This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Gitalist.

0.005001 2014-02-11
  - Stable version of dev release, now depends on latest Git::Gitalist.

0.005000_01 2014-02-05
  - Depend on Git::Gitalist to provide git logic.

0.004004 2014-01-25
  - Move away from Class::MOP::load_class (Zoffix Znet)

0.004003 2013-09-04
  - Handle non-trivial tags when displaying associated tree.

0.004002 2013-04-01
  - Update gitalist_app.psgi with working copy.
  - Fix the bare.git test repo.
  - The branch selector now sends you to the correct url (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Massive tree action speedup (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Have line numbers in blob displays (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Syntax higlighting improvements (Dennis Kaarsemaker)

0.004001 2013-03-15
  - Depend on new Catalyst::Runtime and drop use of Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole
  - Stop calling tags branches (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Stop breaking trees when submodules are encountered (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Correctly handle utf-8 encoded .git/description files (Dennis Kaarsemaker)
  - Controller::ActionRole is dead (Tomas Doran)
  - Add gitalist.psgi (Tomas Doran)

0.003009 2012-03-18
  - Don't use MooseX::Types::ISO8601 to serialize DateTime objects as its
    coercion function is now stricter than the object provided.
  - Make tests pass with more recent versions of Catalyst.

0.003008 2012-01-29
  - Now with Changes.

0.003007 2012-01-28
  - Allow the model to be user defined,
  - Use new Catalyst features.
  - Make repo_dir work consistently with GITALIST_REPO_DIR (Tomas Doran).
  - Add the Vhost collection of repositories (Tomas Doran).

0.003006 2011-10-18
  - Fix lies in docs, make config more obvious (Tomas Doran)
  - Avoid "Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated" warning with
    perl-5.14 (Gisle Aas)

0.003005 2011-07-13
  - Provide option to disable gravatars.
  - Tweaks to make Gitalist fit for debian (Jonas Genannt).
  - Fixes to enable Gitalist to run on Win32 (Christian Walde).
  - Fix content-type of core.css handler (Christian Walde).

0.003004 2011-06-07
  - Fix dependency typo in Makefile.PL.

0.003003 2011-06-06
  - Fixed ownership assertions in t/02git_object.t (Christian Walde).
  - Change default local config to not search recursively.
  - Don't attempt to syntax highlight anything big.
  - Fix for infinite loop bug in blame.

0.003002 2011-05-23
  - Add JSON serialization and expose via .json (Tomas Doran).
  - Provide .psgi for Plack goodness (Francoise Dehinbo).

0.003001 2011-03-13
  - Reinstate FromDirectory in model.
  - Drop unneeded deps in Makefile.PL.
  - Add support for multiple repos with the same name (Jose Luis Martinez).
  - Make paging work for history (Lian Wan Situ),
  - Respect paging.log config settings.

0.002009 2011-03-06
  - Document the available configuration options.
  - Provide switch in config for forcing recursive repo searching.
  - Assume UTF8 encoded blobs.

0.002008 2011-02-26
  - Add the ability to provide a whitelist of repos.
  - Add support for export-ok config option.
  - Ignore ancient/malformed tags.
  - Use the correct perl binary we installed against (Tom Hukins)

0.002007 2011-02-19
  - Add support for recursively searching for git repos (Dipesh Patel)
  - Cleaned up model code in Gitalist::Git:: (Zachary Stevens)
  - Improve POD mark-up, some typos (Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯)
  - Regenerated README and fixed tests for bootstrapped checkouts.
  - Add Test::Exception dep.

0.002006 2010-10-17
  - Added notes regarding slash encoding in Catalyst
  - Fixed typo in core.css
  - Updated formatting in
  - Modified README with more details on FCGI deployment with Apache
  - Fix broken env includes in script/gitalist*.pl.

0.002005 2010-08-13
  - Limit the number of branches/tags listed by default.

0.002004 2010-08-02
  - Fix misnamed variable which was giving a syntax error in
  - Fix blame view to display syntax highlighted blobs correctly
    instead of outputting raw HTML.

0.002003 2010-08-02
  - Fix for distribution not including script/env causing Makefile.PL
    and scripts to die.

0.002002 2010-08-01
  - Fix dist packaging issues.

0.002001 2010-07-03
  - Fix for loadCommitInfo.
  - Fix tests to work with local-libbery.
  - Correct example link and FCGI script.
  - Bumping version and updated Changes appropriately.
  - Throttle the commit info loading.
  - Update bootstrapping for local::lib 1.006000.
  - Fixed author_* barewords in Makefile.PL.
  - Handle merges in the diff view.
  - Add script/{,env} to MANIFEST.SKIP.

