Revision history for Hailo

0.75 2018-11-28 12:08:58

    - In 0.73 we very aggressively put "use v5.28.0" without any
      need. My bad. It's now "v5.10.0" again. Also in a fit of "let's
      just use the latest" all the dependencies were pinned to
      whatever was the latest on the author's machine in that release,
      now they're all back to "0".

      Some stuff may break due to older CPAN modules, but let's just
      find that out as we go.

0.74 2018-11-28 00:26:12

    - Fix missing test dependency on Pod::Section.
    - Use MooseX::Types::Moose internally.
    - Remove a bunch of missing Mouse things from docs / script code /
      build system.

0.73 2018-11-27 13:53:39

   - Fully use Moose instead of now deprecated Any::Moose.

0.72 2013-12-01 17:06:55

    - Our tests have been broken on perl 5.19.* (soon to become
      5.20.*) for a while because of the new warnings about given/when
      being experimental, which would fail one of the tests where we
      weren't expecting extra output when testing our command-line

      But the whole use of given/when and ~~ in the codebase was just
      a stupid youthful indiscretion, those features of perl suck,
      this release kills all uses of them with fire in favor of just
      using if/elsif and =~, which is all we used them for anyway.

0.71 2013-11-29 00:40:38

    - Super minor release, just docs and nuking an old developer
      script that wasn't even in the CPAN tarball.

    - Bump README.pod with new content from lib/'s POD.

    - Remove unused script that used Class::MOP to close RT #91029
      ("New Moose may break your code")

0.70 2011-09-18 19:15:17

    - When using --train-fast, remove the "flushing cache" message when done

    - Word tokenizer:
        * Improve tokenization of email addresses
        * Use backspace instead of escape as a magic character when
          capitalizing text in multiple passes, since it's less likely to
          appear in tokens.
        * Preserve casing of words like "ATMs"

0.69 2011-05-07 04:02:38

    - Scored engine: Prefer shorter replies, like MegaHAL/cobe do

    - Word tokenizer:
        * Improve matching/capitalization of filenames and domain names
        * Match timestamps as single tokens
        * Match IRC nicks (<foobar>, <@foobar>, etc) as single tokens
        * Match IRC channel names (#foo, &bar, +baz)
        * Match various prefixes and postfixes with numbers
        * Match "#1" and "#1234" as single tokens
        * Match </foo> as a single token

    - Depend on MouseX::Getopt 0.33 to fix test failures

0.68 2011-05-03 13:16:05

    - Speed up the learning of repetitive sentences by caching more

    - Added Hailo::Engine::Scored, which generates multiple replies (limited
      by time or number of iterations) and returns the best one. Based on
      code from Peter Teichman's Cobe project.

    - Fixed a bug which caused the tokenizer to be very slow at capitalizing
      replies which contain things like "script/"

    - Speed up learning quite a bit (up to 25%) by using more efficient SQL.

    - Add --train-fast to speed up learning by up to an additional 45% on
      large brains by using aggressive caching. This uses a lot of memory.
      Almost 600MB with SQLite on a 64bit machine for a brain which
      eventually takes 134MB on disk (trained from a 350k line IRC log).

    - Word tokenizer:
        * Preserve casing of Emacs key sequences like "C-u"
        * Don't capitalize words after ellipses (e.g. "Wait... what?")
        * When adding a full stop to paragraphs which end with a quoted word,
          add it inside the quotes (e.g. "I heard him say 'hello there.'")
        * Make it work correctly when the input has newlines

0.67 2011-04-27 23:33:08

    - Word tokenizer: Improve matching of Perl class names

    - Require MooseX::StrictConstructor 0.16 for Moose 2.0 compatibility

0.66 2011-04-27 07:37:45

    - Die when the user tries --stats without a brain

    - Word tokenizer: stopped matching numbers separately in many cases.
      "95GB", "3D", "800x600" are all single tokens now. This should reduce
      the volume of nonsensical word-number pairs in the output.

0.65 2011-04-26 19:28:27

    - Expand "~" and such in the brain filename argument.

    - Word tokenizer:
        * Recognize "e.g." and other abbreviations as single tokens.
        * Recognize '–' as a word-separating dash.
        * Put a full stop after words separated by dots, like "sources.list".
        * Fix capitalization problems caused by "..."
        * Capitalize "foo!" and "foo."
        * Preserve casing of words such as "POE-Component-IRC"
        * Catch "Acme::POE::Tree" as one word, and preserve its casing
        * Catch "rollin'" as one word when it makes sense
        * Catch 'foo-" as one word when it makes sense, and capitalize at
          start of a sentence
        * Capitalize quoted words at the start of a line

    - The --help option didn't work with Moose >=1.25 (RT #67548). Fixed.

