Revision history for Perl extension Finance-Alpaca

0.9906 2021-04-30T22:54:04Z

    - Fix for smoker without a modern version of IO::Socket::SSL
    - Fix testing unsent orders when the exchanges are closed

0.9904 2021-04-30T17:32:17Z

    - Fixed race conditions in 09_orders.t
    - Test websockets (only when the market is open)

0.9903 2021-04-30T15:31:22Z

    - Test suite! Might fail due to race cond between API limits and multiple smokers

0.9902 2021-04-28T17:16:19Z

    - Minor documentation updates
    - Update dependencies in cpanfile

0.9901 2021-04-26T20:59:38Z

    - Adding basic examples in Finance::Alpaca::Cookbook

0.9900 2021-04-26T17:43:28Z

    - Hello, world!