0.001008 2010-06-03
  - Add a requires_external_bin for the git command so we won't try running
    tests unless it's present.
  - Remove MooseX::MultiMethods as it has been broken by a recent Moose
    change. The new code is smaller and will be faster.
  - Add diagnostics to the tests to print out the version of git that
    people are using.
  - Make tests which commonly fail with older/different versions of git
    fail with the output of their git command to make debugging the tests
    from automated reports possible.

0.001007 2010-05-15
  - Set the use_request_uri_for_path configuration variable to be compatible
    with Catalyst 5.80024.

0.001006 2010-05-13
  - Fix Catalyst::Action::REST dependency (there wasn't one previously)
  - Depend on latest Catalyst::View::TT due to a previous bad version
    breaking things.
  - Add render_die => 1 in the View::TT config as we do want real exceptions
    when we call ->render ourselves.

0.001005 2010-05-11
  - Depend on latest MX::Declare to fix issues for people who upgrade
    MooseX::Types::Structured to a newer version.
  - Add some padding below, so file icons are not chopped off
  - Updated favicon to cope with dark grey backgrounds

0.001004 2010-05-06
  - Remove unneeded dependencies:
  - XML::OPML::SimpleGen
  - XML::Atom
  - XML::RSS
  - Fixed author_* barewords in Makefile.PL so that users checking out from
    git without the author modules works correctly.

0.001003 2010-04-21
  - Added folder / file icons in tree view (Foxtons)
  - Added favicon
  - Fix for non uri_for hard coded links for running at not root locations.

0.001002 2010-04-20
  - Fix link for the project_index action.
  - Add missing images to MANIFEST.

0.001001 2010-04-15
  - Bumping version number to a format I understand, thanks to mst for
    pointing me in the right direction and t0m for the new number.
  - Cleaned up the search results - removed search from the homepage as
    wasn't working (Foxtons).
  - Provide a link for an atom entry. switch mode=xml to type=xhtml (Brian

0.000006.1 2010-04-14
  - Documentation fixes for the --repo-dir flag (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker).

0.000006 2010-04-10
  - Major frontend redesign, thanks to ranguard and the web designers at
    Foxtons for making this happen.
  - Major URI overhaul, Gitalist has gone from old gitweb style CGI
    parameters to proper URIs, however the old URIs are still supported
    and will redirect appropriately (Tomas Doran).
  - With the URI overhaul also came breaking up actions into fragments
    for use with Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude.
  - BIG BREAKING CHANGE - Gitalist::Model::GitRepos has been renamed
    Gitalist::Model::CollectionOfRepos. You need to fix your config and
    if you have actually installed Gitalist - remove the old model file.
  - Bump required version of Git::PurePerl for Encoding fixes.
  - Fix Makefile.PL to not need release deps when checking out of Git.

0.000005 2010-01-09
  - Require Git::PurePerl for Win32 compatibility.
  - Switch to IPC::Run::start for streamed mode, fixing RT#52658
    and the tests with FreeBSD.
  - Require new FCGI release in the FCGI script for upstream bug fixes.
  - Fix tests with older versions of git.
  - Allow the model to be configured with a list of repositories rather
    then a directory containing repositories.
  - Fix syntax highlighting CSS link
  - Add per line link for previous version of a line in blame.

0.000004 2009-12-19
  - Support being able to pass a list of repositories to view via
    configuration, rather than having a static directory.
  - Installation and configuration documentation has been enhanced.
  - Project has been renamed Repository to correspond with normal git
  - Repos has been refactored into a CollectionOfRepositories role
    and two differnet concrete implementations (the Catalyst model
    chooses which type to build based on the config).
  - Remove all tabs and fix no tabs test (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
  - Decode getpwuid values correctly (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
  - Generate correct provides information in META.yml so that search.cpan
    indexes the classes contained in Gitalist correctly.
  - Dropped the dependency on File::Stat::ModeString

0.000003 2009-12-09
  - Officially switch repository to Shadowcat
  - Officially switch bug tracker to
  - Start streamlining and generally rejiging the layout.
  - Hacked in syntax highlighting to the blame view.
  - Further tweaks to the blame view, making it more informative.
  - Move all POD below the code, for ::Repo and ::Project.

0.000002 2009-12-06
  - Add documentation about how to configure a Gitalist instance.
  - Fix so that invalid repository directory will be detected at application
    startup and a helpful error message will be displayed.
  - Add --repos_dir command line parameter to all of the scripts which can
    be used to force the repository directory, overriding config and
  - Add GITALIST_REPOS_DIR environment variable which will determine the
    repository path (overriding normal config) if set.
  - Change so that no default repos path is in the config when installed from
    CPAN (when checked out of git, behavior of browsing AppDir/../ is
  - Do not allow directory traversal via the p param.

0.000001 2009-12-02
  - No changes since last dev release.

0.000000_02 2009-12-01
  - Fixed history action, other minor cleanups.

0.000000_01 2009-11-25
  - Initial release to CPAN