- Do not clear old code before compiling a Embperl page
      in Perl >= 5.14.x because it causes seg faults. This
      leads to "subroutine redifined" warings, when a
      page was changed and is reloaded.
    - Corrected use of G_KEEPERR when calling eval, because
      of changed meaning, which cause the message "Compiling
      error" instead of the real error message.
    - Adapted tests to Perl 5.14 & 5.16  
    - Fixed a refcounting problem cause message "Attempt to 
      free unreferenced scalar" during mod_perl startup
      with Perl 5.14.x
    - Fix some dependencies on hash order inside the parser
      which causes Embperl to fail with Perl >= 5.18 because
      of hash randomisation.
    - Changed the way exit passed through internaly, so it
      works with Perl >= 5.18
    - Adapted tests to Perl 5.18
    - Adapted test httpd.conf to Apache 2.4. Embperl fully supports
      Apache 2.4 
    - Makefile.PL now uses apache2 or httpd2 as Apache binary
    - Makefile.PL now autodetects if mpm needs to loaded as 
      module for tests.
    - Fix output inside of Registry script for mod_perl 2.0.4+
    - Fix problem with error output on stderr for Windows 64Bit
    - removed support for XALAN XML parser. It was outdated 
      anyway. libxml2 is still supported.
    - Fixed a C type declaration which caused RTF files to not
      correctly escaped with newer GCC's.
    - Embperl::Form is totally overhauled with many new features.
      It uses now jQuery as javascript library, instead
      of prototype. NOTE: This is an incompatible change. If
      you are using Embperl::Form before, you need to
      adapt your html code!
    - Fix some Unicode issues in Embperl::Form::Validate
    - Embperl::Form::Validate is now able to highlight input
      fields with wrong input
    - Applied the following debian patches: delay.patch,
      fix-string-typo.patch, fix-pod-errors.patch, fix-whatis.patch,
      new_process_group.patch, fix-pod-unescaped-unicode.patch,
      german.patch and utf8.patch which mainly corrects
      spelling and typo errors. NOTE: modperl.patch and 
      Makefile.PL.patch are not applied, because they are
      debian specific. Thanks to Florian Schlichting for
      providing uptodate information about the patches
      and adaptions for Embperl 2.5.
    - Applied further spell corrections from Florian Schlichting.  
    - Log Errors form Embperl::Syntax::Mail to error log
    - Fix compile problem on non intel plattforms due to missing
      -m32 flag.    
    - Added support for utf8 sourcefiles. By setting
      input_charset => 'utf8' sponsored by Perlover.
    - Added optChdirToSource = 0x10000000 which will cause
      Embperl to change to the directory of the source file
      prior to execution.
    Adaptions to Perl 5.14/16 were sponsored by NUREG GmbH
    - Support for CGI.pm 3.43 (included within Perl 5.10.1)
      for file uplaods. CGI.pm < 2.43 is not supported anymore.
    - A lot of enhancements for Embperl::Form
    - Add example for usage of Embperl::Form. See 
      eg/forms/README.txt. Can be viewed used using "make start"
    - Increased size limit for errormessage from 1024 to 4096
    - Makefile.PL can now handle compiling 32Bit code on 64Bit 
      sytsem if Perl was compiled as 32Bit application
    - Adaption of tests to changed error messages of perl 5.10
    - Makefile.PL can now cope with OpenSuSE 11.2, if perl,
      mod_perl and apache are installed from OpenSuSE packages.
    - Fix make test error for Perl compiled with DEBUGGING on
    - Support for internationalization in Emberl::Form
    - Do not link against unused libz
    - Supports now Perl 5.12: Cope with changed flags G_ARRAY
      and G_SCALAR, SVt_RV is now SVt_IV
    - Fix Execute parameter app_name (was appname, but app_name
      is correct, appname is still accepted, but might not always
    - Add parameter checks for Execute parameters to avoid segfaults
      in case of non refs where refs are expected.
    - Add more controls to Embperl::Form

2.3.0 30. Sept. 2007

    - Added support for Code ref in language message lookup hash.
      That allows for internationalization to call a sub instead
      of only looking up keys in a hash.
    - Added UTF-8 messages to Embperl::Form::Validate.
    - Include patch from Mark D. Anderson to make SSI syntax
      behave more like mod_include.
    - Make component -> curr_esc_mode available in Perl, requested
      by Robert.
    - Improve XHTML/XML support. Tags that are parsed by Embperl
      like input, are now only have one slash at the end, if there
      is already a slash in the source and output_mode is set to
      xml. In addition checked attributes for input tags are now
      added as checked="checked" to be valid xml.
      Spotted by Villu Roogna.
    - A lot of code was written for Embperl::Form a sophisticated
      form creation/handling framework, which also contains some
      nice AJAX and JS stuff like autocomplete input boxes,
      grids and tabbed dialogs. Also the framework itself is ready
      to use, there is not much documentation yet...
    - Fixed wrong version numbers in make test files, 
      which caused make test to fail. Spotted by Matt Bockol.
    - Use _stat() instead of stat() on Win32 to work around the problem
      that Perl redefines stat() in an incompatibel way. 
      Spotted by Randy Korbes.
    - Documented all options of embpexec.pl.
    - Fixed default_language handling in Embperl::Form::Validate.
      Patch from Kathryn Andersen.
    - In Makefile.PL check for mod_perl2.pm instead of mod_perl
      when mod_perl 2.x is used. Spotted by Dan Clawson.
    - Included patch from Andrew O'Brian to correctly retrieve
      Cookie header when running under Apache 2.
    - Fixed timezone compiletime error on Mac OS-X. Patch from
      Wolfgang Kinkeldei.
    - Fixed segfault that might occur when an value of an input
      attribute is removed. Spotted by Andrew Sitnikov.
    - Fixed missing Perl Stack setup which causes memory errors on
      BSD systems. Patch from Doug Rayner.
    - Added internal check and error message when, due to a syntax
      error in the source, a node is parsed as attribute. 
      Spotted by Kato M. Yoshiro.
    - Fix segfault that occured during output of an error message
      when not inside an Embperl request.

2.2.0 8. Apr. 2006

    - Added new command [$ dump $] which can be used
      to dump variables to logfiles or to the output
      for debugging purpose.
    - [$ sub $] return value is handled now corretly
      in scalar and array context
    - Added support for Apache 2.2
    - Added Table of Content pod file, which lists
      all available Embperl documentation, to get
      a better overview. Thanks to Axel Beckert.
    - Additional checked and notchecked Validationrules
    - Fixed Cookie expire calculation, because
      relative exipre times where only calculated
      once at server startup. Spotted by Derrick Spell. 
    - Fixed parsing of Cache configuration functions in
      httpd.conf. Spotted by Carl Eklof.
    - Added better handling of Out Of Memory condition,
      i.e. log error end try to clean up instead of
    - Fixed segfault that could occur because a non
      string value is passed as string index, which 
      crashed if such a string index doesn't exists.
      Spotted by Carl Eklof.

2.1.0 15. Nov 2005

    - Added better UTF-8 support:
        - Output escaping now takes Perl's UTF-8 flags into
          account and will not escape UTF-8 chars anymore
        - Diretive Embperl_Output_Esc_Charset allows to
          generaly switch between Latin1, Latin2 and UTF-8.
          (For UTF-8 this is not necessary when Perl's UTF-8
           Flag is correctly set, but this is not the case
           for all datasources)
        - Form data that is send to Embperl and put into %fdat
          get now Perl's internal UTF8 flags set, in case
          the data posted contains a valid UTF8 string.
          This can be disabled with the option
    - Added Module Embperl::Inline, which allows to embed
      Embperl code in an ordinary Perl module. This makes
      is easy to install system wide libraries, which need
      to contain Embperl code/markup. See perldoc Embperl::Inline
    - [$ sub $] now can takes arguments and inital code like:
        [$ sub foo ($self, $a, $b)  my $c = $self -> {bar} $] 
    - Embperl subroutines are now called in array context, to
      allow to return multiple return values.
    - Added validate type TimeValue, which is a numeric value
      followed by s, m, h, d or w.
    - Added validate type PosInteger, which is a positiv integer
    - Added Support for calling Embperl::Object::Execute inside
      an Embperl page. (Allow to nest new requests)      
    - Corrected HTML/XML escaping inside from <textarea> tags.
    - Fixed Segfault that could occur when a Embperl sub does
      not contain anything.
    - Fixed compile problem with timezone on BSD systems
    - Fixed URLs in website to work correctly on static mirrors
    - Embperl development has been moved from CVS to SVN. 
      See L<"SVN.pod"|SVN.pod> .

2.0.1 3. October 2005

    - Turn off Apache maintainer mode symbols, so it works with SuSE Apache
    - Integrated KWiki into Embperl website (available under eg/web)
    - Don't croak if Apache request record is not available (e.g. during startup)
    - Fixed wrong setup of $epreq -> param -> filename, when a Embperl offline
      processing is made inside an Embperl page. Reported by Gavin Carr.
    - Return correct http status codes 403 and 404 if access to a file is
      forbidden or the file was not found. Reported by Cliff Rayman.
    - Added Date header for Embperl::Mail, Suggested by Robert.

2.0.0 14. August 2005

   - http headers from %http_headers_out will now also be send when the
     init method of an application object return non zero (e.g. 302 for redirect).
   - Updated xsl stylesheet and css styles of website for better display
     of code sections.
   - Updated db/epwebapp.pl to make it more robust and fix some minor bugs
     and also allows to set edit and view_level (anonymous, login, admin)
     for every table.

2.0rc5 7. August 2005

   - Added attribute content-type to mail:send tag (Syntax Mail).
     Patch from Axel Beckert.
   - Added preloadfiles parameter to %initparam, which allows to
     preload files in the parent process, when running under mod_perl.
     See perldoc Config.pod for details.
   - Fixed unresolved symbol when compiling under SuSE 9.3 (because SuSE
     compiles Apache 2 in maintainer mode) 
   - Fixed strange output when Perl code inside of [$ sub $] returns
     before any output.
   - Fixed mail:send tag (Syntax Mail), so that Perl code inside the tag
     for example to set an attribute, is now executed correctly.
   - Fixed incorrect quoting of single quotes inside of <textarea> values,
     reported by Axel Beckert.
   - Fixed a potential segfault in cache handling. Patch from Yatin Chawathe.
   - Documentation cleanup
   - Added test for optKeepSpaces.
   - Added test for application object in Execute tests.
   - Make sure Embperl is listed after Apache itself in the server signature.

2.0rc4 19. Juni 2005

   - Adapted to new mod_perl namespace. Embperl now works correctly
     with mod_perl version >= 2.0rc5 (older version are still supported)
     NOTE: For file uploads to work you also need to upgrade CGI.pm 
   - Fixed problem with Execute when GlobalRequestRec option is not
     set in mod_perl config.
   - use gmtime_r instead of gmtime for time calculation to be thread safe

2.0rc3 14. March 2005

   - Handle warnings the same way under Embperl and Embperl::Object, so they
     are in both cases log to embperl.log and the Apache error log and show
     up on the error page. Reported by Dirk Melchers.
   - Report line number and file name in unstructures jump error messages.
     Requested by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed sigsegv under solaris cause by NULL point in debug output.
   - Applied patches from Angus Lees to make Embperl compile and test on
     64Bit machines and avoid some compiler warnings.
   - Add pod for embpmsgid.pl from Angus Lees.
   - Fix [= =] with included spaces in embpmsgid.pl. Reported by Robert.
   - Make undef values for translation hashs treat as the same as
     non exists. Requested by Robert.
   - Let embpmsgid.pl parse out language tags of gettext, sort output
     and don't convert chars > 128 to octal values. Requested by Robert. 
   - Fixed make test module load problem for mod_perl tests, when
     mod_perl is staticly linked into Apache
   - Documentation updates and cleanup 
   - Output an error message when an Embperl sub is called and no
     Embperl request is active.
   - Do not use method call to output in send_error_page to avoid
     trouble with overloaded output function.
   - Fixed segfault which occured sometimes randomly after compile 
     of Embperl page source.
   - Reimplemented SetupSession, CleanupSession and SetSessionCookie
     which can be used to access Embperl session data from outside,
     for example from mod_perl Authentication handler.
   - Fixed problem with undefined $req_rec when Embperl::Execute
     is called from a registry script. Reported by Martin Moss.     
   - If an object is passed to die inside Execute the errors array
     will receive this object and will not be stringified.
     Requested by Robert Noris.
   - $epreq -> errobj holds the last object passed to die during 
     the request.
   - Added documentaion of Embperl's error handling and trapping. 
   - If optReturnError is set in the httpd.conf it is now reseted
     for all sub components, to make sure all errors are reported
     back. (It can still be set via the options argument of 
   - Using ErrorDocument by setting optReturnError now also works
     under EmbperlObject. Reported by Robert Noris.
   - Fixed problem when calling Embperl sub via Execute inside a
     file that is called via Execute. Reported by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed segfault when requesting symbol tables informations
     via Apache::Status, reported by Dan Wilga.
   - Find apr.h if it is not in same directory as httpd.h in
     Makefile.PL. (Necessary for RedHat)

2.0rc2 21. November 2004

   - Flush output to client and send final chuck, before cleanup runs.
   - Fix compiler error when compiling with Perl 5.005.
   - Fix html input tag value set, when %fdat value is 0. Reported
     by Torsten Luettgert.
   - Fix test, for Apache 1.3 with static mod_perl and other dynamic
     modules, by loading Embperl first. Reported by Christophe Le Bars.
   - Fix FastCGI read of POST data, reported by Doug Rayner.
   - Readded tests for CGI mode.