0.64 2010-12-10 11:09:08

    - Say "X lines of Y" instead of "X of Y" when training with

    - Bump README.pod in the distro to 0.59~1

0.63 2010-12-09 09:03:30
    - Mark the failing tests in t/command/shell.t as TODO for now.

0.62 2010-12-06 03:30:07
    - Really fix t/command/shell.t this time. I had the arguments to
      the test function in the wrong order.

0.61 2010-12-03 06:47:22

    - Use Class::Load instead of Class::MOP::load_class and eval'd require()

    - Fix rare test failure in t/command/shell.t

0.60 2010-11-09 01:35:49

    - Match email addresses and don't capitalize them

    - Don't insert additional spaces in some parsing edge-cases

0.59 2010-10-23 21:20:22

    - Word tokenizer: Match combining characters in words on Perl >=5.12

0.58 2010-10-22 03:34:08

    - Forgot to remove "use Text::Unidecode;" from after dropping
      that dependency in the previous release.

    - Skip utf8-text.t on Perl <5.12 due to differences in Unicode matching.

0.57 2010-10-21 01:25:09

    - Fix typo in which messed up the type of the token.text
      SQL column (only relevant to non-SQLite DBs)

    - More robust matching of non-word immediately following URIs

0.56 2010-10-18 05:15:10

    - Add Test::Expect and Test::Synopsis to TestRequires

    - Use YAML::XS in utf8-text.t for clarity, and make the test

0.55 2010-10-16 17:58:00

    - Scrap the "normal word" matching constraint from the previous release.
      It was failing to match words like "4.1GB", causing an infinite loop.
      Instead, we now assign different spacing attributes to components of
      conjoined words of varying types (e.g. recognizing that "4.1GB" is a
      normal word ("4.1") followed by a postfix ("GB").

    - Don't match '>' as part of the URI in "<>".

0.54 2010-10-16 10:10:19

    - Fix the previously broken `save_on_exit' so that it does what
      it's supposed to do.

      The `save_on_exit' option in never worked, and nor did
      hailo's corresponding --autosave option. Fixed that by
      correcting some method name confusion, and solved a BUG by
      finally adding a test for this option.

0.53 2010-10-15 21:29:02

    - hailo command: Fix off-by-one error when reporting the number of lines
      learned when training.

    - Don't truncate the brain file after loading it with in_memory enabled.

    - Word tokenizer improvements:
      * Recognize "´" as an apostrophe when matching words.
      * Recognize a compound word like "anti-scientology" as a single word.
      * Put additional constraints on where a "normal word" can be matched.
        This enables it to match things like "3D" and "800x600" as single
      * Fix capitalization of words after sentences which end with dashed
        words like "anti-scientology".
      * Convert chunks to ASCII before looking for a URI to work around a
        limitation in Regexp::Common.
      * Recognize ssh:// (and foo+ssh://) URIs.

0.52 2010-07-18 22:40:02

    - Hailo no longer passes references to itself to its slave
      classes, so it's garbage collected at the right time.

      This bug broke the hybrid disk <-> in_memory SQLite mode, it's
      now fixed again. The test that was supposed to check whether the
      hybrid in-memory backend worked did the opposite of what it was
      supposed to do, and didn't work anyway due to how it was set up.

    - Giving arguments to Hailo's save method (they're passed to the
      Storage class) never worked due to a trivial error. Now it does.

0.51 2010-07-18 15:49:41

    - Bump dependencies for all modules to the latest CPAN
      versions. This avoids the issues Moose had with I<Can't locate
      object method "add_method" via package "Moose::Meta::Role">, and
      various other problems that might be present in older modules.

    - MooseX::Getopt renames its help attribute to help_flag in
      0.30. That broke hailo --help, work around it by checking if the
      help_flag attribute exists in
      any_moose('X::Getopt::GLD')->meta->get_attribute_list. By
      checking we'll also be compatible if Mouse ever switches to the
      new system.

    - Mouse now supports MouseX::StrictConstructor, so we can delete
      code that only used it if we were running under Moose.

    - Put bin/hailo in package hailo, because Moose will whine about
      not exporting sugar to main.

