hailo - Command-line interface to the Hailo Markov bot


    usage: hailo [-abEfhLlopRrSsTtuv] [long options...]
    usage: hailo [-abEfhLlopRrSsTtuv] [long options...]
        -v --version           Print version and exit
        -u --ui                Use UI CLASS
        -t --train             Learn from all the lines in FILE, use - for STDIN
        -s --stats             Print statistics about the brain
        -r --reply             Reply to STRING
        -p --progress          Display progress during the import
        -o --order             Markov order; How deep the rabbit hole goes
        -l --learn             Learn from STRING
        -h --help              You're soaking it in
        -f --train-fast        Train with aggressive caching (memory-hungry!)
        -b --brain             Load/save brain to/from FILE
        -a --autosave          Save the brain on exit (on by default)
        -T --tokenizer         Use tokenizer CLASS
        -S --storage           Use storage CLASS
        -R --random-reply      Like --reply but takes no STRING; Babble at random
        -L --learn-reply       Learn from STRING and reply to it
        -E --engine            Use engine CLASS
        --ui-args              Arguments for the UI class
        --tokenizer-args       Arguments for the Tokenizer class
        --storage-args         Arguments for the Storage class
        --examples             Print examples along with the help message
        --engine-args          Arguments for the Engine class
        --brain-resource       Alias for `brain' for backwards compatibility

        Note: All input/output and files are assumed to be UTF-8 encoded.


Train in-memory using bot-training's megahal.trn and reply:

    bot-training -f megahal | hailo --brain :memory: --train - --random-reply
    # ==> Time flies like a banana.

Create an on-disk brain for later use:

    bot-training -f megahal > megahal.trn
    hailo --brain hailo.sqlite --train megahal.trn
    hailo --brain hailo.sqlite --reply 'Reply to this, silly robot!'
    # ==> No way! I don't want to think.

Interact with the brain using readline:

    hailo --brain hailo.sqlite
    Welcome to the Hailo interactive shell!
    Enter ".help" to show the built-in commands.
    Input that's not a command will be passed to Hailo to learn, and it'll
    reply back.
    Hailo> Hello there
    # ==> Wife asked "what have you got there?" replied he, "just my cup of fur".


See the documentation for Hailo for more information.


Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>


Copyright 2010 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>

This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.