2.0rc1 24. August 2004

   - Addeded configuration directive Embperl_Object_Reqpath, which allows to
     search serveral directories for the file of the initial request.
   - Added $epreq -> param -> cgi method to access the CGI.pm object. CGI.pm
     object is only available in case of a file upload
   - Fixed make test problem on RedHat, which reported wrong number of errors
     due to escaping in Apache error log.
   - Fixed test and compile problems on Windows with Perl 5.8.3
   - Added more verbose error informations for PerlHash error
   - Fixed problem when unloading Embperl.so under Apache, which cause
     Perl Hash error and/or segfault.
   - Fixed SegFault that occured when a Perl warning should be logged during
   - Added single quotes arround xslt paramenters that are automaticly
     generated from %fdat to avoid security problems.
   - Fixed some memory leaks
   - Fixed problem that checkboxes or options or not correctly selected
     on the second request when value was html escaped
   - Fixed Segfault under Apache 1.3 when doing a syntax check
   - use Apache::ServerRec when mod_perl version is 1.99_15 or above.
     Spotted by Aare Vesi.
   - Fixed endless loop on 64Bit Alpha and ia64.
   - Fixed make test problem on Windows.

2.0b11 15. March 2004

   - Fixed problem with JavaScript code in Form::Validate, when fields names
     are non JavaScript Identifier.
   - Fixed endless loop with call sub inside table under some circumstances,
     reported by Neil Gunton.
   - Fixed problem with select and dynamic options when no name attribute is
     given in select tag. Reported by Michael Stepanov.
   - Fixed problem with nesting of dynamic table and dynamic select. 
     Reported by Doug Rayner.
   - Fixed problem with CGI.pm 3.01+, which deletes uploaded files, when
     CGI object is destroyed.
   - Fixed problem with encrypted source files and Perl 5.8.3 IO layers.
     Reported by Edwin Ramirez.
   - Fixed problem with encrypted source files and set key length.
     Reported by Edwin Ramirez.
   - Fixed problem with <a />, <form /> and <option /> in xml output mode.
     Reported by Jochen Topf.   
   - Fixed problem with relativ cookie expires time.
     Patch from Torsten Luettgert.
   - Fixed problem with <a> tag without href attribute when session ids
     are embedded into the url. Reported by Torsten Luettgert.
   - Added sanity checks to epcrypto.c
   - Added posibility to pass fdat&ffld parameter to
   - Fixed problem with print OUT and call of subroutines as first statement
     of a subroutine. Reported by various people.

2.0b10 23. Jan 2004

   - Added -break parameter for haveing precondition to
   - Added $epreq and $epapp for the request and application object, so
     $r = shift isn't needed anymore on every page.
   - Default for EMBPERL_DEBUG is now zero, which mean, that Embperl does
     not write anymore to /tmp/embperl.log unless requested. Suggested by
     Angus Lees and others.
   - Added Embperl_Top_Include configuratin directive, which allows to add 
     Perl code to the top of every file, for example for doing a use Module.
   - fixed various compiler warnings reported by Angus Lees.
   - Added missing Form/Validate modules to distribution.
   - fixed missing $req_rec in base template call from Embperl::Object.
     Reported by Neil Gunton.
   - Fixed include path for non standart apr directories.
   - Fixed epchar.c.min and epchar.c.iso-latin-2 to conatin char2xml table
   - Fixed problem with mod_perl 1.99_12 which reports wrong return value from
     handler when some variable inside them Embperl page get tainted.
   - Fixed tests for Perl 5.8.2 & 5.8.3
   - Fixed a bug with print OUT at the end of a nested tag inside a loop reported
     by Neil Gunton
   - Documented exit with argument behaviour.
   - Remved use Apache::Constats from Embperl::Mail so it works without mod_perl 

2.0b9 10. Juni 2003

   - libxml now searchs through Embperl search path when includeing external entities,
     so for example <xsl:include> directives searchs files the same way as Execute
     does under Embperl::Object.
   - fixed typo in JavaScript code for Form::Validate reported by Axel Beckert
   - fixed typo in Embperl::Mail reported by Axel Beckert.
   - fixed small bugs in Embperl::Form::Validate test code reported by Axel Beckert. 
   - charcters 128-160 are now escaped in URLs to avoid problems with Mozilla.
   - fixed missing escaping of '/' in Embperl::Form::Validate JS routines.
     Patch from Axel Beckert.
   - fixed spelling: CACKE_KEY -> CACHE_KEY. Reported by Andre Landwehr.
   - URL escaping now fully conforms to RFC 2396. This mainly solves some problems
     where IE interpreted characters in URLs as UTF8.
   - Embperl::Form::Validate JavaScript code can now handle fieldnames that
     aren't correct JavaScript identifier.
   - Fix SIGSEGV when printing to Embperl::LOG before Embperl log file is setup.
   - Fix problem when session id is given to Embperl, but session management
     was not setup
   - Added 'same' validation to check if two fileds have the same input enterd
   - Fixed memory leak. Patch from Joshua Chamas.
   - Use MP_AP_PREFIX as source for APache 2. Patch from Paul Dyer.
   - Fixed a initialisation bug which caused under special conditions a segfault
     when compiling a select tag.
   - Fixed compiler warnings and errors when compiling with Perl 5.8.0.   
   - Replaced PL_sv_undef with ep_sv_undef (which is a copy of PL_sv_undef),
     because storing PL_sv_undef in a Perl 5.8.0 hash is treated as a placeholder
     and doesn't work as before.
   - Fixed problem with [$ sub $] when running under Perl 5.8.0.  
   - Fixed problem when STDOUT is tied, because storage has changed in Perl 5.8.0.  
   - Fixed problem when single quote or backslash is inside of option or input value.
     Bug reported by Saadiq Rodgers-King.
   - Added [$last$], [$next$], [$redo$] and documented [* next *] etc.
   - Readdeded missing MailFormTo and added test for it.
   - Fixed escaping inside of html attributes of Embperl generated tags like input
     and [$ hidden $]. Reported by Axel Beckert.
   - checked and selected attributes are now correctly set when values contains
     entities (e.g. &lt;)
   - Fixed segfault when cleanup is called to early. Reported by Neil Gunton.    
   - If no name is given for a key, Form::Validate now tries to lookup the correct
     text via Embperl's gettext method.
   - Fixed problem with message ids that are Perl keywords. Reported by Jaak.
   - Added EMBPERL_COOKIE_SECURE option to transfer cookie only over a secure
   - Added EMBPERL_OUTPUT_MODE that allows to change to XML output, which cause
     generated tags to contains a closing slash, so they are valid XML/XHTML. 
   - Fixed make test to ignore different idention of newer versions of
   - Added server_addr to the request param object.
   - Keep spaces and newlines in <mail:send> tag.
   - Embperl::Mail now encodes all header fields that contains characters between
     128 and 255. Use headerencoding parameter to turn of or tell Embperl your charset.
   - Fixed mod_perl 2 detection when mod_perl is build with MP_INST_APACHE2.
   - Fixed problem with reseting $escmode, when using print OUT. Reported by
     David Hull.
   - Fixed compiling problem on FreeBSD.
   - Added function XML::Embperl::DOM::iSetText to change name of Tag.
     Requested by Yatin Chawathe.
   - EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES now again accepts relatives times like +2h.
   - embpexec.pl now correctly takes config values from environment
     for application object.
   - Added -type => Integer, IPAddr, IPAddr_Net, FQDN_IPAddr, TimeHHMM, TimeHHMMSS,
     EMail and EMailRFC to Embperl::Form::Validate.
   - Fixed problem with [$var$] and select reported by Joshua Spoerri. 
   - Embperl compiles and tests now correctly if mod_perl installed
     under Apache2 namespace.
   - Added tests for epform and subreq.
   - Added patch from David Hull, which let you specify the status-code
     when doing a redirect via %http_headers_out.
   - Fix SIGSEGV on sparc in cleanup. Patch from Angus Lees.
   - Apply patch from Angus Lees which avoids a lot of (harmless) compiler
   - %idat is now also populated for checkboxes and radiobuttons where no matching
     value in %fdat is found. This avoid duplicate submission of formdata
     when using [$ hidden $].
   - fixed memory allocation problem that had occured when mod_perl was
     staticly linked into Apache.
   - removed old Embperl 1 test files from distribution
   - corrected initialization of ap_filter_rec structure which had lead to random
     segfaults when using the subreq parameter.


2.0b8 (BETA) 25. Juni 2002

   - exit can now exit the whole request. When called without argument
     it exits the current component, like before, when called with argument
     it exits the whole request.
   - Added support for Apache 2.0 / mod_perl 2.0 (prefork MPM).   
   - Added the possibility to catch the output of a sub-request
     (e.g. a CGI script, Java or PHP output) when running under Apache 2.0
   - when setting $r -> param -> filename in an application object
     to a relativ path it is interpreted relativ to original request
   - Start to catch up with new features of Embperl 2 in the docs. Added
     Config.pod for configuration and calling. 
   - Lots of improvments in the new Embperl website, which serves as best
     example for using the new Embperl 2 features. It's part of the distribution
     and can be found under eg/web. See eg/web/README.
   - fixed bug with setting of escmode and print Out reported by
     Eric-Olivier Le Bigot.
   - fixed incorrected escaping inside of an URL when expanding an hash
     or array reference. Reported by Axel Beckert.
   - fixed possible endless loop when expanding hash or array inside of
     an URL.
   - fixed a segfault that occured when source file encryption was enabled.
     Reported by Edwin Ramirez.     
   - fixed a segfault that occured when no input file is given. Reported by 
     Edwin Ramirez.     
   - fixed a segfault that occured on solaris when input comes from memory.
     Reported by Mike Wesemann.
   - readd possibility to build version with and without Apache support 
     on windows.
   - Remove Content-Length: 0 HTTP-Header in CGI Mode
   - Fixed segfault when replacing an attribute. Reported by Michael Stevens.
   - Fixed random segfaults, that had occured when Perl had reallocated it's
     internal Stack.
   - When apache is started with -D EMBPERL_APDEBUG, it outputs a 
     configuration trace.
   - When file is not found, Embperl::Object now returns status 404, instead 
     of 500. Reported by Cameron McBride.
   - When optReturnError is set, Embperl::Object now really returns the error code.
     Reported by Cameron McBride.
   - Fixed a reference count error when using the import parameter. Reported
     by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed string reference counting problem in RTF&POD syntax.
   - Fixed a segfault that had occured when a file with a syntax error is 
     compiled the second time within the same process. Reported by 
     Michael Smith.
   - removed do { } around expressions of [+ +] blocks inside urls, because 
     this cost performance and now all [+ +] behaves the same. Reported by 
     Michael Smith.
   - make stop now works also on windows.
   - make start, which can be used to view/test the Embperl website localy,
     now displays the URL how to request the site.
   - libxslt does correct error reporting now.
   - libxslt output encoding is now recognized correctly. 
   - set Content-Length when sending error page, so Internet Explorer won't show
     his own error page.