0.50 2010-05-30 12:44:25

    - Hailo hadn't been installed with the hailo command-line script
      since release 0.34. Now it's built with MakeMaker::Awesome 0.08
      with fixes this error.

    - Fix the script compilation test in t/01_compile.t. Test::Script
      renamed its script_compiles function to script_compiles_ok.

0.49 2010-05-29 19:20:26

    - Term::Sk fixed RT #57902 and RT #57903 which I reported. hailo's
      progress bar now looks better as a result.

0.48 2010-05-29 15:16:18

    - The hailo(1) command-line interface now has a much better
      interface. It now supports SQLite-like command syntax, and has a
      built-in help system.

    - Replace fortune(1) in hailo's --examples output with bot-training(1)

0.47 2010-05-29 13:08:51

    - Optimize Hailo::Tokenizer::Words to use less subroutine calls in
      critical code. Changed the time being spent in that file from
      5.14s to 3.72s out of a total runtime of 35.6s when running

    - The initial tokenizer class is now saved as metadata to the
      database, and loaded into Hailo from existing brains.

      This means that this now works as expected:

          hailo --brain db.sqlite --tokenizer Chars --train file.trn 
          hailo --brain db.sqlite --reply foo

      I.e. Hailo will note that it used the Chars tokenizer in the
      database, and load the correct tokenizer in the future. However
      this will cause Hailo to die:

          hailo --brain db.sqlite --tokenizer Chars --train file.trn 
          hailo --brain db.sqlite --tokenizer Words --reply foo

      It spots that you've explicitly said you want a tokenizer that's
      incompatible with the one in the database for doing replies and
      dies. This is what it did before if you did the exact same thing
      with the --order switch.

    - Rename tests file in t/ to drop the DBD- prefix. Tests like
      Words-*.t are were also moved into
      sub-directories. e.g. Words/*.t.

0.46 2010-05-27 22:47:45

    - The Regexp::Common pattern added in 0.44 slowed down Hailo by up
      to 45% in pathological cases (tests doing lots of
      tokenization), overall test suite slowdown was closer to 10%.

      Now the pattern is only compiled once for the lifetime of the
      process with /o. This trick has also been applied to a few other

0.45 2010-05-27 19:56:31

    - The regular expression introduced in 0.44 to check if a word was
      of MiXeD CaSe was pathological. Changed it to a simpler one that
      works better.

    - The --no-progress option to hailo to suppress the progress bar
      now works again. It had been broken since 0.26 at least.

0.44 2010-05-27 15:55:30

    - Removed the backwards-compatible "Pg" and "mysql" aliases for
      the storage backends and the "DBD::" prefix. This use has been
      deprecated since 0.31. Simply use "PostgreSQL", "MySQL" or
      "SQLite" instead.

    - This release contains improvements for the default Words
      tokenizer. It's recommended that users rebuild their Hailo
      brains when upgrading. See UPGRADING in the Hailo manual.
      - Add URI support to the Words tokenizer. It will now use
        Regexp::Common's URI regex to tokenize URIs as-is.
        This improves performance a lot on input that contains URIs,
        previously Hailo would split them up nonsensically, which
        would inflate the token table a lot with little gain.
      - Preserve the capitalization of words that change case in the
        middle of the word. Examples include GumbyBRAIN, WoW, HoRRiBlE
        etc. Previously these and others that weren't 100% upper-case
        would all be lower cased.
      - Preserve the capitalization of words that are all upper-case
        followed by a non-word character followed by lower-case. This
        preserves words like KIA'd, FYIQ'ed and other things that are
        likely to be partial acronyms.
      - Twitter names. I.e. tokens matching @[A-Za-z0-9_]+ will be
        tokenized as-is. This ensures that Hailo users like
        Bot::Twatterhose don't corrupt their Twitter names.
      - Eliminate some redundant use of the regex engine in the Words

    - Include --help in bin/hailo's POD. It's now easier to read it
      standalone, and `man hailo' has the same info as `hailo --help`.

    - The utils/hailo-benchmark script had been broken for some time
      due to a trivial API change in Hailo::Test. Now it works again.

    - Stop pointing to the GitHub issue tracker in the
      documentation. We now use RT instead.
0.43 2010-05-11 19:54:36

    - Tests failed on 0.42 without Test::Synopsis due to invalid test plan.

