2.112991 -- Wed Oct 26 10:23:57 CDT 2011
    * simplfy encode/decode logic
    * new maintainer

version: 1.2
date:    2006-04-25
fix!:    The inverse symbol table wasn't consulted for the final value,
         meaning actual numbers rather than base32 characters were appended.
         Bug report, patch and tests supplied by David Leadbeater - thanks.
tests:   New tests for encoding and decoding.

version: 1.12
date:    2008-04-10
tests:   Another fix - work on machines with or without Test::POD.

version: 1.11
date:    2008-04-09
fix:     Test::Warn was missing from prerequisites.

version: 1.1
date:    2008-04-09
new!:    "strict" and "warn" modes for decoding methods.
tests:   POD tests were failing on some platforms/Perls.
docs:    Added this CHANGES file.

# First release.
version: 1
date:    2008-04-03