Changes for version 0.906 - 2022-08-16

  • Fixed bug where dumping a fresh database could write wrong-sized encryption IV, making the resulting serialization unreadable by some KeePass implementations. Thanks HIGHTOWE.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the use of memory protection with fresh databases. Thanks HIGHTOWE.
  • Fixed the transform_rounds method to work with Argon KDF; this now maps to the Argon iterations value if the current KDF is Argon. Thanks HIGHTOWE.


Encrypted database to store secret text and files
A block cipher mode or cipher stream
A CBC block cipher mode encrypter/decrypter
A cipher stream encrypter/decrypter
All the KDBX-related constants you could ever want
Write KDBX files
Write KDB files
A no-op dumper that dumps content as-is
Dump KDBX3 files
Dump KDBX4 files
Dump unencrypted XML KeePass files
A KDBX database entry
Represents something bad that happened
A KDBX database group
Base IO class for KDBX-related streams
Encrypter/decrypter IO handle
Hash block stream IO handle
HMAC block stream IO handle
KDBX database iterator
A key derivation function
Using the AES cipher as a key derivation function
The Argon2 family of key derivation functions
A credential that can protect a KDBX file
A challenge-response key
A composite key made up of component keys
A password key
A Yubico challenge-response key
Load KDBX files
Read KDB files
A no-op loader that doesn't do any parsing
Load KDBX3 files
Load KDBX4 files
Load unencrypted XML KeePass files
A KDBX database object
Keep strings encrypted while in memory
Make multiple database edits atomically
Utility functions for working with KDBX files