Revision history for HTML-Tiny

0.1     2007-05-30
        Initial release.
0.2     2007-05-30
        More examples.
        More documentation.
        json_encode now uses Scalar::Util::looks_like_number to test for
        numberness rather than the crappy re-based match.
0.3     2007-05-31
        Added empty array ref => empty attribute functionality.
0.4     2007-05-31
        Renamed to HTML::Tiny to avoid name clash with TOMC's module
0.5     2007-05-31
        Made empty tags generate at least one tag pair.
0.6     2007-06-01
        Added validate_tag subclassing hook.
        Made it possible to specify the open/closed behaviour of tags.
        Added auto-newline functionality, prefix/suffix specification.
0.7     2007-06-03
        Removed non-core dependencies. Oops.
0.8     2007-06-03
        Speeded up _str.

0.9     2007-06-08
        Made everything work with Perl 5.0.4.

0.10    2007-06-09
        Reinstated Test::More based tests.

0.11    2007-07-17
        Simplicate and add lightness. Removed a load of cruft that nobody will
        ever use. The various set_ accessors are gone.

        Really must work out what to do with version numbers.

0.902   2007-09-25
        Added recursion blocker to json_encode. Thanks to Yuval Kogman
        for the suggestion.

0.903   2007-09-26
        Added new deferred method call syntax.

0.904   2007-10-23
        Minor documentation fixes.
        Fixed (invisible) bug in _set_auto arg handling.

1.00    2007-12-11
        url_encode now encodes '~' as '~'.

1.01    2007-12-18
        url_decode now handles uppercase hex correctly.

1.02    2008-08-07
        Added support for strict HTML output. Fixes #34378. Thanks JUERD
        and SIGZERO for the report and VRK for the patch that fixes it.

1.03    2008-08-07
        Forgot the Changelog for 1.02. Oops.

1.04    2009-03-07
        Make link default to being closed. See #40990.

1.05    2009-03-08
        Add support for TO_JSON in json_encode.