Revision history for Git-Repository-Plugin-Log

Git::Repository::Plugin::Log and support modules used to be packaged
in the Git-Repository distribution from version 1.13 (which introduced
capability to write plugins) to 1.308. For earlier history, please
consult the changelog for that distribution.

1.314 2016-04-10 BOOK
    - Updated release header lines to follow CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Replaced t/00-load.t by the Test::Compile dzil plugin
    - Use Test::Requires::Git instead of has_git

1.313 2016-01-26 BOOK
    - Add some more unsupported options to Git::Repository::Log::Iterator
      constructor's blacklist (BJAKUBSKI, via the January 2016 CPAN PRC)
    - Parse 'from' field in the commit line, and add it as the 'diff_from'
      attribute to Git::Repository::Log (VYF)
    - Minor documentation improvements
    - Prevent system/global configs from messing with test expectations
    - Add [Prereqs / TestRequires] section to dist.ini
      (PSCUST, via the October 2015 CPAN PRC)
    - Use Test::ReportPrereqs instead of ReportVersions::Tiny
    - Thanks to NEILB for organizing the CPAN Pull Request Contest,
      which brought several contributions to this release.
      Check out and join the fun!

1.312 2014-07-23 BOOK
    - new Git::Repository::Log::Iterator constructors new_from_fh() and
      new_from_file() to enable dealing with log stream directly
    - the new 'fh' attribute to Git::Repository::Log::Iterator provides
      direct access to the filehandle if needed (see RT #97045)
    - update the test bundle

1.311 2014-04-25 BOOK
    - output the git version, to help debug FAIL reports
    - change the test bundle to use "SJIS" instead of "shift-jis" encoding
    - simplify the titles when documenting methods and functions

1.310 2013-11-05 BOOK
    - Git::Repository::Log now properly handles commits where the
      author or committer name is empty

1.309 2013-11-03 BOOK
    - the mergetag key is now an array reference, to support
      commits with multiple mergetag headers
    - tested using a bundle containing several very special cases
    - split into its own distribution as of Git-Repository 1.309
      (and Git-Repository-Plugin-Log 1.309)