Change history for HTML-Form

6.07      2020-02-21 03:50:52Z
    - Restore =head1 NAME section to pod for HTML::Form

6.06      2020-02-20 14:48:37Z
    - Change the behaviour of find_input in list context (GH#21) (E. Choroba)
    - Pod tweaks (GH#17) (Olaf Alders)
    - Add list context examples for find_input() (GH#20) (Olaf Alders)
    - Modernize some tests (GH#18) (Olaf Alders)

6.05      2019-10-04 20:28:20Z
    - Update pod as requested in [RT#87689] (GH#16) (Lance Wicks and Julien

6.04      2019-03-25 18:22:51Z
    - Convert to Dist::Zilla
    - Add an autocomplete method (GH #13) (Olaf Alders)

6.03      2012-03-30
    - Support the new HTML5 input types without warning

6.02      2012-02-20 HTML-Form
    - Fix test failure when HTTP-Message 6.03 (or better) was installed [RT#75155]

6.01      2012-02-18
    - Don't pick up label text from textarea [RT#72925]
    - Restore perl-5.8.1 compatibility.

6.00      2011-02-27
    - Initial release of HTML-Form as a separate distribution. There are no
      code changes besides incrementing the version number since
    - The HTML::Form module used to be bundled with the libwww-perl