1.19     2021-05-02

- When the precious lint test fails, it now prints out the output from
  precious (though with garbled UTF-8 for reasons I haven't figured out yet).

- Remove my RunExtraTests plugin. This is no longer needed now that dzil
  supports passing the --jobs flags to `dzil test` and `dzil release`.

1.18     2021-01-24

- Fix development prereqs for projects that use precious. This was still using
  very old Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic versions.

1.17     2021-01-24

- Fix the generated precious.toml to expect stderr output from omegasort.

1.16     2021-01-24

- Really fix generated precious.toml for perltidy.

1.15     2021-01-24

- Fix generated precious.toml to expect `perltidy --assert-tidy` to exit with
  2 when a file is not tidy, not 1.

1.14     2021-01-24

- Include Test::TidyAll plugin if there's a tidyall.ini file present.

- Skip the DROLSKY::BundleAuthordep plugin when checking for stale prereqs.

1.13     2021-01-21

- Use GitHub issues for all distros.

1.12     2021-01-08

- Fixed a bug in the generated precious.toml config for perlcritic.

- Added podchecker and podtidy to the generated precious.toml.

- Added a helper to generate some additional dev tooling to bootstrap
  installing precious and omegasort, as well as a pre-commit script and a
  helper to set that up.

- Added a plugin that updates the dist.ini to depend on the latest version of
  this bundle.

1.11     2020-12-29

- Fix bug in DROLSKY::PerlLinterConfigFiles plugin.

1.10     2020-12-29

- Replace code to set up tidyall with code to set up precious

1.09     2020-07-20

- Update generated perltidyrc to work around changes in recent Perl::Tidy
  versions that interact badly with

1.08     2020-05-03

- Require PromptIfStale 0.056. That version skips all local plugins when
  checking for staleness. This lets me revert the change in 1.07.

1.07     2020-04-26

- Make the PromptIfStale plugin skip all inc::* packages that live in the inc/

1.06     2020-03-14

- Allow an existing COPYRIGHT section to override the section generated by
  Pod::Weaver. This fixes https://github.com/houseabsolute/Specio/issues/17.

1.05     2019-11-29

- Fix check for whether we're being run in CI in the Pod::Weaver bundle as
  well. Without this the bundle generated bad POD with an empty `L<>` tag.

1.04     2019-11-28

- Fix check for whether we're being run in CI.

1.03     2019-11-28

- Don't include GitHub::Meta when running under Azure Pipelines.

1.02     2019-11-09

- And more tweaks to the generated CONTRIBUTING.md file.

1.01     2018-08-01

- More tweaks to the generated CONTRIBUTING.md file.

1.00     2018-07-30

- More tweaks and typo fixes in the generated CONTRIBUTING.md file.

0.99     2018-06-21

- Add a plugin to generate a CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md and copy this into the repo
  after release. The text is from

0.98     2018-06-09

- More tweaks to the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

0.97     2018-06-09

- Fixed a small issue in the generated CONTRIBUTING.md file for distros.

0.96     2018-06-09

- Work around a bug in MakeMaker::Awesome that causes it to not include code
  in the Makefile.PL to indicate the minimum required version of Perl when one
  exists. See
  https://github.com/avar/dist-zilla-plugin-makemaker-awesome/pull/9 for more

0.95     2018-05-27

- Require version 0.45 of the GitHub plugins and always authenticate when
  getting repo metadata.

0.94     2018-05-26

- Fix my broken code.

0.93     2018-05-26

- Make it possible to only add the compiler warning flags with a minimum Perl
  version. Some modules I maintain will not compile warning-free on older
  Perls because of warnings from the Perl core headers.

0.92     2018-05-26

- Require Devel::PPPort 3.42. The included in the core with older perl
  versions leads to warnings when compiling XS code with newer Perls.

0.91     2018-05-26

- The generated Makefile.PL for XS modules will add "-Wall" and "-Werror" as
  a compiler flags when AUTHOR_TESTING is true.

0.90     2018-05-13

- Added some hackish plugins to make tests run in parallel by default,
  including during the release phase.

0.89     2017-12-24

- The generated perlcriticrc now does a better job of selecting themes.

0.88     2017-11-21

- Removed the MinimumPerl plugin. It scans all sorts of non-perl files (like
  html) and comes up with bogus minimum versions because of that.

0.87     2017-11-18

- Add a has_xs configuration option. Normally this is determined by looking
  for XS files in the distro, but I have a new distro where I need to set this

0.86     2017-11-12

- Added the MinimumPerl plugin.

0.85     2017-03-14

- Add Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SortLines::Naturally to develop prereqs for
  modules which use this bundle.

0.84     2017-03-14

- Use SortLines::Naturally tidyall plugin to sort lists of stopwords instead
  of SortLines.

0.83     2017-03-05

- Made tidyall.ini generation smarter and more configurable.

- Fix a formatting issue with the generated tidyall.ini when there were no
  global ignores.

