Changes for version 1.11 - 2007-03-01

  • New Bool constraint.
  • New SingleValue constraint.
  • New $w->filter_all() and $w->constraint_all() methods add the named filters/constraints to all current form elements.
  • $w->find_elements() now supports the same arguments as $w->get_elements().
  • New render_errors() method on constraints, accepts a list of element names for which errors should be displayed by $r->as_xml.
  • Elements are allowed to have no name. No id or name will be displayed in the xml output .
  • When an Equal constraint fails, the first named element's value is no longer considered valid.
  • All elements associated with a failing Equal constraint receive an error. Use render_errors() to override this behaviour.
  • New HTML::Widget::Error method no_render(), used internally by $constraint->render_errors().
  • New F.A.Q. documentation section.
  • $result->param() carps if called with more than 1 argument (it's documented readonly).
  • element() called on a block element now accepts the same \%attributes argument as $widget->element().
  • Submit and Reset elements now inherit from Button element, so they share the same methods (value, content, src, type).
  • Fixed Range constraint bug when min/max is 0 (zero).
  • Fixed $widget->get_elements() bug, now both 'name' and 'type' arguments can be used together to limit the elements returned.
  • In constraint fixed so empty/missing values pass.
  • HTML::Element now escapes unicode properly - require v3.22 and stop skipping test
  • HTMLEscape filter test skipped due to incompatible changes in HTML::Element
  • Deprecated Maybe constraint


HTML Widget And Validation Framework
Accessor Class
Constraint Base Class
Boolean Constraint
CallbackOnce Constraint
Check that a value is one of a current set.
SingleValue Constraint
Element Base Class
Block Level Element
Null Container Element
Radio Element grouping
Filter Base Class
Lower Case Filter
HTML Escaping Filter
Trim whitespaces from beginning and end of string
Result Class


in lib/HTML/Widget/Element/