0.34 Thursday 4th December, 2015
        Add canonpath option to normalize file-path
        separators.  Work by Mithun Ayachit.

0.33 Monday 19th September, 2011
        Fixes the case where name("foo(*") hits an error with mismatched
        parentheis.  Reported by Jan Engelhardt.

0.32 Saturday 28th November, 2009
	Rework the referencing of anyonymous subroutines internally,
	closes RT#46599 (Reported by Kevin Ryde)

0.31 Friday 27th November 2009
	Move to Makefile.PL
	use Test::Differences in the testsuite if available.
	Rearrange the testsuite so you don't keep tripping over yourself.
	Dropped 5.00503 backwards compatibility, allows some 5.6isms and
	dropping the shonky Cwd code.
	All taint 'bugs' are now the same as the behaviour of File::Find,
	documentation has been added to describe this.

0.30 Wednesday 1st June, 2006
	Made './//././././///.//././/////./blah' be treated the same 
        as './blah' (it gets turned into 'blah')

0.29 Tuesday 16th May, 2006
	Kludged around {min,max}depth and trailing slashes in path

0.28 Tuesday 18th May, 2004
	exposed %X_tests and @stat_tests as package variables, and make a
	_call_find method for File::Find::Rule::Filesys::Virtual

0.27 Wednesday 25th February, 2004
	Changed to write_makefile_pl to 'traditional' from
	'passthrough'.  Fixes INDIRECTLY REPORTED install problems
	caused by new Module::Build being backwards incompatible.

0.26 Monday 10th November, 2003
	Typo/thinko in File::Find::Rule::Extending corrected (spotted
	by Jim Cromie)

	Optimization to the stat-based tests.  They now compile to code
	fragments saving much subroutine dispatch.

0.25 Wednesday 22nd October, 2003
	applied a patch from Leon Brocard to make the tests ignore CVS dirs
	as well as .svn dirs.

	reworked part of t/File-Find-Rule.t to not assume that t/foobar will
	always be 10 bytes in size. (rt.cpan.org #3838)

	now we install the findrule script

0.24 Monday 6th October, 2003
	when you specify an extra of C<{ follow => 1 }> File::Find stops
	populating $File::Find::topdir.  This leads to warnings noise so
	instead we now track $topdir ourselves.

0.23 Friday 3rd October, 2003
	make the extras hash work and add a proper test for it. (Doh!)

0.22 Friday 3rd October, 2003
	add in ->extras hash for passing things through to File::Find::find

0.21 Monday 15th September, 2003 
	pod glitch in File::Find::Rule::Procedural spotted and fixed
	by Tom Hukins

0.20 8th September, 2003
	- relative flag

	- Fix maxdepth? - this is undertested.

	- MANIFEST fixes (thanks to the cpan smokers)

	- split the documentation of the procedural interface out to
	  File::Find::Rule::Procedural, as people often seem to get
	  confused that the method calls don't take anonymous arrays
	  after seeing the procedural code that did

	- Chunky internal restructure.  Now we compile a match sub
	  from code fragments.  Though more complex, this is a big
	  speed win as it eliminates a lot of the subroutine dispatch.

	- During the restructure we lost the ->test method.  I hope
	  that it's not missed, since maintining it through a
	  deprecation cycle would be fiddly with the current _compile code.

	- Split the findrule tests into their own file, and just skip
	  the tricky ones on Win32.

0.11    29th July, 2003
        - Fix Win32 test failures (rt.cpan.org #3047)

0.10	10th March 2003
	- fixup an accidental warning in the stat-based tests.  Caught
	  by Alex Gough (rt.cpan.org #2138)
	- make the findrule tests more win32 safe/shell independent (picked 
	  up by Philip Newton)
	- autogenerate READMEs from bits and pieces

0.09	21st January 2003
	- Fix to the stat-based tests (spotted by Randal L. Schwartz)
	- implemented our own import sub so we can bootstrap
	  extensions more easily
	- added some documentation about using extensions.

0.08	28th October, 2002
	- ->not_* and implicit s#^\./## (based on suggestions by Tony
	- Sketchy first cut of findrule (suggestion from Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.07	25th October, 2002
	- Tweaks required to let extensions work

0.06	22nd October, 2002
	-> Fix the code example for the ->grep clause (again from
	   Douglas Wilson)

0.05	21st October, 2002
	- ->grep clause - from original code from Douglas Wilson
        - Bugfix the demo code in the synopsis - pointed out by Barbie

0.04	10th September, 2002
	- create a correctly spelled writable rule (thanks to Iain
	  Truskett for this one)

0.03	24th August, 2002
	- backport to 5.00503 (hadn't tested before this point)

0.02	14th August, 2002
	- bugfix ->exec subrule invocation (thanks to Chris Carline
	  for pointing this out)

0.01	26th July, 2002
	- Inital release