2.0b7 (BETA) 21. Mar. 2002

   - Changed default for EMBPERL_ESCMODE from 3 to 7. This disables
     by default the possibilty use the backslash to not escape a piece
     of output. This increases the security, because it by default
     avoids the interpretation of the backslash in any user input that
     is redisplayed. 
   - Fixed bug in mail syntax and Embperl::Mail reported by Jan Kyncl.
   - Removed LogFormat and CustsomLog from test config, so mod_log_config
     is not required for make test. Reported by Jochen Topf.
   - Removed EmbperlObject.pm from MANIFEST, since it was replaced by
   - Make symbolsnames unique so they don't clash with 1.3.4. Reported
     by Kee Hinckley.
   - Fixed a problem that ocurred when a reference to some of the Embperl
     objects was kept after the end of it's lifetime, which caused a
   - Don't do a path search when the filename starts with './'.
   - Fixed a segfault that occured when many nested sub's are used,
     but only a low number of strings.
   - Fixed a problem that <option> tags are not correctly selected, when
     the <option> tag was inside a loop and the name of the <select>
     tag was dynamicly generated.
   - Added test for config directives inside of VirtualHost 

2.0b6 (BETA) 13. Mar. 2002

   - Embperl have move from the namespace HTML::Embperl to Embperl.
     This is because Embperl is no longer only a HTML framework,
     but is suitable for other formats like XML too. Also this allows
     to install Embperl 1.x and 2.x on the same machine without
     conflicts, to make a smooth upgrade.
   - Rewrote Embperl internal data structures. The Embperl request
     structure is now splitted into thread, application, request
     and component structure. 
   - Moved nearly all of the per request/component initialization code
     from Perl to C. Together with the optimized data structures, this
     speeds up request/component initialization, which is especialy a
     performance improvement for pages that  do a lot calls to
     Execute (up to 50% for small includes).
   - All members of these structures now available form Perl
     which avoids using mod_perl Apache object and enviroment 
     variables in most cases, makeing the resulting pages more 
     independend from the environment they run under. On the other
     side this gives quite a few new possibilities to influence
     what Embperl is doing, especialy together with Embperl::Object.
   - Introduced new application object which holds together a set
     of pages and allows to configure the Embperl logfile and session
     handling different for each application.
   - Added Embperl::Object application object, which is invoked during
     request initialization. Any application code can now go there.
     This allows a proper separation of Code and Design and building of
     MVC (Model, Controller, View), 2-Tier and 3-Tier applications
     with Embperl.
   - Added EMBPERL_APP_HANDLER_CLASS to set the application object
     for Embperl pages, when not using Embperl::Object
   - Embperl now uses nativ Apache configuration directives instead
     of enviroment variables when running under mod_perl. You need to
     load Embperl before you can use any of them, either via 
     "PerlModule Embperl" or via "use Embperl" inside of a startup script.
     "Embperl_UseEnv on" is provided to get the old behaviour of using
     environment variables for configuration.
   - The default for input unescaping is now set to off. So people which are
     working with an text editor should be happy, people who are using any
     sort of HTML editor should use EMBPERL_INPUT_ESCMODE to set the way
     Embperl interprets the input.
   - Added new configuration directives EMBPERL_INPUT_ESCMODE which controls
     the unescaping of the input. This superseds the old optRawInput and 
     allows a more differentiated control.
   - Added form data validation. Embperl is now capable to do server-side
     and client-side validation of form input. You just have to define
     a set of rules and Embperl generates the correct JavaScript code and
     does the validation when the form data is posted to the server. By
     writing or overriding class, the validatior could be extented.
     See Embperl::Form::Validate for details.
   - Added [= foo =] block and $r -> gettext method for page localization. 
     When the page is executed the 'foo' is replaced with a localizied
     message for the current language.
   - Added methods r -> messages and r -> default_messages to define 
     current message set for current language during application init.
   - Added embpmsgid.pl utility to extrcat message ids from Embperl pages 
     and put them in a Data::Dumper or dbm file.
   - Simplified the definition of the recipe structure. This allows much 
     more intuitiv definition of a new recipe.
   - A recipe struture can now also be passed directly to the Execute 
     function as parameter.
   - The get_recipe function now can be overriden by a custom application
   - Enhanced POD parser. Now generates a similar output as pod2xml,
     which is better suitable for XSLT processing. Also the POD
     parser now can pasers POD out of other Embperl files.
   - Fixed problem with parameter passing to xslt processors, which
     were always ignored on the first request.
   - Renamed configuration directive EMBPERL_FILESMATCH to
     EMBPERL_URIMATCH to better describe what it is doing.
   - exit works now outside of [$ sub $]
   - New configuration directive EMBPERL_SESSION_MODE allows
     to configure to pass session inside of the QUERY_STRING
   - Embperl doesn't add's a \r\n at the end of textfiles 
   - Moved send_error_page and mail_errors into Embperl::App, so they can
     be overridden by a custom application object.
   - Added configuration directives EMBPERL_MAIL_ERRORS_LIMIT,     
     to limit the number of errors send in a small time.
   - When running under Embperl::Object all sourcefiles including for
     example xsl stylesheets are now search throught the searchpath.
   - Fixed a bug that causes input fields and textarea field to not
     autofilled anymore after a sub was called. Reported by Kee Hinckley.

2.0b5 (BETA) 27. Nov. 2001

   - Add xsltparam parameter which takes a hashref and is used to
     pass parameters to the xslt processor. If not given defaults
     to %fdat.
   - Add require URI::URL to test.pl so make test work with newer LWP.
     Patch from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed problem in registry/tied test, which failed for some Apache
     versions because of addtional http header. Patch from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed problem with comments inside [! !] blocks. Reported by
     Alan Milligan.
   - Fixed compiling problem with very recent versions of libxslt.
     Reported by Michael Stevens and Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed make test so it skips session tests if Apache::SessionX isn't 
     installed. Reported by from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed path problem with Execute ({sub => foo,... }) on win32.
   - Fixed a problem with duplicate subroutine names when running
     multiple pages in the same package.
   - Fixed problem with reloading when file changed, which sometimes
     didn't reload correctly in 2.0b4
   - Fixed memory leak which occured when using libxslt.
   - Fixed MakeMaker problem with Perl 5.7.1.
   - Removed some uninitialized value warnings.
   - Added "make start" and "make stop" to start and stop test httpd

2.0b4 (BETA) 20. Nov. 2001

   - Enhancements for RTF syntax, allowing no IF fields and passes
     thru any unkown fields.
   - Fixed problem when loading syntax. Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - Allow Perl code inside of HTML attributes in ASP syntax, together with
     EmbperlHTML syntax. Spotted by Ivan G. Shevchenko.
   - Added POD syntax, which converts POD to XML, which can transformed to
     any other output format using XSLT.
   - Enhanced Makefile.PL to support plugins for linking of extra libraries.
   - Added support for libxslt
   - Added support for Xalan-C XSLT
   - Added the concept of recipes which allows to dynamicly tell Embperl
     how to process a request. A recipe is basicly a tree structure
     with put different providers together. Every provider can act 
     upon the output of the preceeding providers. See README.v2
     and perldoc HTML::Embperl::Recipe for more details.
   - Added new configuration directive EMBPERL_RECIPE/Execute parameter 
     recipe, which tells Embperl how a file should be processed. 
   - Added recipes for XSLT transformation.
   - Rebuild cache management to work together with recipes. Now every
     intermediate step could be cached.
   - Add new debug flags dbgOutput, dbgRun, dbgCache, dbgCompile, dbgXML,
     dbgXSLT, dbgCheckpoint, dbgDOM to have a more fine control what's
     going into the log file
   - Changes in Embperl's internal tree representation, to fix serveral
     small problems and in preparation for proper XML handling.
   - print OUT inside loop works now correctly      
   - Added new escmode 8/15 which generates correct XML escaping. 
   - $row_foo will no longer treated as $row. Bug reported by Dave Fischer. 
   - Add patch from Wim Kerkhoff so SSI syntax works together with 
     EmbperlObject, i.e. included files are searched in the same way as
     normal Embperl files.
   - Add new method AddTagInside in HTML::Embperl::Syntax::HTML to allow
     tags inside of other tags.

2.0b3 (BETA) 9. July 2001

   - correct package handling in EP1COMPAT mode
   - compiles now with sun-cc. Patches from Michael Stevens.
   - fixed several bugs that caused weired behaviour with nested subs
     and tables.
   - fixed a bug that caused Embperl to stop when it sees a checkbox
     inside a loop, for which no value is in %fdat.   
   - fixed a bug that caused Embperl alias a value in %fdat and %idat
   - Execute work now also on the very first line of a file. Spotted 
     by Michael Smith.
   - [- -] can now contain Perl comments. Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - [- -] can now start with =pod. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.   
   - fixed a parser error so <[+ $foo +]> generates the correct result.
     Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - fixed bug in Node_insertAfter which may cause a single Execute
     on the second line of a file to loop endless. Spotted by
     Janny Cavell.
   - Embperl doesn't search for attributes inside of quotes inside of
     html tags anymore. Spotted by Ian Van der Poel.
   - type=checkbox|radio is now case insensitiv as it should. Spotted
     by Jonny Cavell.
   - print OUT and Execute now works together. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.
   - Embperl doesn't insert a linefeed after an Execute anymore.
   - Embperl now keeps single or double quote the same as in the source
     file. Requested by Jonny Cavell.
   - [$hidden$] works now correctly inside of loops. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.
   - The parser now checks for the correct end of an html tag. Spotted
     by Jonny Cavell.
   - Added RTF syntax. This allows you for example to create serial letters
     with your favorite word processing program, save them as RTF and process 
     them with Embperl. See HTML::Embperl::Syntax::RTF for docs.

2.0b2 (BETA) 29. Mar 2001

   - Embperl files can now debugged via the interavtive debugger.
     The debugger shows the Embperl page source along with the
     correct linenumbers. 
     This works in various ways:
        # perl interacive command line debugger
        perl -d embpexec.pl file.epl  
        # ddd graphical debugger (http://www.gnu.org/software/ddd/)
        ddd --debugger 'perl -d embpexec.pl file.epl'
        or via Apache::DB under mod_perl
   - Embperl has now a defined API for creating/adding a new
     syntax. See perldoc HTML::Embperl::Syntax for details.
   - Which syntax (also multiple at the same time) 
     a given page uses can be defined via EMBPERL_SYNTAX configuration
   - Added Syntax definitions for SSI, Perl and plain Text
   - New [$ syntax $] metacommand can switch the syntax of the file
     on the fly. It's also usefull to load addtional taglibs.
   - print OUT works again
   - HTML comments are not touched anymore
   - Embperl doesn't log a warning if a undefined value is in %ENV and
     dbgEnv is on.
   - 2.0b2 now contains all contains all changes up to 1.3.2 .

2.0b1 (BETA) 22. Dec 2000

   - Syntax of Embperl is now defined in module HTML::Embperl::Syntax
   - Processing of Embperl is now divided in smaller steps:
        1 reading the source
        2 parseing 
        3 compiling 
        4 executing
        5 outputing
     Since steps 1-3 has only to take place for the first time a file
     is processed, Embperl is about 50-100% faster the Embperl 1.x.
     (Embperl 1.x has also precompiled the Perl code, but Embperl
     goes much further and stores also a precompiled structure of
     the document)
     This modularisation will also allow to replace single steps
     with other modules and to cascade multiple processors, that
     work on one document.
   - The following options can currently only set from the httpd.conf:
     optRawInput, optKeepSpaces
   - The following options are currently not supported:
     optDisableHtmlScan, optDisableTableScan,
     optDisableInputScan, optDisableMetaScan 
   - Nesting must be properly. I.e. you cannot put a <table> tag (for an
     dynamic table) inside an if and the </table> inside another if.
     (That still works for static tables)
   - optUndefToEmptyValue is always set and cannot be disabled.
   - [$ foreach $x (@x) $] requires now the bracket around the
     array (like Perl)
   - [* *] blocks works now as expected.
   - option tag can take value optional from html text, so 
     <option value="foo"> and <option>foo</option> are the same
   - Execute ('file.htm#subname') works now without a previous
   - Added cacheing of output. There are serveral parameters that
     controls the caching. They can be either given as configuration
     directives in httpd.conf, as parameters to Execute or as
     Perl vars/subs inside a [! !] of the page itself.
   - [+ +] blocks must now contain a valid Perl expression. Embperl 1.x
     allows you to put multiple statements into such a block. For performance
     reasons this is not possible anymore. Also the expression must _not_
     terminated with a semikolon. To let old code work, just wrap it into a do
     e.g. [+ do { my $a = $b + 5 ; $a } +]

1.3.4 (RELEASE) 5. Dec 2001

   - Added method $r -> Espace for html & url escaping
   - URL escpage # to %23
   - use Content-Length HTTP Header instead of $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH}
     when running under mod_perl and win32. This fixes a bug
     with POSTed data reported by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Display correct Apache module name in Makefile.PL when
     requesting path for Apache module. Patch from James Lee.
   - New session handling using Apache::SessionX. (This also
     fixes problem with MD5 and Perl 5.6.1)
   - Fixed a bug that cause file-uploads to fail for the first 
     request to a file when running under EmbperlObject. Reported
     by Thoren Johne.
   - Added possibilities to add the session id as argument to any URL,
     instead of using cookies.
   - Added new hash %sdat which holds temporary sessins data.
   - Added options optAddUserSessionToLinks, optAddStatusSessionToLinks
     and optNoSessionCookies to control how the session id is passed.
   - Make sure the HTML::Embperl::Mail generates correct line endings
   - If Perl's STDOUT and/or STDIN are tied to any package, Embperl now
     calls the Perl methods PRINT and READ for doing I/O. This currently
     only works when not running under mod_perl.
   - Embperl can now run under FastCGI. Use embpfastcgi.pl instead of
   - Delete unnecessary PerlFixupHandler from httpd.conf.src for make test.
     Reported by David Merberg.      
   - Add undef to %idat for select tag with nothing selected if
     optAllFormdata is set.
   - Cleanup of DBIx::Recordset objects now honors the setting in %CLEANUP.
     Problem reported by Kee Hinckley.
   - Embperl can now use encrypted sourcefiles. See crypto/README for
   - Embperl can now be installed as Apache and non Apache version on the
     same system. This is neccessary to work on Windows in- and outside of
   - Fixed a linkage problem with symbol embperl_module, first reported
     by GustavKristoffer Ek.
   - error message now always contain a filename.
   - Added optShowBacktrace to enable backtrace of filename in error messages
   - Removed obsolete debug flags dbgDisableCache, dbgWatchScalar,
   - Fixed problem with changing to page directory on win32. Reported by
     Hans de Groot.
   - Fixed problems with mod_perl environement handling with ActiveState Perl 
     on win32.

