Changes for version 3.1.0 - 2021-04-24

  • New feature
    • CheckJira: Add a new option called 'check-code-ref' which is an extension of the 'check-code' option. The new option passes the affected reference name as an extra option to the specified checking code routine.
  • Fix
    • The test suite now explicitly sets the default initial branch name of the repositories created for testing to avoid potential conflicts with the init.defaultBranch git configuration option.

Changes for version 3.0.0 - 2020-11-19 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • This new major version removes support for Perl 5.10 and requires Perl 5.16 instead. It also removes support for Git 1.7.1 and requires at least Git 1.8.3 instead.
  • This was motivated by the end of support of CentOS 6, which still used the old Perl and Git. We take advantage of this incompatible change to also remove several configuration options which were deprecated more than two years ago.
  • New features
    • New HOOK DRIVERS make it easier to implement plugins which associate themselves to several hooks in a consistent way. Several standard plugins now use them, which made their code simpler and more general. Read about them on the main Git::Hooks documentation.
  • Incompatible changes
    • Require Perl 5.16 and Git 1.8.3, which are used by CentOS 7. A few simplifications and improvements were made on the code.
    • Remove the following deprecated options from several plugins. Check their documentation on the previous version to know how to replace them with newer options.
      • githooks.checkfile.basename.allow
      • githooks.checkfile.basename.deny
      • githooks.checkfile.path.allow
      • githooks.checkfile.path.deny
      • githooks.checkjira.issuetype
      • githooks.checkjira.noref
      • githooks.checkjira.project
      • githooks.checkjira.ref
      • githooks.checkjira.status
      • githooks.checklog.noref
      • githooks.checklog.ref
      • githooks.checkreference.allow
      • githooks.checkreference.deny
    • CheckAcls: remove this deprecated plugin. It can be replaced by the CheckReference plugin.
    • Git::Repository::Plugin::GitHooks: remove the following deprecated methods. check their documentation on the previous version to know how to replace them with newer methods, if you use them on your plugins.
      • error
      • get_error
      • is_ref_enabled


find secrets leaking in a Git repository
Git::Hooks driver script


Framework for implementing Git (and Gerrit) hooks
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit policies
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit policies
Git::Hooks plugin for checking files
Git::Hooks plugin which requires citation of JIRA issues in commit messages
Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit log policies
Git::Hooks plugin for checking references
Git::Hooks plugin for checking against unsafe rewrites
Git::Hooks plugin for checking whitespace errors
Git::Hooks plugin to insert a Change-Id in a commit message
Git::Hooks plugin to notify users via email
Git::Hooks plugin to prepare commit messages before being edited
Git::Hooks testing utilities
A Git commit message
A Git::Repository plugin with some goodies for hook developers