before we ->syswrite
           them, ensuring that IO::Socket::SSL doesn't double-encode UTF-8
           (related to RT98372).

0.17    2015/05/29 19:52:02
         * Tell openssl s_server to be -quiet so its verbose junk doesn't
           upset the test script (RT104757)
         * No need to even unpack $buf from @_ in sslwrite when it's not
           passed to the underlying _syswrite (RT103774)

0.16    2015/04/17 20:52:35
         * Declare required version of IO::Socket::SSL to get default_ca()
         * Explicitly set $! to EINVAL when unit-test mocking methods fail
         * Declare requirement on IO::Async 0.66 for various bugfixes

0.15    2015/04/04 14:52:23
         * Use IO::Async::Stream reader/writer functions instead of SSLStream
         * Use hints provided by IO::Socket::SSL::default_ca (RT96474)

         * Remember about EWOULDBLOCK on MSWin32
         * Handle EAGAIN from acceptor (RT102403)
         * Don't invoke on_ssl_error handler for cleartext acceptor failures

0.14    2014/03/27 11:24:08
         * Avoid relying on strong forward references in Future, by creating
           intentional cycles on pending Futures. Workaround for bugfix in
           upcoming Future release.

0.13    2013/10/03 19:49:20
         * Support new IO::Async::Loop 0.61 listen API
         * Listen via futures

0.12    2013/09/10 01:17:16
         * Ensure that ->connect with a 'handle' works, by deferring setting
           the socket on the given stream until it has been SSL_upgrade'd.

0.11    2013/09/09 13:32:49
         * Perform SSL_upgrade and SSL_connect primarily on futures
         * Allow SSL_connect on an existing Stream object, by using
           reader/writer functions of IaStream 0.59

         * No point waiting on writeready when syswrite already said it wants
         * Fix "on_accept" typo in docs (RT86867)

0.10    BUGFIXES:
         * Allocate port numbers for external binary tests dynamically so that
           concurrent unit tests can proceed (RT85301)
         * Added a unit test that tests listening for openssl s_client

0.09    BUGFIXES:
         * Use IO::Async::OS->socketpair instead of $loop->socketpair
           (thanks Tom Molesworth) (RT84638)

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Prefer the /etc/ssl/certs directory if it exists, for SSL_ca_path.

0.07    CHANGES:
         * Updated for IO::Async 0.54 - use Futures instead of IaMergePoint
         * Attempt to use Mozilla::CA to set SSL_verify_mode and SSL_ca_file

0.06    BUGFIXES:
         * Make sure to pass 'socktype' hint to ->connect or ->listen during

0.05    BUGFIXES:
         * Ensure clean shutdown on SSL upgrade failure
         * Explicitly set family => "inet" in tests against socat

0.04    CHANGES:
         * New SSL_upgrade method on Loop and Protocol::Stream
         * Support on_stream continuation for SSL_connect and SSL_listen

0.03    BUGFIXES:
         * Don't is() test directly on socket addresses; unpack them and use
         * Supply a hostname to $loop->listen()

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Added Test::Pod testing
         * Make sure tests don't fail on machines without socat or openssl

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.