Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::Parser.

0.06  2011-03-06
  - fix by frodwith for #66298 (path string parsing)

0.05  2009-11-13
  - two fixes by David Cannings <>
  - when parsing responses with no Content-Length header, return a different
     code to the caller so it can decide whether to keep adding data or not
     (a slightly more elegant fix to #34021)
  - parse the HTTP response message correctly, it can contain multiple words
     ( #34019)

0.04  2007-11-10
  - when parsing chunks, only remove current chunk from data buffer; don't
     clear it ( #30005, patch from David Cannings)
  - in the "be lenient in what you accept" vein, allow the HTTP response
     status line to not have a space after the version (contrary to RFC 2616
     6.1, but apparently broken implementations exist), and strip whitespace
     from the Content-Length header ( #30338, patch from David

0.03  2007-02-24
  - reverse change file order (now reverse chronological, newest first)
  - change chunk parser to skip chunk-extension and allow spaces (
  - add ability to parse HTTP response into HTTP::Response too (
     #7652, 7654, based on patch from mfr AT hybyte DOT com)
  - added new tests for new response parsing capability

0.02  2004-01-28
  - incorporate fixes proposed by Anthony D. Minkoff <>:
    literal "HTTP" should be case insensitive (RFC 2616, sections 2.1, 3.1)
    allow blank lines before Request-Line (RFC 2616, section 4.1; "SHOULD")

0.01  2004-01-03
  - original author David B. Robins <>
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -AX -n HTTP::Parser
  - module originally created November 2003