    - Don't test with both Mouse and Moose on Windows. Failed with
      Strawberry Perl + dmake, see report

    - Skip t/storage/001_meta/switch-order.t on OpenBSD where it's
      known to fail, see report 07172161-b19f-3f77-b713-d32bba55d77f.

0.42 2010-05-10 21:26:45

    - Hailo should now work on Windows. Dependency on two modules that
      had Windows failures in their dependencies has been dropped.

    - Remove Term::ProgressBar dependency, use Term::Sk
      instead. Unlike Term::ProgressBar it doesn't depend on
      Class::MethodMaker and Term::ReadKey. Those contributed a lot to
      our failures on Windows.
    - Don't hard depend on Test::Expect. It depends IO::Tty which does
      not work under any version of Windows, except under Cygwin (it
      calls fcntl(*fd, F_DUPFD, 3)).

    - Remove Test::Synopsis dependency. It depends on
      Filter::Util::Call which had some failures. Now only used if
      it's installed on the system already.

    - Remove MouseX/MooseX::Types dependency. We don't use any of the
      fancy type features, so there's no point in using this.

0.41 2010-04-23 00:24:24

    - Don't (optionally) use Sys::Prctl on Perl 5.13.0 and above. It
      was made redundant in perl core commit 7636ea95c5 by yours

    - A script to benchmark Hailo on different locally installed

    - Correct test count for TEST_EXHAUSTIVE.

    - Update HALBot on the Web link to

0.40 2010-04-13 15:10:23

    - Add --reply-random to the hailo command-line interface. Allows
      command-line babbling at random.

    - Improved formatting for --train on the command line. Now outputs
      how many lines/s were trained, e.g. "Trained from 11587 lines in
      36.97 seconds; 313.40/"

    - Fixed a bug on Mac OS X and probably some other
      systems. Previously the SQLite code would assume that a file
      that was `-s $file' was an empty database.

      On Mac OS X these files weren't 0 byte but 1 byte files. Route
      around this entire issue by creating a new API (->initialized)
      that checks if the schema has really been created by doing a
      query on the info table.

    - Solved bug in the t/storage/DBD-SQLite-memory/babble.t test. The
      test was skipped due to intermittent failures. Failures were due
      to a programming error in the tests.

    - DBD-SQLite-file-exhaustive-all.t is now run on
      TEST_EXHAUSTIVE_ALL=1. Previously this test was unreachable.

    - Add example utility to spew random names in random-names.

0.39 2010-04-09 13:21:22

    - Set the homepage field in META.yml to

    - Add TODO tests for the Words tokenizer. There are some
      sub-optimal capitalization behaviors we'd like to fix.

    - Use Prereq phases in Dist::Zilla. Hailo will have proper
      Runtime/Test/Recommends dependencies when META.yml 2.0 comes

0.38 2010-04-03 18:15:17

    - Clean up the code in Hailo::Engine::Default. It's now easier to
      read and doesn't have duplication.

    - Depend on IPC::System::Simple. Used by autodie to run

    - Link to and the freshmeat and ohloh pages for

0.37 2010-03-31 14:28:46

    - Very minor release. Switch to using
      Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome for the build tools.

0.36 2010-03-29 00:15:35

    - Add a test to try to smoke out a test failure we've been having
      for a while. See the commit message for
      21f68bd79d2fc59505887311042d6d16c5cf79dd for a very long and
      boring explanation.

0.35 2010-03-27 21:27:33

    - The error "You've manually supplied an order of" error message
      was always incorrect. It contained variables that weren't being

    - Move some of our test data into the new Bot::Training dist.

    - Fix 'v-string in use/require non-portable' warnings from a osx
      smoker by using 5.010 instead of 5.10.0.

0.34 2010-03-20 23:26:27

    - Reword the UPGRADING section in Hailo's POD to be less

    - Die if the user manually specified an order that isn't
      equivalent to the existing database he's loading from.

    - Hailo now uses CPAN's RT as its default bugtracker instead of
      GitHub's issue tracker. RT sucks but at least we can get at our
      issues using something that isn't a web interface if we use RT.

    - Link to our new website at and mention
      the Hailo web interface at in the POD.

    - Enforce arguments being HashRef[Str] (instead of just HashRef)
      in Hailo::Role::Arguments.

    - Code cleanup in to remove duplication.

