Revision history for Perl extension Getopt::Compact.

0.04  Mon Sep 04 2006
        - bugfix for option key.  using > 2 alternate option names in v0.03
          incorrectly used the shortest long option name.  The first long
          option name in the list should be used.  (now documented in POD)
        - default to ($main::VERSION || '1.0') as the version number
        - tried to make POD explain things better

0.03  Sat Sep 03 2006
        - added support for --man option (displays POD)
        - now supports an arbitrary number of option name alternatives
          (previously each option required two option names, one short and
          one long).
        - added unit tests

0.02  Fri Sep 24 2004
        - initialising the hashref used to store option values internally.
          this fixes a bug where the options weren't being stored sometimes.

0.01  Thu Sep 23 2004
        - original version