0.632   2021-08-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Delete the lock file upon unlock even if it was not created by
	  us; this cleans up the lock file if our previous locking process
	  was killed (GH#1).

0.631   2019-03-12  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Add method: handle().

	- Add lock() option: mode.

	- [doc] Mention sysopen() with O_CREAT|O_EXCL as an alternative to

0.630   2019-03-12  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [doc] Expand on why File::Flock is too heavyweight.

	- [doc] Note about lock file removal in unlock() documentation,
	  some POD formatting to make methods more linkable.

0.62    2017-07-01  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - [doc] Format link with L<>.

0.61    2015-10-22  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - Add option: shared.

0.60    2015-09-03  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.59    2014-12-05  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - Split from SHARYANTO-File-Util and renamed to File-Flock-Retry.