"FCGI::Async" - use FastCGI with IO::Async

     use FCGI::Async;
     use IO::Async::Loop;

     my $loop = IO::Async::Loop->new();

     my $fcgi = FCGI::Async->new(
        loop => $loop
        service => 1234,

        on_request => sub {
           my ( $fcgi, $req ) = @_;

           # Handle the request here


    This subclass of Net::Async::FastCGI provides a slightly different API;
    where it can take an argument containing the IO::Async::Loop object,
    rather than be added as "Notifier" object within one. It is provided
    mostly as a backward-compatibility wrapper for older code using this
    interface; newer code ought to use the "Net::Async::FastCGI" interface

  $fcgi = FCGI::Async->new( %args )
    Returns a new instance of a "FCGI::Async" object.

    If either a "handle" or "service" argument are passed to the
    constructor, then the newly-created object is added to the given
    "IO::Async::Loop", then the "listen" method is invoked, passing the
    entire %args hash to it.

    If either of the above arguments are given, then a "IO::Async::Loop"
    must also be provided:

    loop => IO::Async::Loop
        A reference to the "IO::Async::Loop" which will contain the
        listening sockets.

    Paul Evans <>