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NAME - Run an Embperl file offline

SYNOPSIS [-o outputfile] [-l logfile] [-d debugflags] htmlfile [query_string]


Converts an HTML file (or any other ascii file) with embedded Perl statements into a standard HTML file.

htmlfile is the full pathname of the HTML file which should be processed by Embperl.

query_string is optional and has the same meaning as the environment variable QUERY_STRING when invoked as a CGI script. That is, QUERY_STRING contains everything following the first "?" in a URL. query_string should be URL-encoded. The default is no query string.


-o outputfile

Optional. Gives the filename to which the output is written. The default is stdout.

-o logfile

Optional. Gives the filename of the logfile. The default is /tmp/embperl.log.

-d debugflags

Optional. Specifies the level of debugging (what is written to the log file). The default is nothing. See "EMBPERL_DEBUG" in HTML::Embperl for exact values.




G. Richter (richter at embperl dot org)