1.3.3 (RELEASE) 6. Juni 2001

   - fixes problem with cleanup and Perl 5.6.0+ which broke
     session management. Spotted by Lukas Zapletal and Andy Lim.
   - Improved Makefile.PL to catche more setup situation on
     Win 32.
   - Make $r -> Error settable to be able to reset Embperl's
     internal error flag.     
   - workaround for $r -> chdir_file not working correctly inside
     of Apache::Registry with ActiveState Perl, which caused
     make test to fail.
   - fixed SIGSEGVs that could occur on rare situations when
     multiple file not found errors are reported.
   - fixed problem with wrong setup of Content-Length header
     when running in CGI mode, with escmode = 0. Spotted by
     Edwin Ramirez.
   - fixed problem with nested dynamic tables and Execute.
   - added correct errror message for rcNotCompiledForModPerl.
     Spotted by Scott Chapman.

1.3.2 (RELEASE) 16 May. 2001

   - Emulate the syntax => Text parameter of Embperl 2.0, which allows 
     to include pure text files any without interpretation. Requested
     by Kee Hinckley.
   - Fixed problem with corrupted @ISA, that had occured when a page was
     first requested without EmbperlObject and then with EmbperlObject.
   - Catch exceptions inside of Embperl.pm and correctly cleanup the
     request. This avoids problems in further request in case anything
     was really going wrong.
   - If the base template in an EmbperlObject request is requested
     directly the Execute ('*') does nothing, to avoid
     endless recursion.
   - Fixed bug in SetSessionCookie which had called undefined method 
     getinitalid.  Spotted by Sun Choi.
   - Removed wrong expire setting from SetSessionCookie, spotted 
     by Michael Stevens.
   - Additions to IntroEmbperlObject.pod by Neil Gunton.
   - ';' is now accepcted as separator for query strings addtionaly
     to the '&' character. Patch from Brent A. Ellingson.
   - ';' is now escaped to %3B when outputed inside a URL.
   - Embperl is now added to the Serversoftware identification when 
     preloaded under mod_perl.
   - adapted make test to Perl 5.6.1 and 5.7.1 so now it passes sucessfully.
   - fixed problem with cleanup in threaded Perl 5.6.1 and higher
   - added pod documentation to embperl.pl. Patch from Angus Lees.
   - %http_headers_out can take now array refs as elements to set multiple
     headers of the same value. Patch from Maxwell Krohn.
   - Non module-documenations (like Intro.pod Faq.pod etc) now gets copied under
     the correct directory and man pages are generated with the correct name
     (e.g. perldoc HTML::Embperl::Intro works now after installation). Based
     on an idea from Angus Lees.
   - Makefile.PL enhancements for Apache/ActiveState binary distribution
   - quote pathnames in Makefile to allow directories like "Program Files".
     Spotted by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Added epocgi.pl which allow use of EmbperlObject as CGI script.
   - Added a dTHR to function CmdVar to make Embperl compile with threaded
     Perl 5.005. Patch from Michael George III.
   - EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS can now accept pathes with spaces inside by quoteing
     an argument e.g. PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS "'Directory=/Session Files/'".
     Spotted by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Perl search path (@INC) in make test is set to abosulte paths to be independend
     of directory changes that Apache might issue. Spotted by Randy Korbes.

1.3.1 (RELEASE) 13 Feb. 2001

   - Added new Introduction to EmbperlObject written by
     Neil Gunton. See perldoc IntroEmbperlObject
   - Added new Tips and Tricks pod written by
     Neil Gunton. See perldoc TipsAndTricks. Anybody is invited
     to send me their own Tips and Tricks!
   - Added object and isa parameters to Execute, which allows to get an
     object reference for a certain file and set the Perl inherence
     hierachive. Ideas from Neil Gunton and Angus Lees.
   - Corrected a problem that leads to very strange errors when an
     Embperl sub is called from an in memory source (that is passed
     via the Execute input parameter). Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Make EmbperlObject work better with relative paths and drive letters
     on Windows. Based on a patch from Freddy Vulto.
   - Fixed a problem with the cache key, which could cause that the same
     file is compiled within different packages.
   - Fixed a problem that Embperl are in a wired state after an file upload
     has been interrupted. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Fixed a problem set @ISA is not correctly setup in case a file is
     compiled in the same package as the base file of EmbperlObject.
     Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Fixed problem with including ../foo.html in EmbperlObject. Spotted
     by Neil Gunton.
   - Added warning if @ISA is not correctly setup/corrupted.
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occurs when an reference to undef is returned
     from a [+ +] inside a URL.
   - Added warning to Makefile.PL, if File::Spec 0.82 isn't installed, which is
     required by EmbperlObject.
   - Fixed "use of undefined value" warning in make test      

1.3.0 (RELEASE) 4 Dec. 2000

   - Corrected a wrong test, that let make test fail. Spotted by Eddie Lau.
   - Added a Line Feed at the end of epnames.h, which has caused some problems
     with on old SunOS compiler. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
   - Fixed a problem that Perl generated an error when $req_rec and [$ var $] was
     used. Spotted by Michael Stevens.

1.3b7 (BETA) 15. Nov 2000

   - Fixed problem that the call to close triggers error in Session.pm when using 
     Store::File. Spotted by Alvar Freude.
   - Fixed problem that GetSession doesn't return a value for new session.
     Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - Added new function SetSessionCookie, which can be used to set the session cookie
     header in case you use Embperl session management, but don't use a 
     Embperl page in that request. Suggested by Alex Schmelkin.
   - Fixed problem that DeleteSession does not work outside the base template, when
     used with EmbperlObject. Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - Fixed problem when use multiple nested ../foo.htm inside EmbperlObject.
     Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Included patch from Angus Lees to ease building on debian.
   - make test now works again with BEN-SSL httpsd. With help from Neil Gunton.
   - Included grammaticaly updated Embperl.pod. Many thanks to Ilia Lobsanov
     for doing the proof reading. 
   - removed dbgDisableCache to avoid problems with this "feature" that isn't working
     anymore for a long time.
   - Added validaten for session cookie. If Apache::Session 1.53+ is installed
     it uses the validate method from Apache::Session::Generate::xxx. If a invalid
     session id is found a new one is generated. Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - If a not existing session id is received, Embperl generates now a new one.
   - Enhancements of Cookie resending logic. To make sure cookies are send when
     neccessary, but not more often. (Handles now write to session data, after
     a delete in the same request correctly).
   - Added more tests for Sessionhandling.
   - Fixed a bug that Content-Lenght was 2 to much, when escmode was set to zero.
     Spotted by Michael Smith.
   - Added patches from Randy Korbes for ActiveState Support. Most tests with
     Embperl under mod_perl nows passes. The few remaining ones that doesn't pass
     seems to be due to problems of mod_perl's enironment handling.
   - Droped support for Apache::Session 0.17. Embperl now support only
     Apache::Session 1.00 and higher.
   - Added new option: optDisableSelectScan, to allow processing of SELECT tags,
     while processing of TABLE tags is disabled. Suggested by Robert.
   - Carridge Returns are only removed for Perl 5.004. This makes using of 
     HERE documents possible on Perl 5.005+, even if the documents has CRLF
     as lineendings.

1.3b6 (BETA) 18. Oct 2000

   - Embperl now runs on ActiveState Perl. (At least in offline mode,
     mod_perl mode seems to still have some problems). With a lot of help
     from Randy Korbes. 
   - Changed EmbperlObject search order:
     * If EMBPERL_OBJECT_STOPDIR is set, this directory is taken as
       the last directory in the normal search path, instead of the
       directory where the base template (EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE) is found.
     * EMBPERL_OBJECT_ADDPATH is _always_ added to the search path
     * Now Embperl also searches the path for files like
       ../foo.html, or bar/foo.html, which includes a relative path.
   - ../* is now a shortcut for the requested file, but in the
     parent directory (or upper depending on the search path)
   - Added access to Embperl session handling for modules and
     calling scripts (see SetupSession and GetSession)
   - Embperl is now able to output binary data if EMBPERL_ESCMODE
     and/or $escmode is zero. This also include that no CRLF is
     added at the end of the file, if escmode is zero.
   - Added method for deleting session data and cookie
   - Added method for triggering resend of session cookie. 
   - Added Test for pnotes ('EMBPERL_ERRORS')
   - Added hash %CLEANUPFILE. All variables defined into the files given
     in this hash, are also cleanup at the end of the request.
     Patch from Todd Eigenschink.
   - Changed the way the C Requestobject is attached to the Perlobject,
     so it should now also work on 64Bit Processor like Alpha.
     Spotted by Andre Landwehr.
   - Fixed a problem with importing files that contains foreach and
     do until loops, which may caused a syntax error or endless
     loop. Spotted by Steffen Geschke.
   - embpcgi* and embpexec* are now geratated out of *.templ instead
     of editied in place to avoid problems with cvs conflicts
     and lower/uppercase on Win32. Suggest by Jens-Uwe Mager.
   - make test works with Apache that has mod_jserv compiled in
   - Embperl now cache same files with relative path, which are located
     in different directories correctly.

1.3b5 (BETA) 20. Aug 2000

   - Embperl now supports Apache::Session 1.52. See "Session handling"
     in the docs, how the setup has changed.
   - Fixed a problem with POSTed data, which had got lost for the first,
     request when using EmbperlObject handler. Spotted by
     Kaare Rasmussen.
   - Fixed a typo in HTML::Embperl::Mail, spotted by Robert.
   - changed require to use HTML::Embperl in EmbperlObject to avoid problems
     with dynamic loading. Spotted by Robert.
   - Embperl takes the cookie for session handling from the Apache 
     request record to make it available in earlier phases then the
     content handler. Suggested by Jack Cushman.
   - added entity decoding for value attribute of radio/checkboxes.
     Spotted by Chris Thorman.
   - %fdat is not resetup when already done and formtype is 
     multipart/formdata. Spotted by Michael Slade.
   - Embperl inserts &amp; instead of a signle & inside query strings
     when expaned from array or hash refs.
   - Embperl now also accepts hashref inside a url and expand it
     to a query_string i.e. <a href="foo.html?[+ { a=>1, b=>2 }+]"> will become
     <a href="foo.html?a=1&amp;b=>2">.
   - EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES now also supports relativ times like: 
     +30s +10m +1h -1d +3M +10y
   - $req_rec -> pnotes ('EMBPERL_ERRORS') could be used to retrieve 
     error message inside a error document
   - make Embperl compile and run with threaded Perl 5.6. With help
     from Jason Bodnar. NOTE: That doesn't mean that Embperl is

1.3b4 (BETA) 17.07.2000

   - New $escmode (or EMBPERL_ESCMODE) to disable the possiblilty
     to turn off escaping with a leading backslash. Adding 4 to
     any escmode will cause Embperl to do no special processing
     on the backslash. This is mainly to avoid problems with
     cross site scripting issuse, where people are able to enter
     aribtary HTML. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Characters between 128 and 159 are all HTML escaped now to
     avoid problems with buggy browser, which were reported to
     treat the chars 139 and 141 as < and >.  Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - If a requested file is not found when using EmbperlObject as handler,
     the file given by C<EMBPERL_OBJECT_FALLBACK> is displayed instead. 
     If C<EMBPERL_OBJECT_FALLBACK> isn't set a staus 404, NOT_FOUND is
     returned as usual.
   - "perl Makefile.PL debug" will build debugging information for
     gdb/ms-vc++ into Embperl library.
   - test.pl can take a bunch of new options for debugging Embperl itself.
     See make test TESTARGS="--help".
   - Embperl 1.x and 2.x share now the same Makefile.PL and test.pl
   - Added new debug flag dbgObjectSerach which logs the EmbperlObjects
     work when searching the correct file.
   - If import parameter is given to Execute, Perl code is compiled, but
     only [!  !] blocks are executed (to allow sub definitions on import)
   - Space is converted to %20 instead of +, because that is more generic.
     Suggested by Michael Blakely.
   - EmbperlObject now automaticly defines all subs that are declared
     inside the base template and inside the requested page, so it isn't
     neccessary anymore to call Execute with import => 0 for them.
   - Every Embperl Page now get passed a request object (which can be obtained
     from $_[0]). The request object is a hash reference which is blessed
     into the package HTML::Embperl::Req. Embperl itself don't uses the hash, so
     you are free to populate it and pass data between different pages of one request.
   - EmbperlObject now setup the inherence so that 
       request page -ISA->
       base template -ISA-> 
     and the Embperl request object is blessed into the packages of the
     requested page, so you can do methods calls to subs that are defined
     inside the requested page.
   - correct spelling error and renamed ScanEnvironement to ScanEnvironment.
     (ScanEnvironement still works).
   - EmbperlObject can now be used also offline (via HTML::EmbperlObject::Execute)   
   - MailFormTo and HTML::Embperl::Mail::Execute now have a configuration
     directive EMBPERL_MAILHELO, can be used to specify the host/domain for the 
     HELO/EHLO command. Suggested by Remco Brink.
   - Fixed a bug that caused the default drive to be incorrectly set on Win 32.