0.82     2017-02-28

- Don't assume that our dzil and podweaver plugin bundles have the same

0.81     2017-02-01

- Require Code::TidyAll 0.56 so we can use the global ignore feature in the
  geneated tidyall.ini file.

0.80     2017-01-08

- Fix test failures related to how POD is generated when running in Travis.

0.79     2017-01-08

- Replaced DROLSKY::CheckChangesHasContent plugin with

- Replaced DROLSKY::VersionProvider with VersionFromMainModule.

- Improved some POD generation code and the POD which is generated.

0.78     2016-11-29

- Handle a ppport.h file being generated in a subdirectory as well as in the
  root of the distro.

0.77     2016-11-12

- Generated POD said my IRC nick was "drolsky" instead of "autarch". Reported
  by mst.

0.76     2016-11-01

- Only tell CopyFileFromBuild to copy files that which actually exist in the
  distro. The latest version of that plugin now dies on missing files.

0.75     2016-10-11

- Added pod_coverage_also_private to pass more stuff to

0.74     2016-10-07

- Added CheckSelfDependency and CheckStrictVersion plugins.

0.73     2016-10-02

- Set jobs for Test::TidyAll plugin to 4 by default.

0.72     2016-09-25

- Make the Pod::Weaver bits work when used from a subclass of this bundle.

0.71     2016-09-17

- Removed Module::Metadata prereq and require Test::Version 2.05 instead.

- Added more docs.

0.70     2016-09-16

- Explicitly add Module::Metadata 1.000033 to the develop prereqs in order to
  work around bugs with Test::Version and earlier versions of
  Module::Metadata. See https://github.com/plicease/Test-Version/issues/7 for
  the relevant bug report.

0.69     2016-09-13

- Very tiny wording change in CONTRIBUTING.md.

0.68     2016-09-12

- Require Perl::Critic::Moose 1.05;

0.67     2016-08-20

- Various tweaks and cleanups for the pod weaver bundle.

0.66     2016-08-13

- Implemented a rather convoluted way of passing config into my Pod::Weaver
  bundle in order to allow for disabling the DONATIONS pod section on a
  per-distro basis.

0.65     2016-07-04

- Avoid warnings when t/ directory contains non-UTF8 data.

0.64     2016-06-26

- If the distro uses Test2 modules, the Test::More prereq is now set to
  1.302015 instead of 0.96. Suggested by Graham Knop.

0.63     2016-06-17

- Small tweak to generated perlcriticrc.

0.62     2016-06-12

- Only run PromptIfStale for release phase.

0.61     2016-06-05

- Don't include GitHub::Meta when running under Travis.

0.60     2016-06-04

- Don't include PromptIfStale when running under Travis. It's not like I can
  stop the build and update prereqs anyway.

0.59     2016-05-30

- Make the generated tidyall.ini only use Test::Vars on modules. It ends up
  running code that it checks, so if you run it on .t files it actually runs
  them, causing all sorts of problems with the tidyall tests.

0.58     2016-05-29

- Set the minimum_perl for the Test::Tidyall plugin to 5.10 since Test::Vars
  requires that version.

0.57     2016-05-28

- Move stale module check to build phase.

0.56     2016-05-21

- Add the Test::Vars tidyall plugin to my default tidyall.ini.

0.55     2016-05-18

- Fix handling of regexes in "exclude" config values.

0.54     2016-05-18

- Fix check for XS to check outside of the top-level dir.

0.53     2016-05-08

- Add psgi to program-extensions in perlcriticrc.

0.52     2016-05-06

- Set program-extensions in perlcriticrc.

0.51     2016-05-06

- Make sure we set argv for all PerlCritic & PerlTidy sections when munging

0.50     2016-04-25

- Always make the Test::TidyAll plugin verbose. There's no downside to seeing
  diffs on tidy failures.

0.49     2016-04-24

- When adding Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy to development prereqs, ask for the
  latest versions.

0.48     2016-04-24

- Only include the DONATIONS pod section for distros where I am the copyright

0.47     2016-04-11

- Revert changes in 0.46 that required a recent Perl. This makes testing on
  Travis painful and makes it harder for others to contribute to any module of
  mine which uses this bundle.

0.46     2016-04-11

- Switched from [ExtraTests] to [RunExtraTests].

- Made the TidyAll plugin in this bundle rewrite existing tidyall.ini files to
  make sure we don't try to check or tidy generated xt tests.

0.45     2016-03-20

- Make sure generated Pod does not have trailing whitespace.

- Fix links to mailing lists to be "mailto:" links.

0.44     2016-03-20

- Make sure that all the Pod::Weaver-related modules that this distribution
  uses are added to the prereqs list.

0.43     2016-03-20

- Added [CheckChangesHasContent].

- Added [Test::CLeanNamespaces].

- If the distro has XS code [PPPort] is added and the generated ppport.h is
  copied from the build into the repo.

- This bundle now generates a CONTRIBUTING.md file automatically.

- Added a new Pod::Weaver author bundle that replaces the one-time generation
  of a weaver.ini file.

- Fixed README.md generation to happen after pod weaving, instead of before.

