Revision history for Perl extension Geo-Distance.

0.25 2021-01-30T06:24:44Z

 - Lots of documentation edits.

0.24 2019-03-10T06:48:33Z

 - Once again support the alt formula (now with a PP variant!).

0.23 2019-03-09T13:15:58Z

 - Require GIS::Distance 0.13 so that tests pass.
 - Fixed a coordinate ordering bug in distance().
 - Added the null formula.

0.22 2019-03-08T18:36:39Z

 - Made the distance() method faster.

0.21 2019-03-07T23:08:39Z

 - Officially set the x_deprecated META flag.
 - Use GIS::Distance 0.11+ for all distance calculations.
 - Lots and lots of documentation edits for the above.
 - Migrate build tooling from Dist::Zilla to Minilla.

0.20 2012-10-19

 - Fix a test that was comparing floating point numbers and falling over on
   some platforms.

0.19 2012-04-03

 - Fix various typos.
 - Fix floating point error in the hsin formula.

0.18 2012-03-23

 - Fix gcd calculation to use ** instead of ^.

0.17 2011-06-28

 - Fix circular package dependencies with Geo::Distance::XS (not really
   an issue practically, but then again it wasn't really helping).


 - No changes.  The 0.15 package was broken.


 - Stop "Too late to run INIT block" warning.


 - Fix "splice() offset past end of array" as filed in RT 26446.


 - Use Geo::Distance::XS if available.
 - Declare Math::Trig dependency.


 - Noted GIS::Distance in POD.
 - Some cleanups to install process.
 - Check for DBI in tests before using it.

0.11 2005-09-01

 - Fixed some errors in the documentation.
 - Added an highly accurate ellipsoid formula.
 - lon_field and lat_field were not being used by closest. (D. Hageman)

0.10 2005-07-11

 - The closest() method has a changed argument syntax and no longer
   supports array searches.
 - The closest() method works!
 - A real gcd formula (still, hsin is much better).
 - Tweaked docs.
 - Added some tests (yay!).

0.09 2005-04-01

 - Modified the todo list to include ideas for future algorithms.
 - Fixed the nautical mile, mile, yard, and light second units.
 - Added the British spellings for kilometre, metre, and centimetre.
 - Added the poppy seed, barleycorn, rod, pole, perch, chain,
   furlong, league, fathom, millimeter, and millimetre units.
 - The script was written by Ren and can be used to
   take over the world.

0.08 2005-03-20

 - Updated the README description.
 - Removed debug print()s.  Eeek!

0.07 2005-03-16

 - Intermixed documentation with code so it is easier to keep
   the docs up-to-date.
 - OO interface only - method interface completely removed.
 - By default no units are defined.  Call default_units.
 - Slightly more precise measurement of the base kilometer rho.
 - Added "nautical mile" unit type.
 - Reworked the closest() function.

0.06 2004-06-29

 - Optional Haversine formula.
 - Misc documentation tweaks.

0.05 2003-03-19

 - Added a note in the documentation about the
   inaccuracies of using Math::Trig.
 - The 'mile' unit was being calculated wrong which
   meant it was returning very inaccurate distances.
 - Fixed a silly bug where a sub was being relied
   on that no longer exists.
 - Documentation tweaks as usual.

0.04 2003-02-18

 - Documentation revised once again.
 - Added reg_unit() for adding your own unit type.
 - find_closest has been overhauled:
   - Now accepts more than one field in the
     field=>'' parameter.
   - Will now return an array reference
     of distances instead of attaching the
     distances to the locations array ref.
   - A little more effecient.
   - Now accepts a count argument.
   - Accepts an array reference for searching.
     Mostly good for testing, but who knows?
 - Removed geo_ portion of names for exported
 - Removed some of the input checking.  Just not
 - Enhanced tests.  Now we're actually doing some
   real testing.  Need more tests tho.

0.03 2003-02-15

 - Documentation modified.
 - Added find_closest() which accepts a $dbh for
   searching in an SQL database.
 - distance_dirty() can now accept locations as
   array refs.

0.02 2003-02-14

 - Based on a suggestion by Jack D. I migrated the code
   to use Math::Trig for most of the distance math.
 - POD documentation written.
 - Object oriented interface created.