1.3b3 (BETA) 25.04.2000

   - Fixed SIGSEGV which occurs in cleanup with Perl 5.6. Spotted by 
     Aaron Johnson.
   - Changed make test so it works correctly with new error messages of
     Perl 5.6. 
   - Fixed a bug that Execute will always fail when $@ was set before.
     Patch from Francis J. Lacoste.
   - Changed test so it accpects charset in Content-Type header from
     Apache 1.3.12
   - The outputfile parameter now also works when running under 
     mod_perl. Spotted by Ilia Lobsanov.
   - Makefile.PL warns if you build with a DSO mod_perl < 1.22
   - make test checks that test files are readable by Apache. 
   - Applied a patch from Jens-Uwe Magner to make Embperl work
     with mod_perl 1.22 on AIX. We now require mod_perl 1.22,
     but I should now work as DSO and staticly linked.
   - Applied a patch from Francis J. Lacoste that makes sure
     that when a package name is given the file is always compiled
     into this package. Note: This means that if you specify a
     packagename and the packagename differs from request to
     request, the page is compiled for every package and therfore
     consuming memory on every request. 
   - Added EMBPERL_SESSION_HANDLER_CLASS which allows you to overwrite
     Embperl defaults session handling. Idea form Barrie Slaymaker.
   - Added EmbperlLogo.gif to the distribution, which contains
     "Powered by Embperl".
   - Added Patch from Randy Kobes that makes Embperl compile with
     Apache 1.3.12 and Perl 5.6 on Win32. 
   - Removed some -w warnings form EmbperlObject
   - Added tests for EmbperlObject
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occured when Embperl found [*] inside
     a page. Spotted by Barrie Slaymaker.
   - Added epchar.c.min which contains translation tables which
     let's all chars above 128 untouched. This is usefull for
     processing two byte charsets. Patch from Sangmook Yi.
   - The searchpath (EMBPERL_PATH) now uses semikolons (';') instead 
     of colons (':') to avoid problems with Windows drive letters.
     Colons still work on Unix.

1.3b2 (BETA) 11. Feb 2000

   - added new mod_perl handler EmbperlObject, which helps to build whole
     pages out of small objects, which can be overwritten in "derived"
     EmbperlObject allows you to define the standard layout of your site just
     once and includes the neccessary components based on the uri. Your HTML
     documents just have to contain the unique stuff and not the common stuff
     like headers/footers or navigation bars. Also these common elements can 
     be overwritten in each subdirectory.
   - added EMBPERL_PATH (and path parameter to Execute), which can contain
     a colon separated search path. Embperl uses it when a file, which does
     not contain a path, is executed.
   - added new module HTML::Embperl::Mail which sends a file processed via
     Embperl by email.
   - Fixed a bug, that the logfile if opened also EMBPERL_DEBUG is set
     to zero. Now if debug is zero, no logfile will be opened. Spotted
     by Jason Bodnar and Christian Gilmore.   

1.2.1 5. Jan 2000

   - fdat parameter of Execute function isn´t honoured when
     call from CGI script which has received multipart/formdata.
     Spotted by NHan H. Trinh.
   - @ffld was not correctly setup, when only fdat parameter is
     given in calls to Execute.
   - if mtime parameter is undef or 0, now the pcode really isn't
     cached. Spotted by Neeme Vool.
   - EMBPERL_OPTIONS and EMBPERL_DEBUG (debug, options) accepts
     now decimal, binary, octal and hex values.
   - fix a SIGSEGV that could occur under rare conditions in
     cleanup. With help from Todd Eigenschink and Gary Shea.
   - fix a problem that $req_rec is not correctly setup inside
     imported subs. Reported by Cliff Rayman.
   - specify domain/hostname when sending mail via MailFormTo
   - add EMBPERL_MAILFROM config, to make sender used by
     MailFormTo configurable    
   - add EMBPERL_MAILDEBUG config, to allow debugging of email
     problems in MailFormTo
   - ProxyInput now handles posted form data. Spotted by 
     Neeme Vool.
   - EMBPERL_INPUT_FUNC now allows to also give the name
     under which the source should cached, to allow correct
     cacheing of data read via EMBPERL_INPUT_FUNC. Spotted by
     Neeme Vool.
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV in OPTION tag which occurs due to
     different integer sizes on 64Bit systems. With help
     from David Waldo. 

1.2.0 17 Nov 1999

   - test script had failed in cgi mode on win32. Spotted by 
     Randy Korbes.

1.2b11 (BETA) 4 Nov 1999

   - Added the "Status:" header and error message to embpcgi.pl to
     let Apache return the correct status line. Patch from Jason Holt.
   - Fixed problem that Apache SIGSEGVs when an error message contains
     a %x. Spotted by Ed Park.
   - Added missing BEGIN block in docs for Session handling.
   - Fixed an endless loop that occured when tainting is on and
     the same document is called two times via Execute. With help
     from Jason Holt.
   - Changed access to addtional upload fileinfo. The old syntax
     (${${$fdat{<name_of_field>}}}) isn't available anymore, because
     it doesn't work with filenames that are not a vaild perl
     variable name. Now there is a second field which start with a
     dash that's holds a hash ref to the file info. Spotted by 
     Huang-Ming Pan.
   - The Embperl specific part of Apache session (former 
     Apache::Session::Embperl) is now part of the Embperl distribution
     (as HTML::Embperl::Session). This makes Embperl independ of
     new releases of Apache::Session. Embperl now works with 
     Apache::Session version 1.00 and higher. Apache::Session 0.17 is still
     supported, but the documentation is removed, because it should no
     longer be used.
   - Apache::Session must not be preloaded prior to Embperl. It's
     enought to set EMBPERL_SESSION_CLASSES and Embperl will bring
     the right modules in memory for you.
   - Removed the call to mod_perl_sent_header, which was an workaround
     for an problem with (very) old mod_perl version, because it doesn't 
     resolve on (every) IRIX. Spotted by Jearanai Vongsaard.
   - NOT_FOUND, FORBIDDEN now also logged thru Apache, so the LogLevel is
     honoured and log message in Apache error log get a time stamp.
     Spotted by Christian Gilmore.
   - Removed warings that apears when compiling with -Wall.
   - Added URL of better emacs mode for Embperl from Erik Arneson.
   - Added new paramter 'errors' to Execute function which takes an
     array ref, that returns any error messages. Suggested by
     James Elson.
   - Fixed that serveral options where not settable inside an Embperl page.
     Spotted by Ilya Ketris.

1.2b10 (BETA) 7 Oct. 1999

   - Fixed a great security whole in CGI mode. Because Apache passes
     anything after the first '?' to the cgi script as commandline
     arguments, embpexec.pl could be tricked into offline mode, where
     it returned any file that is readable by the httpd! So if you are
     using CGI mode, I strongly recommend to update to 1.2b10.
     Now you must use embpcgi.pl instead of embpexec.pl in CGI mode.
     Spotted by Jason Holt.
   - Added EMBPERL_ALLOW. If the file doesn't EMBPERL_ALLOW Embperl
     will return forbidden. This is primarly another security
     feature, because dependig on the way you use Embperl in CGI mode,
     it will not honour all Apache access restrictions. With 
     EMBPERL_ALLOW, you can now force it to serve only certain
     files. Suggested by Jason Holt.
   - Fixed a problem that had occured with magic SVs (tied scalar)
     as source for the Execute function. Spotted by Todd Eigenschink.
   - Embperl works now with Apache::Session 0.17, 1.02 and 1.04
     (1.03 is errornous)
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occurs when the req_rec parameter of the
     Execute functions gets a Apache::Request object instead of a
     Apache object, which occured due to the different ways the
     Apache internal request_rec is stored inside the object.
     Spotted by Francis J. Lacoste.     
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occured when outputting to a scalar and
     optReturnError is set. Spotted by Francis J. Lacoste.
   - Added a ; after the begin block in startup.pl, which seems had
     cause a syntax error in some situations. Spotted by Oyvind Gjerstad.
   - exit now works the same in offline, mod_perl and cgi mode, it
     ends the execution of the page, but not the programm itself.
   - exit inside a sub will now really exit the page. (but exit inside
     a file called via Execute will only exit this file, not the whole
     request) Spotted by Cliff Rayman.     
   - Added new hash %http_headers_out which could be used to set arbitary
     http header under mod_perl _and_ in cgi mode. "Location" header will
     automaticly set status to 301.
   - setting http headers and <META HTTP-EQUIV=..> now works also
     in cgi mode.
   - Session Handling now also works in CGI mode (needs
     Apache::Session >= 1.04)
   - ACTION attribute of Formtag is now URL en/decoded. Spotted by
     Hartmut Palm.

1.2b9 (BETA) 10. Sept 1999

   - Fixed a problem with loading Apache::Session 1.01, when
     Apache::Session 0.17 is not installed. Spotted by Volker Hess.

1.2b8 (BETA) 9. Sept 1999

   - Fixed behaviour of <INPUT>. <INPUT> now does not overide
     VALUE="" with the value from %fdat. This seems to has been
     broken, since a couple of versions and the fix may break
     pages that depends on that wrong behaviour. Anyway I have
     to fix it before the release version is out!
   - Added a patch (and a FAQ) from Jens-Uwe Mager, so Embperl compiles
     and links on AIX.
   - Fixed error in URL unescaping, spotted by Hartmut Palm.
   - _WINSOCK2API_ gets defined on Win32, when compiling with
     Apache 1.3.9. Spotted by Randy Korbes.
   - Win32 test uses also embpexec.test.pl (instead of .bat),
     so cgi test runs also with Apache 1.3.9. Spotted by Randy Korbes.
   - Fixed problem with EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS that splits the arguments
     wrong when, for example, the DataSource contains a '='. Spotted by
     Vince Galloway.
   - Fix a memory leak which eats one SV per <OPTION> tag, introduced
     in 1.2b6.
   - Fix a problem that meta commands also recognized as html tags, i.e.
     now <if x> is no longer the same as [$ if x $]. Spotted by Danielle Gallo.
   - German documentation (IntroD.pod, FeaturesD.pod and EmbperlD.pod)
     are now included in the distribution.

1.2b7 (BETA) 30 Aug 1999

   - Embperl works now with Apache::Session 1.01 
     (1.01 _not_ 1.00 or below!)
   - Cookie for session id is only send the first time and not
     resend if it's already known by the browser. Suggested
     by Roman Maeder.   
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occurs with $optRawInput = 1 and a 
     value is in %fdat, but not in the input html tag. Spotted
     by Robert. 

1.2b6 (BETA) 19 Aug 1999

   - When call another page via Execute EMBPERL_VIRTLOG will
     automaticly set to the same value as the in the calling page       
   - Add parameter 'firstline' to specify the linenumber of the
     first line in the input
   - Defined missing DECLINED constant for non mod_perl environement
     Spotted by James Elson.
   - Inside of an A tag URL escaped characters are translated back
     to their ascii aquivalent inside of perl code, before the code
     is executed. This avoid problems with HTML editors, which
     changes space to %20 inside an URL.
   - '%' is escaped to %25 inside of URLs
   - Inside the A tag only the HREF attribute is URL escaped, instead
     of the whole tag.
   - The SRC attribute of embed, frame, iframe, img, layer now are
     also URL escaped.
   - Giving a an array refernce inside an URL, cause Embperl expand
     it to URL parameter syntax (i.e. [+ \@A +] becomes A=1&B=2, when
     @A = (A, 1, B, 2) ).
   - Embperl checks now for unclosed metacommands (if, while etc.) and
     unclosed HTML tags (table etc.). Suggest by Todd Eigenschink.
   - Fixed a problem when file was not found, which causes in some cases
     a SIGSEGV.
   - Added new configuration directive EMBPERL_MAIL_ERRORS_TO. If set
     all error messages will be send to the given address.
   - input_/output_func parameter can take a code reference as
     argument. Based on a patch from Jon Tobey.
   - Set force PERL_DL_NONLAZY to zero, so make test does not fail
     if dynaloader was initialized with PERL_DL_NONLAZY set.
     Patch from John Tobey.    
   - [$ foreach $i(x..y) $] does not require a space before the (
     anymore. Suggested by Jonny Cavell.
   - select <option value="a &amp; b"> works now correctly. Spotted by
     Rick Welykochy.
   - Fixed SegFault when parameter input => is numeric. Spotted by
     Cliff Rayman.
   - Added option optNoUncloseWarn, which disables the warnings
     about unclosed if, while, table etc.