0.42     2016-02-01

- Disabled the Subroutines::ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef policy in the
  generated perlcriticrc file.

0.41     2016-01-29

- Added the Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON plugin.

0.40 2015-11-24

- Added a new plugin, DROLSKY::Git::CheckFor::CorrectBranch. This plugin only
  checks that the branch is correct on non-TRIAL releases.

0.39     2015-11-24

- Added a use_github_homepage config option.

0.38     2015-09-28

- Remove the RewriteVersion plugin and use my own version provider that simply
  reads the version from the main module. I don't want things appending '#
  TRIAL' comments to my version lines and un-tidying my code.

0.37     2015-08-15

- Include MojibakeTests plugin.

0.36     2015-07-12

- Don't include Test::Pod::LinkCheck and Test::Pod::No404s when running under Travis.

0.35     2015-07-05

- Make it possible to use GitHub issues instead of rt.cpan.org.

0.34     2015-05-14

- Always set xt_mode to true for Test::Compile.

0.33     2015-03-10

- Set --iterations=2 in generated perltidyrc.

0.32     2015-02-08

- Set --blank-lines-before-packages=0 in generated perltidyrc.

0.31     2015-01-15

- Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy need to be the develop requires list for modules
  using this bundle, not in the prereqs of the bundle itself.

0.30     2015-01-13

- Make sure that Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy end up in the prereqs for the
  benefit of the tidyall test.

0.29     2015-01-11

- Made the plugin bundle commit and push the post-release version bump.

0.28     2015-01-11

- Replaced PkgVersion with BumpVersionAfterRelease and added
  CheckVersionIncrement and Test::Version for good measure.

- Added Test::TidyAll and a plugin to generate default tidyall.ini,
  perltidyrc, and perlcriticrc files for my distros.

0.27     2014-12-20

- Replace GatherDir and PruneCruft with Git::GatherDir.

0.26     2014-11-15

- The generated Makefile.PL or Build.PL file is now copied into the repo and
  checked in for each release.

0.25     2014-11-09

- This bundle now consumes the Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle::Config::Slicer
  role to allow for arbitrary plugin configuration.

0.24     2014-11-04

- Make sure that a copyright_holder in dist.ini overrides the default of
  "David Rolsky".

0.23     2014-11-02

- Oops, accidentally removed the CopyFilesFromBuild plugin from the prereq
  list in the last release.

0.22     2014-11-02

- The DROLSKY::Contributors plugin now leaves existing .mailmap and weaver.ini
  files alone.

- Exclude plugins shipped with this bundle when checking for stale modules.

- Generate a cpanfile and copy it into the repo after a build.

- Copy the LICENSE file into the repo after abuild.

0.21     2014-11-01

- Added custom plugins to setup the weaver.ini file for Contributors and to
  automatically provide default license info.

0.20     2014-11-01

- Explicitly depend on Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodWeaver because
  SurgicalPodWeaver doesn't - works around RT #87624.

0.19     2014-10-23

- Switched to Test::EOL (0.14)

- Make PkgVersion use a bit smarter (no line insertion and die on existing
  $VERSION in module)

- Update next release version to indicate if a release is a trial

0.18     2014-09-03

- Switched from ContributorsFromGit to Git::Contributors.

0.17     2014-08-15

- Renamed the attributes but didn't fix the method calls in the last version.

0.16     2014-08-15

- Renamed some options - coverage_* => pod_coverage_*

0.15     2014-08-12

- Ordering fix take 2.

0.14     2014-08-12

- Hopefully fix an ordering issue with the Git plugins.

0.13     2014-08-12

- Use GatherDir to exclude files rather than PruneFiles.

0.12     2014-08-03

- Added Test::Pod::Coverage::Configurable plugin.

- Removed the remove option in favor of -remove.

0.11     2014-08-02

- Added GitHub::Update plugin.

0.10     2014-08-02

- Added a number of additional plugins to help me make better dists.

- Moved this distro to GitHub.

0.09     2014-05-04

- Use Test::NoTabs plugin instead of NoTabsTests.

0.08     2014-04-05

- Internals fixes to work with Config::MVP that is stricter about handling
  plugin options passed by this bundle. Reported by Karen Etheridge. RT

- Make sure all the plugins this bundle uses end up declared as
  prereqs. Reported by Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker. RT #94363.

0.07     2014-01-25

- Added the PruneFiles plugin to prune the README file that gets copied from
  the build.

- Allow the README to be dirty for Git::Commit.

0.06     2014-01-25

- Added "do_munging => 0" to the options for the Authority plugin so it
  doesn't add a useless $AUTHORITY var to packages.

0.05     2013-12-13

- Added ContributorsFromGit and Meta::Contributors plugins.

0.04     2013-12-13

- Added more plugins and support for removing plugins.

0.03     2013-06-07

- Allow multiple prereqs_skip and stopwords properties

0.02     2013-05-13

- Allow prereqs_skip option to be passed to AutoPrereqs

0.01     2013-04-21

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.