0.33 2010-03-20 01:57:33

    - Optimize Hailo::Engine::Default to use less method calls. On
      t/hailo/real_workload.t (i.e. mass replies) this speeds up Hailo
      by 8%:

                         s/iter System Hailo    lib Hailo
            System Hailo   74.8           --          -7%
            lib Hailo      69.4           8%           --
      Furthermore replace the use of ->fetchall_hashref in a tight
      loop with ->fetchall_arrayref. This sped up mass replies by
      almost 60% (added to the 8% above):

                         s/iter System Hailo    lib Hailo
            System Hailo   68.2           --         -36%
            lib Hailo      43.6          57%           --
      But aside from selective benchmarking this made Hailo around 5%
      faster in the common case:
                         s/iter System Hailo    lib Hailo
            System Hailo   21.5           --          -6%
            lib Hailo      20.3           6%           --

0.32 2010-03-19 12:00:22

    - t/storage/dbd-options.t wasn't updated to take into account the
      renaming of modules done in 0.31. It would fail on machines that
      didn't have an older version of Hailo installed when running
      `make test'.

    - t/hailo/non_standard_plugin.t whines with `Issuing rollback()
      due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect()' on some systems
      since it doesn't use the Hailo::Test framework.

      Issuing rollbacks at the right time is an open issue with
      Hailo. I haven't been able to make it do the right thing by
      sprinkling around destructors in the main code, that'll cause
      things to be destroyed prematurely (probably some silly race

    - Re-add Data::Section dependency. We need it for the
      Words-utf8-text.t test.

0.31 2010-03-18 21:45:25

    - Optimization and cleanup release. Hailo is now much much
      snappier and eats less memory. Here's how long it takes to run
      the test suite before/after 0.30:

                      s/iter   0.30 Hailo    0.31 Hailo
        0.30 Hailo      20.2           --          -16%
        0.31 Hailo      16.9          19%            --

    - Split out Hailo::Storage::* into Hailo::Engine::* and
      Hailo::Storage::*. This makes it possible to write pluggable
      engines again (that ability was removed in 0.09). It's the
      intent to write a XS version of the Default engine to make Hailo
      even faster.

    - In addition the storage backends have been moved
      around. Hailo::Storage::DBD is now just Hailo::Storage and
      DBD::Pg, DBD::mysql and DBD::SQLite are now directly under the
      Hailo::Storage namespace as Hailo::Storage::PostgreSQL,
      Hailo::Storage::MySQL and Hailo::Storage::SQLite.

      For now "Pg" and "mysql" as short names for the storage backends
      are supported for backwards compatability but this support may
      be removed in a future release.

    - Rather than use the ad-hoc Data::Section + Template::Toolkit way
      of generating our SQL just use an ugly pure-perl-based class.

      Hailo now uses ~7.2MB of memory when starting up & replying
      rather than ~10MB as it did before. The startup time is also
      reduced from around 250ms to 140ms.

      for some of the other things that I tried before settling
      on this hack.

    - Don't manually use SQLite's `SELECT last_insert_rowid()' or
      PostgreSQL's `INSERT ... RETURNING' in the engine. Instead use
      DBI's `last_insert_id()' which uses those two automatically.

    - Ditch Module::Pluggable: Hailo now can only load one of its
      hardcoded core modules as a plugin or alternatively a foreign
      module if it's prefixed with + before the module name. See
      Hailo's main documentation for more info.

    - Fix incorrect SYNOPSIS examples in the documentation for the
      PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL backends.

0.30 2010-03-15 15:18:01

    - Don't set EXLOCK on temporary files we create. This completely
      broke Hailo tests on platforms like FreeBSD which aren't as
      promiscuous as Linux about file locking.

    - Use Dir::Self in hailo/Hailo::Command to work around the 0.29
      bug in t/command/shell.t on some platforms like FreeBSD where
      IPC3::Run calling a script that called FindBin didn't work
      as expected.

    - Add more testing including a really basic test for DBIx::Class
      debugging (from the dbix-class branch) and making TAP output
      more verbose.

    - Run all the tests Hailo::Test runs internally for each engine
      one-by-one using the DBD::SQLite memory driver. This makes sure
      the internal tests don't depend on each other in odd ways.

0.29 2010-03-13 10:32:43

    - Remove Data::Random as a dependency. It fails the most tests of
      all the dists we depend on and we don't really need it for

0.28 2010-03-13 10:05:57

    - Update README.pod which hadn't been bumped since 0.25

    - Fix example in's SYNOPSIS that didn't work and add an
      example for a bare ->reply().

    - Fix some code perlcritic whined about.