1.2b5 (BETA) 5 July 1999

   - Renamed __strdup and __strndup so there are no duplicate 
     symbols when compiling with glibc. Spotted by Michael Hall.
   - Removed some debugging message from the logfile output.
   - Correct some wrong table entries for html escaping of some
     characters like §
   - Added optReturnError which causes Embperl to return an
     error code and let the calling programm (i.e. Apache)
     handle the error. This is necessary to use the
     ErrorDocument directive together with Embperl. Spotted by
     Michael Smith.
   - Fixed the problem that the output of Execute inside a table
     didn't come out when optEarlyHttpHeader was set. Spotted by
     Chris Alexander.
   - %fdat of a Execute will not be overwritten anymore when the
     %fdat of the main request was empty. Spotted by Chris Alexander.
   - fixed a small memory leak which was caused by not releasing 
     memory space for the cookie-name/-domain etc.
   - added the missing -T switch to embpexec.test.bat, which caused the
     taint test in cgi mode to fail on win32
   - Added epchar.c.iso-latin-2 from Jiri Novak, which contains the correct
     escaping for the iso-8859-2 (iso-latin-2) character set. You may use it
     to replace the standard epchar.c
   - Added new metacommand [$ sub <name> $] and [$ endsub $] which allows
     you to define blocks of code an call them mulitple times inside a page,
     either a creating a subrequest Execute('#<name>') or by calling them
     directly as a perl subroutine [- <name> -]. Read the docs for more
     information on the details and differences.
   - Added new parameter "import" to Execute, which let's you import subs
     (defined with [$sub <name>$]) into the current page.
   - @ffld is filled with 'values %fdat' if the ffld parameter in the call
     to the Execute funtion is missing.
   - Filedata will held into memory until the end of the request, so a
     second call to Execute for the same file will not reread the data
     from disk.
   - Added emacs/embperl.el. It's a emacs minor mode for Embperl written
     by Erik Arneson
   - Output of dbgShowCleanup is now sorted by name
   - Update the Faq.pod with new Q&A and removed obsolete Q&A
   - Made Makefile.PL more smarter in DSO situations. It detecteds now 
     which of the needed Apache modules are linked staticly and places
     neccessary LoadModule statements in the httpd.conf for make test.
     This way make test should work also where all modules linked at
     runtime, like on RedHat 6. With help form James H. Thompson.
   - Makefile.PL ask´s now if it can´t find any modules. On win32
     it will not try to guess (the maybe wrong) path anymore.
   - Added possibility to get the the uploadInfo from CGI.pm
     (e.g. ${${$fdat{upload}}} -> {'Content-Type'} will return the
      content type). Requested by Brian Reichert.
   - Catch die of CGI.pm when it hit's a 'Malformed multipart POST'.
     Spooted by Chris Alexander.
   - Add optKeepSrcInMemory which tells Embperl to keep the source
     file in memory and not reload it on every request
   - Added the possibility to use recursive calls to Execute.
     NOTE: You can create local variables via [* local $foo ; *]
   - Reworked the cleanup. Now imported values from other modules
     left unchanged. This solves problems with using modules
     inside Embperl pages, which exports some global variables.
   - Added the %CLEANUP hash. Put variables into with should be
     additional cleaned up ($CLEANUP{'var'} = 1) or which shouldn't
     cleaned up ($CLEANUP{'var'} = 0)
   - Special handling for DBIx::Recordset objects, so it's sure
     they are really get destroyed 
   - fixed a problem with dynamic tables, that occurs when you
     had tried to repeat multiple table rows
   - Embperl compiles now with perl5.005_57+. Patch from Ask Bjoern Hansen
   - Cleanup now logs any errors that occurs when calling object
     destructors and makes sure errors inside object destructors do
     not break Embperl itself.
   - Embperl now returns DECLINED when called for a directory. This
     way Apache can handle diretories the correct way. This will make
     DiretoryIndex (e.g. index.html) work again with Embperl. 
   - Fixed a problem that @ffld contains the same field more then
     one time if posted from a select multiple with multiple items
     selected. This caused problems with [$hidden$]. Spotted by
     Martin Leja.
   - Double quotes (") will be url-encoded to %22 inside URLs.
   - Embperl now never writes to the logfile if EMBPERL_DEBUG is zero
   - make test now runs with newest version of mod_ssl (2.3.5)
   - Added option optKeepSpaces which will disable the removing of spaces
     and empty lines from the output. Suggested from Gary Shea.
   - Added option optOpenLogEarly, which will cause Embperl to open the
     logfile as soon as it is loaded into memory. You can use this when
     you loaded Embperl via PerlModule under Apache, to open the log
     as root instead of the non-privileged user Apache runs as.

1.2b4 (BETA) 15 Feb 1999

   - fixed a problem that $req_rec was sometimes invalid on the 
     second call to the same page causing Embperl to SIGSEGV.
     With help of Todd Eigenschink.
   - Cleanup the variable space inside Embperl pages. Before this
     fix many of the internal my variables were visible to the 
     Embperl page. Spotted by Todd Eigenschink. 
   - multiple form values with the same name are handled now
     correctly (concated in a tab delimited string) when send
     in a multipart/form-data (file-upload). Spotted by Dirk
   - The dbgForm flag works now also for multipart/form-data
   - a missing right *] will be reported as an error. 
   - [[* is correctly output as [* and not interpreted as a
     starting of a perl block. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - fixed a bug that causes the html after an endforeach to be
     skiped, when the foreach loop gets an empty array as argument.
     Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Makefile.PL checks now for required modules and versions and
     generates warnings if necessary
   - Do not CLEAR %udat and %mdat in cleanup, so Apache::Session
     will not warn anymore about unsupported CLEAR operation.
   - Added tests for session management (%udat, %mdat)
   - Added more tests to see that $req_rec is correctly setup
   - Added module Apache::Session::epDBI which is a subclass of
     Apache::Session::DBI and corrects a problem with locking and
     cares of serializing requests, so %mdat works correctly.
     Please read IMPORTANT NOTE under Session Management in
   - Added the dbgProfile flag which cause the display of the time
     since the request start for every source line in the logfile.
   - Correct a problem that the escape character ('\') was not removed
     when unescaping the input. Now '&lt;' is correctly translated
     to '<'  and '\&lt;' is translated to '&lt;' . 
   - When requesting to view the logfile via the browser now all
     lines which does not start with a pid ([<pid>]) are displayed.
   - fixed a problem, that sometimes not all errors are shown in the
     error page, in conjunction with dynamic tables
   - When running under perl 5.005 or higher, the cleanup after the
     every request, now not only cleans up scalars, array and hashs,
     but also closes all open file- and directoryhandles and undef's
     all typglob (which causes for example DBIx::Recordset objects to
     DESTROY correctly)
     NOTE: This also causes imported variables from other packages/modules
     not to be cleanedup anymore!!
     NOTE: That the cleanup behaveiour under perl 5.004 and 5.005 is
     slightly differnt! The new cleanup doesn't work with 5.004 because 
     of a bug, which should be corrected in 5.004_05 as soon as available.
   - EMail adress from the form is insert as Reply-To header instead of
     From header in MailFormTo to avoid problems with unresolvable
     EMail adresses.
   - Fixed the problem that session management (%udat, %mdat) didn't
     work when Execute is used in the same page. Spotted by by Simon Lindgren. 
   - Fixed a path problem in Makefile.PL. Now pathes on Win32 Systems uses
     blackslash instead of slash. Spotted by Randy Kobes.
   - Win32 batch files will no longer contain path to perl after the #!,
     so cgi tests passes on systems with 4DOS shell. Spotted by Randy Kobes.
   - Added ; as terminator for cookie to correctly parse multiple cookies.
     Patch from Tim Carrol.    
   - Changed table_set to table_add when setting the cookie for session data
     to avoid problems with other modules setting also cookies.
   - Corrected the %ENV problem that mod_perl-1.18 introduced, so both 
     work together again.
   - Added dbgSession flag to enable/disable logging of session handling
   - Added configuration diretives EMBPERL_COOKIE_NAME, EMBPERL_COOKIE_DOMAIN,
     EMBPERL_COOKIE_PATH and EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES to configure the cookie
     which holds the session id. Suggested by Cliff Rayman.

1.2b3 (BETA) 22 Nov 1998

   - fixed an undefined pointer which occurs when using precompiled
     [* ... *] blocks. Spotted by Bruce W. Holyman and Paul J. Schinder
   - removed unwanted 0xa0 characters from tagscan.htm which causes
     the test to fail on sunos. Spotted by Paul J. Schnider.
   - Enhanced the detection of Stronghold, Apache SSL and mod_ssl
     so they are found if they are not in a standard path. Spotted 
     by Brad Cox.
   - Convert relativ path for apache source to absolute to avoid
     problems within test script. Spotted by Brad Cox.  
   - Make Embperl compile with useperio=defined. Spotted by Todd
   - Makefile.PL does now check if mod_perl is compiled into apache
     and don't create a config for USE_DSO situtation even if
     libperl.so exists.
   - Added a workarround in the Execute('foo.htm') call, to avoid a
     bug in perl5.004 which causes a SIGSEGV. Spotted by Michael J.
     Schout and Chris Alexander.

1.2b2 (BETA) 9 Nov 1998

   - There is now a short form of the Execute function. You can
     now include a sub page in an Embperl page by simply writing
     [- Execute ('filename.html') -] or use
     [- Execute ('filename.html', 1, 2, 3) -] to pass additional
   - Added new block [* ... *]. This block compiles code to an 
     outer subroutine which surounds the whole page. This makes
     it possible to define "local" variables with a scope of the 
     whole page, which would be necessary for recursive calls
     to Execute.
     Also this let you use perl control structures inside Embperl
     pages:  e.g.  
         [* foreach $v (1..5) { *] Cnt = [+ $v +] [* } *]
     NOTE: [* ... *] blocks _must_ always end with a ;,{ or }
           [* ... *] cannot apear inside html tags that are 
           interpreted by Embperl (unless you disable the
           interpretation of such tags like table, input etc.)
   - Added a comment block: Everything between [# and #] is a
     comment and is removed from the output.
     NOTE: [* ... *] blocks also interpreted inside of a 
           [# ... #] block, all other blocks [+/-/$ $/-/+] are not.           
   - Added magic hash %mdat, which can be used to store persitent
     data on a per module basis (needs Apache::Session, with
     path in session.patch applied)
   - Done more tests on session handling, seems to work fine now.
   - Added new option dbgNoHiddenEmptyValue which suppresses
     empty hidden input fields in the [$hidden$] meta command.
     Patch from Steve Willer.
   - Whitespaces after [...] blocks are removed in the output, so
     there will be less empty lines, makeing the output shorter and
     more readable, based on a patch from Todd Eigenschink.
   - Embperl compiles now with mod_ssl (from Ralf Engelschall). 
     Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck and Randel Schwartz.
   - Added a patch from Todd Eigenschink to build Embperl with
     Stronghold 2.4.1
   - Added patch from Gerald McLarnon so Embperl compiles on AIX
   - Added optAllowZeroFileSize to accept files of length 0, 
     without that option Embperl will report NOT_FOUND. 
     Suggested by Doug Bagley

   - fixed a wrong call to logerror when OPT_EXECCGI is not on, 
     spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - fixed the problem that reloads only takes place at the next day,
     because mtime was an int instead of a double (introduced in1.2b1.
     Spotted by Michael Smith and Roman Maeder. 
   - fixed a problem that changing of the filesize was ignored, when
     a documents is reloaded (introducted in 1.2b1)
   - cleanup for all subpages are disabled if main request has
     disabled cleanup and subpages does not specify otherwise
   - dbgShowCleanup works again
   - Every package is only cleanuped once, also it's included multiple
     times in one page
   - %fdat and @ffld are setup correctly when optDisableVarCleanup
     is set
   - DEFS=-DEPDEBUGALL compiles again, spotted by Michael Smith
   - fixed that cleanup is never called with Execute nesting, when
     req_rec was not set. Now the parameter req_rec isn't necessary
     anymore. Spotted by Michael J.Schout
   - Changes of $escmode inside a HTML-A tag now handled correctly,
     spotted by Michael Smith
   - fixed problems with links to the logfile and the line break
     in the html log file display 
   - fixed a problem with blocks that expand to nothing inside of Embperl
     interpreted HTML tags.
   - Adapted test script to modified error output of Apache 1.3.4.
     Spotted by Eric Cholet.
   - Empty values (VALUE="") in input tags will not be overridden by
     value in %fdat

1.2b1 (BETA) 8 Oct 1998

   - I have reworked the whole source code so Embperl is now
     going to be an object. This means Embperl is reentrant, you
     can call Execute within an Embperl page, for example to include
     the same header on each page.
   - Addeded Session handling via Apache::Session. Simply store data
     to %udat and let Embperl do the rest for you. Experimental!
     NOTE: You need Apache-Session-0.16.1 or higher and must apply
     the patch from session.patch to it.
   - Added test for calling Execute inside a Embperl page
   - Errors of Input/Output function now also log to the httpd error log
   - Added an test for input file not found

1.1.1 15 Sep 1998

   - A lot of documentation updates. Now Embperl ships with most of 
     the documentation which is also available on 
     This includes:
     - Intro.pod  an introduction to Embperl
     - Faq.pod    an new very much extented version of the FAQ
     and a lot of spell checking, gramar checking and so on
     Thanks very much to Nora Mikes for putting together the FAQ
     and doing a lot of proof reading.
   - eg/x/upload.htm an example for file upload within Embperl
   - splited documentation out of Embperl.pm into Embperl.pod
     to make it load a little bit faster (Embperl.pm is now 30K
     instead of 90K)
   - Optimized the loading of other modules. Other modules are now
     only loaded when really necessary. This make Embperl in CGI mode
     about 2 times faster then version 1.1.0 was.
   - Added a test for file-upload
   - Embperl compiles and works now with threaded perl, but Embperl
     is currently B<not> threadsafe. So you can use Embperl in a
     threaded environement, but you have to make sure that only one
     thread useses Embperl at a time.
   - Fixed a memory leak which has occured in checkboxes and selects 
   - Enhanced test.pl
   - MailFormTo: Send \n after mail header to work correctly with all 
     mail servers, added EMBPERL_MAILHOST to specify mail server hostname,
     MailFormTo dies when it can't connect to mailserver. Spotted by
     Steffen Geschke.

