Revision history for Perl extension File::Tabular.

0.72 04.11.2008
  - no warnings 'numeric' when applying numeric filters on empty fields

0.71 01.12.2007 
  - new operator '#' for matching with a vector of integers

0.70 15.10.2006 - Added support for escape sequences in fieldSep/recordSep

0.69 08.06.2006 - Fixed bug: date2str

0.68 04.04.2006 - Fixed bug: new() was creating a closure with circular 

0.67 02.03.2006 - Fixed bug: "use locale" was missing

0.66 26.09.2005 - Fixed bug in _cplSubQ, accented chars no longer go 
                  through quotemeta

0.65 05.06.2005 - Added special query "KEY:value" to build a regex that 
	          searches on the first column.
	        - Added option "avoidMatchKey" in "new" method
	        - Added methods: stat, atime, ctime, mtime
		- Optimized _getField
	        - Replaced 'readline' by 'read' in copyData
		- Replaced open("+>") by File::Temp->new for tempfiles
		- Fixed bug, preMatch/postMatch did not work
		- Added conditions where preMatch/postMatch will not apply
                - Apply quotemeta to queries with operator ':'
		- Changed _cplSubQ for compatibility with 
	          Search::QueryParser v0.91

0.64 03.05.2005 Added argument "implicitPlus" in method compileFilter
                and possibility to pass a pre-parsed query as argument

                Fixed a bug in writeKeys due to improper layer in temp files
	        (now forcing 'crlf' layer, "portably open a text file"
 		 according to PerlIO manpage)

0.63 22.03.2005 Fixed a bug in _cplQ (comparison with $self->{rxDate})

0.62 09.03.2005 Fixed a bug in _printRow (missing \Q..\E in regexes)

0.61 26.02.2005 Removed old and useless dependencies in t/File-Tabular.t

0.60 25.02.2005 First CPAN release