Revision history for Git::Annex

0.007     2021-02-28 13:20:42-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - Rename annex-review-unused to git-annex-reviewunused now that git-annex
      supports third party subcommands.

0.006     2020-03-23 17:02:28-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - annex-review-unused: Check whether unused files still exist earlier.
      Avoids misleading output when --just-print is supplied.

0.005     2020-03-23 11:55:48-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - annex-review-unused: Add missing prompt_yn subroutine.
    - annex-review-unused: Always pass --force to 'git annex dropunused'.
      Previously it couldn't be passed at all, which is much less useful.

0.004     2020-03-18 17:08:57-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - annex-to-annex-dropunused: Fix attempt to call wrong main()
    - annex-to-annex-reinject: Add missing import of File::Temp.

0.003     2020-03-11 14:35:04-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - annex-to-annex: Fix path passed to git-annex-find(1) when
      looking for missing files.
    - annex-to-annex: Fix path passed to git-annex-lookupkey(1) when
      determining whether source files are annexed.
    - annex-to-annex: Pass relative path to git-annex-find(1) when
      determining if a file was unlocked in the source annex.
      Workaround for bug in git-annex: git-annex-find(1) returns
      incorrect response for absolute paths when in --batch mode.

0.002     2020-02-24 07:33:02-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - Fix logic in an example in Git::Annex::BatchCommand SYNOPSIS.
    - annex-review-unused: 'b' should go back one entry not two.

0.001     2020-02-12 12:33:47-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - First public release.