1.1.0 28 Jul 98

   - Added support for perl5.005 (currently only without threads!)
   - Nesting of metacommands and HTML tags are now independent of
     each other. 
   - Added examples in eg/x for do .. until, foreach, if, 
     DBI datbase access, DBIx::Recordset database access and a
     input- / confirmation form.
   - Added optUndefToEmptyValue which will cause Embperl to treat non-
     existent values in %fdat as an empty string in input tags, as suggested
     by Steve Willer.
   - Catch "die" within EMBPERL_INPUT/OUTPUT_FUNC and write error
     message to the logfile
   - Write error message of LWP::UserAgent in ProxyInput to logfile
     if any
   - Added test for POST Requests
   - Added support for tests when mod_perl is built with USE_DSO. 
     Spotted by Christian Oyarzun.

   - Selects and checkboxes are setup correctly if state is set via %fdat.
     Spotted by Todd Eigenschink and Steve Willer.
   - Changes URL escaping so that only space, '+', '&', '=' and chars < 0x20
     will be escaped to avoid problems with older netscape browsers.
   - Added missing documentation for req_rec parameter of the Execute
     function. Spotted by Eric Cholet.
   - Send correct http header for error page, spotted by Steve Willer
   - Fixed a memory leak in foreach metacommand
   - Removed limit of 2048 Bytes for GET request data (there is no
     limit anymore). Spotted by Steve Willer
   - Read all POSTed data (not just the first 1024 Bytes). Patch from
     Steve Willer.
   - Removed some compiler warnings spotted by Tarang Kumar Patel
   - Make sure all data is flushed to the logfile at the end of
     each request
   - Fixed a bug that causes Init to set DebugFlags to 1 instead of 0.
     Spotted by Eric Cholet.

1.1b2 27 Jun 98

   - Added an additional note for input- and output- escaping
     which is described in "Inside Embperl" section.
     It's very important to understand this if you have any
     problems with HTML tags or filehandles in your Perl code.
   - Embperl will recognize Apache::exit. If called inside an
     Embperl page or in a module called from an Embperl page,
     the processing of the document is immediately aborted. 
     Everything processed so far is output/sent to the browser.
     Based on a patch from Steve Willer.
   - When running under mod_perl, 'exit' is an alias for Apache::exit
     in every document.
   - Enhanced the format of the Errorpage. Thanks for the patch
     from Steve Willer
   - Added a [$ foreach $] and a [$ do $] ... [$ until $]

   - Now multiple checkboxes with the same name will be set
     correctly, to the values posted to the document. Spotted
     by Todd Eigenschink and Nathan Krislock.
   - [+ local $escmode = 0 .... +] works now. The first setting
     of $escmode in a [+ ... +] block will now applied to the
     whole block. You cannot change $escmode inside a [+ ... +]
     block. Spotted by Chris Thormann. 
   - Fixed the return path setting in MailFormFields
   - ProxyInput now passes http headers, so authentification
     will be passed thru.
   - Removed the limit 2048 for the length of HTML tags when [+ ... +]
     are included. Now there is no limit anymore. Spotted by Doug Bagley

1.1b1 14 Jun 98

   - Now you can set custom input and/or output functions via
     used to chain modules together or to get the input from
     (or put the output to) non-standard locations.
   - Added a function ProxyInput which can be used to fetch 
     the input from another URL instead of the disk. One possible
     usage for this is to let mod_include parse the document first 
     and then let Embperl process it. Suggested by Steffen Geschke.
   - Added a function LogOutput, which will write every generated
     document to a unique file in addition to sending it to the
     browser. Suggested by Dan Peterson.
   - EMBPERL_FILESMATCH allows you to select which files in
     a Location should be processed by Embperl. The rest are handled
     by the Apache default handler. This allows you to have 
     Embperl and non-Embperl documents (like gifs etc.) in
     the same directory.

   - Logfile was displayed at the wrong position when requested via the
     browser the first time after the httpd was started.

1.0.0 12 Jun 98

   - Make test runs with Apache 1.3.0, spotted by Eric Cholet
   - Added a definition for MAX_PATH, which is not there on SunOS 4.1.4.
     Spotted by Dan Peterson
   - Fixed a bug that causes Makefile.PL to interpret MakeMaker parameters
     spotted by Jason Bodnar
   - Fixed a bug that caused EMBPERL_PACKAGE not to be recognized.
   - Fixed a bug that caused optDisableFormData not to be recognized for
     multipart formdata.

0.28-beta 19 May 1998

   - I have added a chapter "Inside Embperl" to the docs, I hope this
     will make it clearer how escaping and unescaping works and how you
     can get desired results. Highly recommended! (Thanks for spell- and 
     grammar-checking to Todd Eigenschink)
   - make test now runs under win32 (You need to install LWP and libwin32)
     IMPORTANT: You need a mod_perl version > 1.11 or you get a deadlock.
   - Compiles with apache_1.3b6
   - Added support for Stronghold and Apache_SSL to Makefile.PL and test.pl
   - Changed dbgEarlyHttpHeader to optEarlyHttpHeader because it's not a
     debugging option. dbgEarlyHttpHeader still persists, but will be removed
     in one of the following versions
   - Embperl does not change the current working directory when optDisableChdir
     is set, this saves some milliseconds per request, also the cwd is moved
     to the c code, so it runs faster then Cwd::fastwd.
     Thanks to Doug Bagley for the profile which has shown how much time 
     Cwd::fastcwd consumes
   - You can set optDisableHtmlScan in EMBPERL_OPTIONS. If set, Embperl only
     recongizes [+/-/$/! ... !/$/-/+], but will not do anything with HTML tags,
     as suggested by Randy Harmon.
   - optDisableInputScan, optDisableTableScan and optDisableMetaScan can be
     used to disable only some of the HTML tag processing
   - You can set optDisableFormData in EMBPERL_OPTIONS. If set, Embperl
     will not setup the %fdat and @ffld, as suggested by Doug Bagley
   - If you use Execute, the explicit call to Init/Term isn't needed anymore,
     because Embperl performs the Init automatically when it is loaded. The 
     Init function can still be used to change the path of logfile. Suggested
     by Honza Jirousek
   - All options and debugging flags can now be read/set at runtime. For
     example $optRawInput = 1 sets the optRawInputFlag. Some of the options
     are read-only, because they must be known before the request.   
   - Added more tests  
   - Embperl discards all errors which occur in an expression after the end
     of a dynamic table, and which are only evaluated to detect the table end and
     never displayed. This allows usage of object methods in dynamic tables,
     where the table end is caused by an undefined object. (see
     test/html/object.htm for an example). Spotted by Jason Bodnar.
   - Printing to filehandle OUT has the same effect as using [+ .. +] 
     (including html-escaping)
   - Setting optRedirectStdout causes Embperl to tie STDOUT to the Embperl
     output stream (same as print OUT ...), suggested by Jason Bodar
   - Setting optAllFormData will make empty formfields occur in %fdat and @ffld
     with an empty string value, suggested by Dan Peterson

   - Embperl now handles SELECT MULTIPLE correct. All OPTIONs which are
     posted to the document will now be selected by Embperl, spotted by
     Todd Eigenschink
   - Fixed a bug that caused a '>' inside a [$/! ... !/$] block to be 
     interpreted as the end of a HTML tag, spotted by Todd Eigenschink.
   - Fixed a bug which caused the SELECT/OPTIONS tag to not insert their
     values in %idat and therefore made [$hidden$] work incorrectly, spotted by
     Dave Paris [aka Spider]
   - Fixed a bug that caused the INPUT CHECKBOX tag to not insert its  
     value in %idat when the value wasn't in %fdat and therefore made [$hidden$] 
     work incorrectly.
   - Fixed a problem that caused magical variables to be handled as if they
     were undefined, which caused dynamic tables to end, sometimes prematurely.
   - Closing HTML tags will be correctly removed form Perl source again
     (when optRawInput is not set)
   - &nbsp; will be translated to space (0x20) instead of 0xf0
   - When EMBPERL_DEBUG is set 0, only errors and warnings will be written to
     the logfile
   - MailFormTo will generate the correct TO header and insert a Return-Path
     from the posted e-mail address
   - Changed detection of mod_perl to $ENV{MOD_PERL}. This makes sure that
     it will work correctly, even if Apache.pm isn't loaded.
   - Re-entered the optDisableEmbperlErrorPage, which was lost in one of the last
     releases, spotted by Doug Bagley.
   - The content_length of the Apache request_rec will only be set when a http
     header is sent.
   - If, Elsif and While metacommands now use SvTRUE instead of a != 0 to test the
     evaluated expression, so they now behave like the Perl ones do. Spotted by Jason 

0.27-beta not available

0.26-beta 16 Mar 98

   - Adapt include pass to compile with apache_1.3b5
   - Applied patch from Dan Walters to make Embperl compile with 
     apache_1.3b3 and mod_perl on Win 32
   - Changed the order of included c headers and undef some macros 
     inbetween (copied from mod_perl.c) to compile with Apache on Win 32
   - Embperl works with apache_1.3b5 on Win NT ('make test' does not yet)
     (You need the Apache source and must compile Perl with the vc++)

   - Added the 'param' parameter to the 'Execute' function to pass parameters
     from and to the Embperl document.
   - Added the 'fdat' and 'ffld' parameter to the 'Execute' function to
     setup %fdat and @ffld   
   - Fixed a problem which displayed tables a second time after the end of 
     the document, if dbgEarly HttpHeaders was on, thanks to Ask Bjorn Hansen
     for spotting this.
   - Fixed the return values of CheckFile, which was not correct after a change
     from 0.24 to 0.25. Thanks to Todd Eigenschrink for spotting this.
   - Fixed an error which was causing Embperl to crash on an HTML input tag without
     the 'type' parameter. Thanks to Todd Eigenschrink for the hint.
   - Fixed a problem that caused Embperl to not recognize errors correctly 
     when reading the sourcefile

0.25-beta 17 Feb 1998

   - Included the "translation" of the Embperl POD to a human-readable
     form done by Todd Eigenschink
   - Started a FAQ file from the questions I answered by e-mail
   - Added the function Execute, which can be called from Perl programs
     (or Apache::Registry scripts), and can take input from (and/or
     output to) memory, as suggested by Doug Bagley and Randy Harmon
     (Look at test/html/registry/Execute.htm for an example)
   - Changed the source so that it will compile on aix, spotted by
     Patrick McAuliffe 
   - Access sys_errlist via perl macro Strerror to avoid errors with
     redeclaration, thanks for spotting this to Honza Jirousek
   - Changed the tab size from 4 to 8 in my editor to be compatible with
     Unix standard
   - Added warning if dbgLogLink is set and EMBPERL_VIRTLOG is not
   - Changed the delimiter of metacommand from space to any non-alpha char
     to allow writing [$while(a==b)$] as suggested by Michael D. Dowling
   - Added config variable EMBPERL_ESCMODE to set inital values of $escmode
     as suggested by Todd Eigenschink
   - Added [! ... !]. Does just the same as [- ... -] but will only execute
     on the first request for that document. This can be used to do one-time
     initialization and to define subroutines.
   - Changed push_handlers to register_cleanup, so PERL_STACKED_HANDLERS and
     PERL_CLEANUP aren't necessary anymore, as suggested by Doug MacEachern
   - If it exists, the function CLEANUP of the processed document will be called
     before the variable cleanup, but after the connection to the client is closed
   - Added a closing </font> in the logfile which is sent to the browser, otherwise 
     MS IE 4 can't handle it     
   - Changed Perl constants in Perl part from subroutines to "real" constants
   - Did some general rearranging of code

   - Fixed a memory leak which caused Embperl to lose one sv per Perl
     block when a document is reloaded
   - Fixed a bug which caused [+... +] within the Textarea tag to be ignored,
     spotted by Todd Eigenschink
   - Fixed a bug in sorting hidden fields
   - Fixed a wrong argument to MakeMaker, which was causing Embperl to not be able
     to build statically, spotted by Anatoli Belomestnov (and added a 
     description to the Faq on how to build a copy of Embperl which is statically-
     linked to mod_perl)
   - Fixed a problem which was causing the LOG filehandle to not be imported in 
     the documents package, this was causing everything printed to LOG to sort 
     of disappear 