0.27 2010-03-13 09:41:46

    - Stop depending on Term::ReadLine::Gnu and use Term::ReadLine
      instead. I tested Term::ReadLine once and found that it was
      really bad (no history, C-p, C-n etc.) but now with
      PERL_RL='Perl o=0' everything's magically awesome in it.

      Term::ReadLine::Gnu was the #1 cause of our test failures so
      it's good not to depend on it.

      Also only set PERL_RL if it isn't set already.

0.26 2010-03-13 08:04:32

    - Split the X::Getopt parts of Hailo into Hailo::Command. This way
      the speed / memory penalty of loading all the command-line
      related modules is only applicable if running the command-line
      interface. using Hailo takes 1MB less memory now and loads a
      total of 56 modules instead of 74.

    - Due to the split it was possible to rename the `brain_resource'
      attribute to `brain'. The former is still provided for backwards

    - A lot of miscellaneous cleanups in the code made possible by
      splitting the core of Hailo from the command line UI.

    - DEMOLISH was broken. it would build storage objects during
      global destruction if they didn't exist.

    - Add --examples switch to be used as --help --examples, examples
      are now not part of --help by default since they took up most of
      the terminal & obscured the option help output.

    - A lot has been changed in the test suite. Below is a partial

    - Test the ->run method in Hailo::Command completely. Previously
      only a subset of its functionality was tested. The only thing
      that isn't tested completely is the invocation of
      Hailo::UI::ReadLine via ->run.

    - Completely test the ->train and ->learn methods and make
      ->learn() die on unknown input like HashRefs.

    - Test the --help output.

0.25 2010-03-12 17:45:42

    - Improved documentation of the Tokenizer role and the DBD class

    - Added more tests for the ReadLine UI

    - Always run the Test::Script::Run tests

0.24 2010-03-12 01:38:56

    - Repository metadata was wrong due to RT#55136 in

    - Add some very exhaustive tests for the storage engine. This
      brings our test coverage up to 94.1% up from 92.5%. The tests
      aren't run by default to to the time they take.

    - Capitalize the first word of /^

0.23 2010-03-11 20:08:27

    - Increase test coverage, coverage is now up to 92.5%

    - Random reply tests were disabled for MySQL for no
      reason. They're now enabled.

    - Rewording the Hailo UPGRADE section

    - Re-arrange the Storage::DBD* code to be more Moosy and use roles
      as they should be used

    - Remove dead test code in Hailo::Test that was used for flat hash
      backends who couldn't generate random replies

    - Test the ->ready() storage method on all backends as part of

    - Test Hailo::stats() on all backends as part of Hailo::Test

    - Test the bin/hailo script directly if Test::Script::Run is

0.22 2010-03-10 08:46:54

    - A Bug in Dist::Zilla ruined 0.21. The unpacked tarball contained
      home/avar/g/hailo/Hailo-0.21 instead just Hailo-0.21 at the top

0.21 2010-03-09 18:25:46
    - Word tokenizer: Various improvements to capitalization
    - Use Sys::Prctl to set legacy process name under Linux
    - Added documentation about upgrading Hailo
    - Hailo now uses Dist::Zilla instead of Module::Install to build

0.20 Sun Feb 28 00:29:32 GMT 2010

    - Use Mouse instead of Moose by default but depend on both of

      This saves about 8MB of resident memory bringing Hailo's memory
      usage with SQLite from 28MB to 20MB. Startup time is also
      reduced with the test suite running around 46% faster.

    - Run tests with Moose and Mouse during `make test`

    - Drop MouseX::Role::Strict / MooseX::Role::Strict. Spotted when
      switching to Moose but mainly we just didn't care about using

    - Word tokenizer: Improve punctuation when words are split with '/'

0.19 Sat Feb 27 04:23:03 GMT 2010
    - Move File::Slurp from 'requires' to 'test_requires'

    - Make the default pragma logic a bit simpler

    - MySQL backend: Don't make host a required storage_args argument,
      MySQL will use localhost by default.

    - MySQL backend: Document collation settings that have to be right
      for Hailo not to blow up.

    - Fix some capitalization/punctuation issues of words with dashes/quotes

    - A new hailo-benchmark-replies utility and documentation in about its results.

0.18 Fri Feb 26 05:02:17 GMT 2010

    - Don't keep the brain in memory by default anymore, but enable some
      safety-sacrificing performance optimizations instead

    - DBD::SQLite backend: It's now possible to set any PRAGMA SQLite
      supports at the start of the connection by supplying C<pragma_*>
      parameters in in C<storage_args>. See
      Hailo::Storage::DBD::SQLite documentation for more info.

