dogeutils - command-line utility to work with Dogecoin Core nodes


  dogeutils setlabel <address> <label name>
  dogeutils getreceivedbylabel <label name>


The Dogecoin Core provides several useful RPC features, but they're often building blocks and sometimes incomplete. This program (and the associated libraries) allow you to wrap, extend, and modify those features with your own code.

For example, the current Dogecoin Core releases (1.14.x series) do not provide mechanisms to get, set, or query address labels.

If you set up and run dogeutils (this file) correctly, you can fix that.

Authentication and Authorization

This code expects you to have configured a running node with authentication. See the rpcuser documentation for more information.

Create a JSON file named auth.json in the appropriate configuration directory (run dogeutils --confdir to see where). This file should contain a JSON object where the keys are usernames and the values are passwords.

Set the DOGEUTILS_USER to the username you want to use to authenticate. For example:

  $ DOGEUTILS_USER=lisasimpson dogeutils getreceivedbylabel 'Saxophone Lesson Fund'


Currently this expects that your node is running on localhost on port 22555. This will be configurable in future versions.

Available Commands

This suite supports a few commands right now:

  • setlabel

    Given a Dogecoin address and a label, associates the label with this address. Yes, this matches the Bitcoin RPC method. That's no accident.

  • getreceivedbylabel

    Given a label corresponding to a Dogecoin address (already set with setlabel), returns the JSON from the getreceivedbyaddress RPC call.

  • dumpaddresses

    Exports a wallet to your backup directory, extracts all public addresses from it, and writes them to standard output. This deletes the wallet export, but be cautious because this is a plain-text export of your wallet. This feature works best with Dogecoin Core 1.14.6 and later.