0.24-beta 13 Jan 1998

   - Added the option optRawInput which causes Embperl not to pre-process the
     source for a Perl expression (the only exception is that CR will be removed).
     This option should be set when you are writing your code with an ascii editor. 
     If you are using a WYSIWYG editor, which inserts unwanted HTML tags in your
     Perl expressions and escapes special characters automatically (i.e.
     < will occur as &lt; in the source), you should not set this option, and
     Embperl will automatically convert the HTML input back to the Perl
     expression you have written. (Thanks to Todd R. Eigenschink for a patch)
   - $0 is set to the filename of the HTML source
   - Change Current Working Directory to directory of HTML source
   - Warning messages are now also logged in logfile at the correct
     position, next to the source line
   - Perl error and warning messages contain the filename and correct
     linenumber of the HTML source
   - Sourcelines in logfile contain linenumbers
   - Output via [+ ... +] of undefined values at the end of a dynamic table
     (which must be there to end the table) do not generate a warning anymore  
     NOTE: If you use them in an expression (such as $a = $arr[$row] or simply
     inside " ", you will still get a warning)  
   - Open HTML source in binary mode on Win32 to avoid overhead of crlf -> lf
   - Use aplog_error for apache_1.3 to avoid senseless os errors written to
     httpd error log

   - Removed some uninitializied value messages when running with
     -w / PerlWarn on, spotted by Todd R. Eigenschink 
   - Fixed a bug which has caused nested 'while' loops to execute incorrectly 
     if the condition of the outer one is false 

0.23-beta 31 Dec 1997

   - Fixed a bug which caused $req_rec to be not defined anymore (Thanks to
     Todd R. Eigenschink for the hint and debugging)
   - Fixed a bug in escaping special HTML char to normal ascii (Thanks to
     Todd R. Eigenschink for the hint)          
   - Makefile.PL now sets the path to your Perl binary in embpexec.pl and
     embpexec.test.pl, so that it works regardless of where your Perl is located
     (Thanks to Randall Schwartz for the hint)
   - Added the SSLDisable to the test config when running an httpsd. (Thanks
     to David Scott for the hint and Ralf S. Engelschall for the Syntax)
   - Fixed a bug in <META> tag interpretation which was causing random errors 
     when not compiled for mod_perl

0.22-beta 28 Dec 1997

    - Changed include path generated in Makefile.PL so Embperl also
      compiles with apache_1.3b3 (Thanks to Doug Bagley for the hint)  

0.21-beta 25 Dec 1997

    - Embperl offline mode now works under Win 32 (mod_perl and cgi mode
      not tested under Win 32 yet, but maybe it works too)
    - Totally reworked safenamespace and operatormask handling. Works now
      without memory leak, is fully configurable and also does p-code
      caching. If you use it, please look at the documentation, because
      the configuration has changed.
    - Embperl now sends its own error document if it detects an error.
      The page contains all the error messages and if you have the
      dbgLogLink enabled, all errors are links to the corresponding
      line in the logfile. (this can be disabled with optDisableEmbperlErrorPage)
    - Added new metacommand [$VAR ... $], which can be used to declare
      variables and apply the strict pragma (same as use strict ; use vars )  
    - Added debug flag dbgHeadersIn which causes Embperl to log all http 
      headers which are received from the client
    - Don't change any unknown HTML Escapes (i.e. && has been translated
      to ? in versions < 0.21)
    - dbgShowCleanup logs all variables which are automatically undefined at the
      end of a request (for scalars the value is also shown)
    - Error messages will also be cached, so that the compiling of the code
      only takes place once, because erroneous Perl code will cause memory
      leaks in Perl itself if it's compiled on and on and on.
    - Optimized the compiling of the embedded Perl code
    - Changed use Apache::Constants to conform with the new default exports
      introduced in mod_perl-1.07_01
    - Output of the 'hidden' metacommand is sorted in the same order as the input
      from the formfields (sorting order can also be supplied as third argument)
    - <meta http-equiv= ... > will override the corresponding http header
      (this keeps netscape from asking the user to reload the document
      when the content-type differs between the http header and the
      meta http-equiv)
      This can also be used to set http headers
    - Fixed a problem that Embperl magic variables do not work when
      the package exists before the first call to Embperl
    - Fixed a problem that caused a SIGSEGV when retrieving the same document
      containing a Perl error for the second time from the same child
    - Fixed a problem that caused Embperl to terminate in offline/cgi-mode
      when the file was not found or when access was forbidden
    - Fixed a problem with the 'hidden' metacommand, which came up when 
      arguments were supplied with surrounding spaces
    - Fixed a problem that Embperl did not handle metacommands correctly
      when HTML tags (e.g. <br>) were embedded

0.20-beta 15 Nov 97

    - Every file is executed in a separate package (don't confuse this 
      with safe namespaces) to reduce unwanted effects on each other
    - Added the configuration directive EMBPERL_PACKAGE which can be used to override
      the automatically-generated package name
    - The namespace (package) used by a request is cleaned up afterwards.
      That means that every scalar, hash or array is undef'ed after the 
      request to make sure nothing is lying around to possibly make the next request
      This requires mod_perl with PERL_CLEANUP=1 and PERL_STACKED_HANDLER=1!
      NOTE: To get persistent variables, place them in another namespace i.e.
      write $persistent::x instead of $x 
    - Added configuration directive EMBPERL_OPTIONS to configure various runtime
      options. Now only the scalar cleanup can be disabled.
    - use log_error for writing to Apache error log to get timestamp
    - Escaping inside an <A> tag is changed from an HTML escape to a URL escape
      i.e. the space is translated to + and & is translated to %26 and so on
    - Escaping can now be turned on and off via $escmode
    - Concats ENV and cgi_env under mod_perl so that PerlSetEnv can be used
      instead of SetEnv for configuration. In contrast to SetEnv, PerlSetEnv
      allows different values per directory/virtual host
    - Added two links to show source-loglines and eval-loglines when dbgLogLink
      is enabled to have a quick jump to the logfile
    - Reget pid for every request, so the correct one will be written to the
      logfile, also when Embperl is loaded at server startup
    - Check error log in make test, added test for error output

    - Fixed a bug which causes Embperl to cause a SIGSEGV when a Perl syntax
      error occurred
    - Fixed a bug so that a '>' inside of [+/- ... -/+] is not detected as the end
      of an HTML tag (Thanks to Todd R. Eigenschink)

0.19-beta 29 Oct 97

    - Rewrote the code for the LOG handle. Now the handle LOG is tied so that every
      print/printf is written to embperl.log at the right position. Use this to 
      do logging from your embedded code or modules
    - Fixed a bug which caused garbage to be displayed in dynamic tables (or made 
      parts of the table disappear) 

0.18-beta 25 Oct 97

   - Added caching of p-code. Now all Perl code is compiled only once. On the
     second request, the compiled p-code is used. This makes, for example, the 
     table.htm from the test about 4 times faster on the second run then it was in
     previous versions of Embperl. Also, tables and loops are faster in the first
     request, because the code is only compiled in the first iteration.  
   - <Select>/<option> is now handled like <input>, this means that if a value
     for the select exists in %fdat, the corresponding option is automatically
   - Added support for table heading (<th> tag). If all cells in a row are surrounded
     by <th>/</th> instead of <td>/</td> the row is interpreted as column headings and
     printed only once. Row headings are not supported yet, but in one of the next versions... 
   - Added support for multipart/formdata to support fileupload. Embperl automatically 
     detects  multipart/formdata and lets CGI.pm handle it. The results are also
     present in @ffld and %fdat like for normal formdata. See CGI.pm for more docs.
     (Thanks to eigenstr@mixi.net for the idea and material)
   - Now all the output is kept in memory and the http-header are sent when the
     processing is finish. This gives the ability to set http-headers (only under mod_perl)
     within the page. Also now the Content-Length can be sent in the http-header.
     (Thanks to eigenstr@mixi.net for the idea and material)
   - Added tests for mod_perl mode and running as cgi-script, if compilation
     for mod_perl is enabled (Thanks to Doug MacEachern for lots of ideas
     and code I have borrowed from his mod_perl)
   - Removed "= true" in MailFormTo which caused a warning and didn't declare
     syserr_list in ep.h on FreeBSD (Thanks to Michael Fuhr for the hints)
   - Added SYSNOPSIS section to docs to avoid pod2man warning and changed
     apache/src/regx to apache/src/regex in Makefile.PL (Thanks to Bob Wilkinson)
   - Splitted C-sources in some more source files

   - Fixed two minor memory leaks. Now the Embperl test suite can run 1000 times and
     more without making the httpd grow!

0.17-beta 30 Aug 97

   - Removed some Compiler Warnings (Thanks to Ian Kallen for reporting them)

0.16-beta 29 Aug 97

   - Added more restrictive access check when running under mod_perl 
     * Option ExecCGI must be set
     * must not be a directory
   - Added a (few) more docs about how to view the Embperl logfile with
     your browser
   - Added a declaration for error-dependent stuff to compile on Solaris, check errno before
     accessing sys_errlist to avoid SIGSEVs, Fixed another warning from Sun Pro C Compiler
     (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Switched I/O to PerlIO if supported by installed Perl version.
     Should now work with sfio (not tested yet)
   - Added possibilty to include Embperl commands in all HTML tags 
     (did not work for body, table and tr tags in previous versions)
   - Will now preserve case of HTML tags
   - Do not interpret unknown HTML tags in any way, so as to handle "<" characters
     which do not start a HTML tag better 
   - Do not display the time needed for the request if CLOCKS_PER_SEC not
     defined (e.g. SunOS - Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Added apache_xx/src/regx to include path, to avoid problems when
     Apache was built with its own regx library
   - Now Embperl shows which tags don't match in error message (table, dir, select etc.)
   - Fixed a bug which caused "[" characters to be printed even in a false 
     if path   

0.15-beta 11 July 1997

    - Added interpretation of SELECT Tag to generate dynamic listboxes
      from an arrary 
    - Fixed a problem with dynamic lists
    - Fixed some warnings displayed by the Sun Pro C Compiler (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
    - Fixed an error message about missing IO::Handle 
    - Changed all // comments to /* */ to be more compatible with compilers other
      than the gnu-c compiler
    - Inserted a missing return in oputc which caused a SIGSEV on Solaris  (Thanks 
      to Dan Peterson) 
    - Checked return code of Logfile open, to prevent a SIGSEV when Embperl cannot
      write to the logfile (it now writes an error message in server's errorlog)  
      (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
    - Errors will also be logged to the server's error log (written to stderr)

0.14-beta 30 Juni 1997

    - adding 8192 to EMBPERL_DEBUG and setting EMBPERL_VIRTLOG will add a link
      to Embperl output, so you can directly view the right part of the logfile
      with your browser
    - Added the LOG filehandle to print to the Embperl logfile
    - Added the possibility to handle multiple form fields with same name
    - chars which are a result of a Perl expression will not be escaped to HTML if
      they are prefixed with a backslash
    - Added support for scanning the parameters of input tags for Perl code i.e.
      [- -] and [+ +] substitution takes place
    - Replaced carriage return in Perl expression with space to avoid Perl 5.004 error
      about carriage return
    - added $req_rec to access the Apache server api when running under mod_perl

    - Fixed a bug in Safe namespace handling which was always causing ERR: 17 Namespace unknown
    - Fixed a bug which caused dynamic tables to end, if a 'if', 'while' and etc. was included 
    - Fixed a bug that caused [$cmd$] to be executed only in the first iteration of a 'while' 
      or a table
    - Fixed some bugs in input tag interpretation
    - Fixed a bug which occurred when Embperl encountered an input tag with value="" and %ffld=""
    - Fixed a bug in embpexec.pl that caused the options to be ignored when running offline

0.13-beta April 26 1997

    - Moved EPENTRY (embperl_init) down to avoid crashing when compiled with
    - Added #undefs for stdio function to compile with Perl > 5.003
      NOTE: This is a quick hack, and will be changed to use PerlIO in
      one of the next releases, so we can tie stdout of Embperl
    - Added pids (to distinguish between muliplite requests) and time to
      logfile output
    - Made many functions static and names of externals more unique to
      avoid conflicts of symbolnames with other modules
    - If file not found return status 404 instead of 500
    - Add Apache::Embperl so the module shows at CPAN also under 
      module/by-module/Apache/ as suggested by Doug MacEachern

0.12-beta not publicly released

    - The mask has been removed from namespace option so it can be used
      with safe.pm > 2
    - Embperl works with -T / PerlTaintCheck on
    - Add function MailFormTo to send form contents via email
    - The dbgSource option displays only one line for better overview
    - Fixed a bug which caused the Perl operator '<' to be interpreted 
      as an HTML tag in tables or while loops after the first iteration
    - Added ffld array for mod_perl mode to get the order of form fields
    - Removed vsnprintf since its not available on all platforms
    - Corrected handling of empty dynamic tables
    - Fixed a bug which was causing a Segmentaion Fault when the first 
      table is empty
    - Added a script for make test
    - Fixed Error with nested if
    - Log compilation errors of embedded Perl code
    - Avoid some warnings in Embperl.pm

0.11-beta March 25 1997

    - Name changed from Embperl to HTML::Embperl!!!!!!!!
    - FORM & ENV debug output now available in all modes
    - Output from [+  +] and INPUT fields are escaped
      (e.g. < is send as &lt; )
    - Added two-dimensional tables
    - Fixed a bug which caused an endless loop when using a \ 
    - Fixed escaping of special HTML chars above ascii code 128
    - Added support for list tags (dir, menu, ol, ul, dl)
    - Added support for textarea tag
    - Fixed some errors

0.10b-beta Jan 23 1997

    - fixed some errors

0.10beta Jan 18 1997

    - first public beta release

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