Author image Kent Fredric (PAUSE Custodial Account)
and 3 contributors

Changes for version 0.17 - 2016-05-23

  • First release on CPAN
  • No longer relies on legacy getFileContents method.
  • No longer relies on legacy getPortDir method.
  • No longer queries sys-libs/libperl ( Gone )
  • Uses modern print_ok methods.
  • Eclass revisions identified by Copyright year and SHA1 instead of (removed) CVS Headers
  • perl-functions.eclass included in eclass report
  • virtual/perl-* data included in installed package report
  • use instead of looping `perl -V:fieldname`
  • Internals restructured and all real logic relocated to Gentoo::App::PerlInfo


gather systems perl info


gather systems perl info