    - Issue #28: Implement a ready() method for backends. This
      un-breaks the command-line interface with non-SQLite backends.

    - Word tokenizer: Fix capitalization of the first word in some cases

    - Add more exhaustive tests for the Word tokenizer.

    - Un-break t/storage/DBD-mysql.t test

    - Never test PostgreSQL / MySQL unless explicitly told to do so.

0.17 Tue Feb 23 04:06:50 GMT 2010
    - Remove all storage engines that weren't DBD::*. I.e. the Perl
      backend and the flat Perl::Flat & CHI::* backends.

      These backends were added to experiment with alternate backends,
      but between them they had no redeeming quality aside from
      increasing our number of backends & tests. The downside is that
      we constantly had to deal with errors in these backends that
      weren't present in our primary DBD::* targets.

    - Remove Log::Log4perl. We weren't using it for anything except
      printing one log line. Maybe we'll add it in the future with
      proper support. See Issue #15.

    - Hailo now uses less memory by lazy-loading various modules that
      it previously loaded even if they were redundant.

    - Issue #12: --not-a-valid-option now prints the same help output
      --help would. MooseX::Getopt::Basic is evil and hard to override
      so this is done with some hackery.

    - Renamed Hailo::Storage::Mixin::DBD to Hailo::Storage::DBD, since
      mixin is really a misnomer for this base class.

    - Improved documentation including a new SYNOPSIS with examples.

    - Error on training with an undef argument.

    - t/storage/dbd-switch-order.t didn't clean up the tempfile it was

    - More capitalization improvements.

0.16 Mon Feb 22 17:08:46 GMT 2010
    - Don't seed a reply with a token which is too rare
    - Make the Word tokenizer split "" into 3 tokens, while still
      keeping "3.14" as one token. Also accept ',' as a decimal point.
    - Various improvements to capitalization in the Word tokenizer
    - Don't run the ReadLine UI if --stats is supplied
    - Allow keeping the entire SQLite database in memory while running
    - Make that the default behavior to reduce IO
    - Declare undeclared File::Slurp dependency
    - Declare undeclared Test::Script dependency
    - Fixed utf8 problems with ReadLine UI
    - Optimize the SQL schema bit, which shaves about 10% off the size of
      the DB and cuts more than half of the time needed to generate a reply

0.15 Thu Feb 18 23:55:19 GMT 2010
    - Allow specifying SQLite's cache size with --storage-args
    - Reduce likelhood of returning a reply which is identical to the input
    - Instead of depending on version "0" of most modules (i.e. any
      version) depend on the latest CPAN version. We know this works;
      but we have no idea if the older modules work.
    - Changed to word tokenizer so that it doesn't return whitespace tokens,
      instead returning a flag which dictatesthe whitespace policy of the
      token in question. Changed the default Markov order to 2 to compensate.
    - Fixed a bug with the DBD::* backends not retrieving the Markov order
      from an existing database
    - Removed Text::Trim dependency due to it not being acceptable for Debian
    - Learn from the input when using the ReadLine UI
    - Removed Test::Exit hard dependency for tests: Not in Debian yet
    - Added a --stats option to print some statistics about the brain

0.14 Sat Feb 13 17:07:30 GMT 2010
    - Fixed a bug in the test suite preventing optional backends from
      being tested
    - All tests now use Hailo::Test, consequently backends now go
      through much more thorough testing. Lots of other test related
      since from 0.13.
    - utils/hailo-benchmark: Rewritten to use Hailo::Test, the
      benchmark is now more representive of actual Hailo usage.
    - Hailo->learn() can now take an arrayref

0.13 Sat Feb 13 09:19:52 GMT 2010
    - Add missing .trn files to the test suite
    - Fix number of tests in t/storage/all.t

0.12 Sat Feb 13 08:55:25 GMT 2010
    - If asked for a reply before we've learned anything, return nothing
      instead of spewing warnings
    - Issue #19: Ability to ->train() from filehandle as well as from
      a file
    - Re-enable t/bug/tokens-repeat.t test disabled in
    - When replying to some input, pay more attention to rare tokens
    - Hailo::Storage::Mixin::Hash would inevitably die due to not importing uniq()
    - Allow Hailo->train() to take an arrayref, filename, or filehandle argument

