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my $book = EBook::MOBI->new();

# let's define a debug sub witch will be used by all modules sub debug { my ($package, $filename, $line) = caller; print "$package\t$_[0]\n"; }

# pass the reference of the sub to our book $book->debug_on(\&debug);

# fill the book with meta info $book->set_filename(''); $book->set_title ('A Test: Simple'); $book->set_author ('Boris'); $book->set_encoding(':encoding(UTF-8)');

# fill the book with content $book->add_mhtml_content(" <h1>A Test Titlepage</h1><p>Very simple...</p>"); $book->add_pagebreak(); $book->add_toc_once(); $book->add_pagebreak(); $book->add_content(data => $pod, pagemode => 1);

$book->make(); #$book->print_mhtml(); $book->save();

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