Changes for version 1.08 - 2014-04-30

  • API: `use Exobrain` automatically enables Method::Signatures.
  • DISTRO: HabitRPG is now packaged separately as Exobrain::HabitRPG
  • DISTRO: Foursquare is now packaged separately as Exobrain::Foursquare
  • API: Exobrain::Agent has better documentation and functionality.
  • API: Measurement::Geo is now a role, not a class.
  • API: Added a `can_run` method to Exobrain
  • API: Exobrain::Agent::Depends allow dependencies to be delcared.
  • TESTING: Better testing for Exobrain::Agent.
  • TESTING: Exobrain::Test will load classes from t/lib
  • AGENTS: Ported `bee-habit` to Exobrain::Agent::Action::SimpleBeeHabit;
  • AGENTS: Ported `geo-personallog` to Exobrain::Agent::Action::GeoLog;
  • AGENTS: Ported `sentbox-reward` to Exobrain::Agent::Action::SentmailXP;
  • DOCS: Much documentation added.


Send a notification every time we spot the user check-in.
Text people when you're in their area.
Add TODO items to RememberTheMilk from twitter
Inject packets directly into the exobrain bus
Log personal entries via Exobrain
Inject TODO packets directly onto the exobrain bus
Send an exobrain notify intent from the cmdline
Broadcast people in your area
Send an exobrain sms intent from the cmdline
Exobrain cmdline tool and dispatcher
Exobrain router. This *must* be running for exobrain to work
Send exobrain notify events to Pushover
Send SMS from exobrain
Spot when beeminder are about to fail a meta-goal
Report IMAP folder sizes to exobrain


Automate your life with Exobrain
Agent role for Exobrain agents
Watch inbox and send low-water marks to beeminder
Log our own check-ins to a personal log (such as idonethis).
Automatically respond to any 'ping' tag sent to us.
Reward users on HabitRPG for sending email.
Update HabitRPG events from Beeminder
Notify user of social events directed at them.
Allow agents to declare run-time dependencies
Role for exobrain sources which poll a source.
Role for agents which run 'continously'
Connection to the Exobrain bus
Cache class for Exobrain
Role used for component definitions.
Reads exobrain config
Role for Exobrain intent packets
Send a user notification via Exobrain
Signal an intent to record a personal log event
A generic class for responses to social media messages
Send an SMS intent via Exobrain
A direct message of any sort
Geo measurement packet for Exobrain
Geo Point Of Interest class
Mailbox measurement packet
Base class for all social media events
Top-level role for all exobrain messages
Raw, low-level access to Exobrain packets
Central hub for the exobrain bus
Establish test environment for Exobrain
Type system for Exobrain


in lib/Exobrain/