0.11 Fri Feb 12 09:44:13 GMT 2010
    - Corrected outdated documentation in some places
    - Fixed a problem with the SQLite backend not reading some information
      from an existing brain if reply() is called first
    - Fix --reply option, its argument was being ignored

0.10 Fri Feb 12 02:31:34 GMT 2010
    - Normalized the SQL schema some more. This breaks compatability with old
      brains of course, but training/learning is quite a bit faster now.
    - Removed Hailo::Engine and moved most of its logic into the storage
    - Fixed module loader picking Perl::Flat when Perl was requested
    - Always return a reply, even when input tokens are unknown or missing

0.09 Thu Feb 11 02:36:49 GMT 2010
    - Disable SQLite's journal while training. Speeds up long imports.
    - Add Perl::Flat backend which keeps things in a simple key-value
      hash where key and value are both Str. It can be subclassed to
      store data in e.g. BerkeleyDB, Cache or other key-value
    - Add CHI backend with File, Memory, BerkeleyDB etc. backends
    - Use MooseX::Role::Strict instead of Moose::Role
    - Use Log::Log4perl for logging
    - SQLite broke if using a :memory: brain if a :memory: file existed
    - Use Module::Pluggable for finding plugins

0.08 Wed Feb 10 00:06:20 GMT 2010
    - 0.07 broke the PostgreSQL and MySQL backend. Fixed them.
    - Made it less likely that non-SQLite backends will be broken in
      the future by moving the DB-specific SQL out of and into macros in
    - Use of $. in broke file-based backends such as
    - Make MySQL docs copy-pasteable
    - Add a benchmark script as utils/hailo-benchmark

0.07 Tue Feb  9 15:23:44 GMT 2010
    - Note: The storage backends for this release have been changed in such
      a way that it is incompatible with brains created by older releases
    - Add missing dependencies on Test::Script/MX::Getopt::Dashes
    - The Words tokenizer now compresses whitespace when tokenizing as
      well as whitespace-trimming the output it produces
    - Make start/end expressions only start/end sentences most of the time
      instead of all the time
    - Issue #13: `hailo -b brain' will launch an interactive ReadLine
    - Don't exit() on print_version=> in run(), just return()
    - Add $VERSION to all .pm files
    - Use namespace::clean everywhere

0.06 Sat Jan 30 19:21:28 GMT 2010
    - Construct SQL's dbd_options with lazy_build, not default. This
      makes it easy to add additional options in the individual
      storage engines.
    - Remove some dead code in Hailo::Storage::Perl
    - Explicitly disconnect sqlite's dbh / sth handles. This should
      fix some cpantesters FAILs we're getting which print "database
      is locked" errors.

0.05 Sat Jan 30 13:55:18 GMT 2010
    - Shuffle key tokens and don't reuse them. Should make for more random
    - Check for definedness of $self->brain in Hailo::Storage::*
    - Use autodie to catch open/close errors
    - Hailo->learn() was broken when print_progress was false
    - Add tests for Hailo invocation
    - Use MooseX::StrictConstructor

0.04 Fri Jan 29 17:48:49 GMT 2010
    - You know that bug we talked about being fixed in 0.03? It was
      still there now it's actually fixed.
    - Use Class::MOP::load_class() instead of eval { require $str } to load plugins
    - Depend on Perl 5.10
    - Added MySQL storage backend, don't use it.

0.03 Fri Jan 29 14:37:17 GMT 2010
    - Fixed a fatal error in Hailo::Engine::Default that would
      inevitable occur on any large brain. When Hailo was given
      repeating input with such as [ qw(badger ! badger !) ] where
      the probability of all the given token following each other was
      100% (i.e. there's nothing to break the loop) it would start
      generating infinitely long replies.

      This was fixed by adding a guard clause in Hailo::Engine::Default
      which breaks the loop if we're up to C<$order * 10> and the
      number of unique tokens in the reply is less than the model

0.02 Fri Jan 29 03:54:32 GMT 2010
    - Fix typo in NAME in Hailo::Tokenizer::Words which caused the POD
      not to be displayed on
    - Present options in --help output in reverse sort order
    - Add facility to pass arguments to storage/engine/tokenizer from
      the command line or via Hailo->new(). Make Hailo::Storage::Pg
      use this facility for its database connection arguments.
    - Fix spelling error in Hailo's POD
    - --reply on the command line didn't work

0.01 Fri Jan 29 00:39:54 GMT 2010
    - First CPAN release