Changes for version 0.026 - 2022-09-01

  • stable release, no changes since 0.025_59

Changes for version 0.025_59 - 2022-08-31

  • tests
    • fix diff-related tests on windows

Changes for version 0.025_58 - 2022-08-30

  • internal
    • _diff_files may fallback to "fc" instead of "diff" on Windows

Changes for version 0.025_57 - 2022-08-29

  • features
    • new informational command which
    • can_openssl available as informational command from the ssl component
  • fixes and improvements
    • minor changes in new ini component (ini_change return value, use binmode)
  • documentation
    • add documentation for Doit::Ini
    • add documentation for Doit::Util
    • examples for do_ssh_connect with master_opts
  • build
    • make docker-testing ubuntu:precise possible
  • tests
    • github: test windows
    • github: more tests with optional dependencies
    • add some test helpers mimic some solaris specialities
    • ini.t: test for line endings
    • ini.t: fix for Windows
    • man.t: fix for Solaris
  • internal
    • new _open2 and _open3 functions usable within Doit
    • new _diff_files function usable within Doit
    • move Doit::Extcmd::is_in_path implementation to Doit::Util

Changes for version 0.025_56 - 2022-08-23

  • features
    • new components
      • Doit::Ini
      • Doit::Pip
    • Doit::Deb: deb_install_key may use also wget
    • Doit::Git: new function git_get_default_branch
  • fixes
    • Doit::File works now better in dry-run mode
    • git_repo_update: handle some edge cases
  • build improvements
    • test_in_docker works for alpine
    • test_standard: more configurations
    • docker builds: configure safe git directories
  • tests
    • github: new tests using special perl containers
    • github: test ubuntu-20.04 and 22.04
    • travis-ci: new configuration using arm64
    • new test file t/deb.t for Doit::Deb
    • various test improvements

Changes for version 0.025_55 - 2020-01-26

  • features
    • ability to bootstrap perl
    • new function rpm_enable_repo
    • git_get_commit_hash with new optional parameter 'commit'
    • no log coloring for dumb/empty TERM
    • regain debian:wheezy support
  • fixes
    • use correct locations for vendor/site packlists
    • another Doit::Git corner case regarding checkout branches
    • debian_package_with_docker may run on docker-machine systems
    • fix handling if old-fashioned Build.PL options
    • rework cover handling
  • tests
    • new test file for Doit's own version
    • do not hardcode man3 extension
    • lwp-http-tiny.t: skip on fatal backend errors
    • implement ci testing on github
    • travis-ci: adapt for the travis-ci switch to xenial
    • test_standard: more distributions to test
    • test_standard: two passes now, one with "more testing"

Changes for version 0.025_54 - 2019-04-28

  • features
    • do_ssh_connect can take a Net::OpenSSH object (GH #3)
    • new umask option for do_ssh_connect
    • git_get_changed_files: new option ignore_untracked
    • new quiet option for chmod and chown commands (used in Doit::File)
    • Doit::File: new option check_change
  • fixes
    • Doit::Git: handle more edge cases wrt detached branches
    • open3: fill errref before analyzing $?
  • tests
    • new TestUtil helper signal_kill_num
    • skip some problematic tests on haiku (atime, root user)
    • new build action test_standard
    • ci improvements (for appveyor)

Changes for version 0.025_53 - 2018-03-02

  • use _pipe_open in all places in Doit::Git
  • try harder to find "prove"
  • typo fix in Doit::Git doc

Changes for version 0.025_52 - 2018-02-24

  • ssh: explicitely disconnect in DESTROY
  • workaround: localize $? in ssh DESTROY
  • new experimental Doit::XTermRPC module
  • new command info_system
  • git_repo_update: new option branch
  • Doit::Lwp: more information in case of 599
  • Build.PL: new manifypods action
  • use warnings everywhere
  • convert "use vars" to our
  • minimum perl version is now 5.006

Changes for version 0.025_51 - 2017-12-31

  • use ExtUtils::Install::install's dry_run mode
  • skip another test on cygwin

Changes for version 0.025_50 - 2017-12-23

  • experimental: do_ssh_connect works from Unix to Windows systems (using new Doit::WinRPC module and named pipes)
  • deb_install_key: trusted keys may be in a .d directory (seen on stretch)
  • workaround for pure perl getcwd returning "", not undef (see also perl RT #132648)
  • check harder if Linux Abstract Namespace Sockes may be used
  • tests: run with Test::Harness instead with prove
  • skip some tests on cygwin


logging with Doit
utility functions for Doit


a scripting framework
commands for dealing with the Debian package system
commands for dealing with the FreeBSD package system
commands for file creation
commands for dealing with the git revision control system
commands for changing ini files
commands for dealing with WWW access
commands for dealing with pip packages
commands for dealing with RPM packages
an example Doit component


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