create Beineke non-line graphs
create bi-star graphs
create binary beanstalk graph
create binomial both graph
create binomial tree graph
create Bulgarian solitaire trees and graphs
create Tamari lattice and other Catalan object graphs
create circulant graph
create crown graphs
create ExcessConfigurations graph
create Fibonacci tree graph
create folded hypercube graph
create GosperIsland grid graphs
create halved hypercube graph
create towers of Hanoi puzzle graph
create towers of Hanoi exchanging discs graph
create hexagonal grid graphs
create Johnson graphs
create Keller graphs
create Kneser graphs
create Knight grid graph
create trees of most maximum matchings
create noughts and crosses graphs
create Petersen and generalized Petersen graphs
create quartet trees
create Rook grid graph
create twin alternate area tree graph
create twindragon area tree graph


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