package Graphics::Primitive;
use Moose;

our $VERSION = '0.67';


no Moose;

=head1 NAME

Graphics::Primitive - Device and library agnostic graphic primitives



Graphics::Primitive is a device and library agnostic system for creating
and manipulating various graphical elements such as Borders, Fonts, Paths
and the like.

    my $c = Graphics::Primitive::Component->new(
      background_color => Graphics::Color::RGB->new(
          red => 1, green => 0, blue => 0
      width => 500, height => 350,
      border => new Graphics::Primitive::Border->new( width => 5 )

    my $driver = Graphics::Primitive::Driver::Cairo->new(format => 'SVG');




Graphics::Primitive is library agnostic system for drawing things.

The idea is to allow you to create and manipulate graphical components and
then pass them off to a L<Driver|Graphics::Primitive::Driver> for actual


The root object for Graphics::Primitive is the
L<Component|Graphics::Primitive::Component>.  Components contain all the
common elements that you'd expect: margins, padding, background color etc.

The next most important is the L<Container|Graphics::Primitive::Container>.
Containers are Components that can hold other Components.  Containers have all
the attributes and methods of a Component with the addition of the
I<layout_manager> attribute for us with L<Layout::Manager>.

Another important Component is the L<Canvas|Graphics::Primitive::Canvas>.
The Canvas differs from other components by being a container for various
L<Geometry::Primitive> objects.  This allows drawing of arbitrary shapes
that do not fit existing components.


After creating all your components, there is a lifecycle that allows them
to do their internal housekeeping to prepare for eventual drawing.  The
lifecycle is: B<prepare>, B<layout> and B<pack>.  Detailed explanation of
these methods can be found in L<Component|Graphics::Primitive::Component>.


Graphics::Primitive::Component has a C<prepared> flag.  This flag is set as
part of the C<prepare> method (shocking, I know).  If this flag is set, then
subsequent calls to C<prepare> are ignored.  Containers also have a prepare
flag, but this flag is B<not> set when calling C<prepare>.  A Container's flag
should be set by the layout manager.  More information may be found with


Most of the concepts that you'll find in Graphics::Primitive are inspired by
L<Cairo|>'s API and
L<CSS|>'s box model.

=head1 AUTHOR

Cory Watson, C<< <> >>


Florian Ragwitz


Many of the ideas here come from my experience using the Cairo library.


Copyright 2008-2010 by Cory G Watson.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.