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Author image Yuki Kimoto

Changes for version 2.0 - 2021-07-19

  • add serve command
    • giblog serve
    • this is same as
      • morbo -w giblog.conf -w lib -w templates serve.pl
    • by this, The change of giblog.conf is watched.
  • require Mojolicious 9.19
  • improve default css of new_website and new_blog. Change hyphen to under score of the css generated by new_website, new_blog. remove box-shadow style. header bottom boder width become 1px. side bar title block has a boder same color as background. side bar has bottom margin
  • Giblog depend on git command.
  • new, new_website, new_blog initlaize the directory and the public directry by "git init"
  • Giblog need Perl 5.16+ because I want to use Time::Piece and Mojolicious latest release.
  • Giblog doesn't support Windows because Giblog depends on Git and Mojolicious.
  • add publish command giblog publish origin main this need Git 1.8.5+ because -C option is used.
  • public file is generated only if the public file don't exists or the original content of the public file is different from the new one.


giblog command


Web site and Blog builders you can manage with Git
Giblog API
command base class
new blog entry adding command
Website building command
Empty website creating command
Blog creating command
Website creating command
Website publish command
Website serve command


in lib/Giblog/Command/new/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm
in lib/Giblog/Command/new_blog/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm
in lib/Giblog/Command/new_website/proto/lib/Giblog/Command/build.pm