Changes for version 1.22 - 2022-10-06

  • No changes from the last release. The previous release was somehow corrupted, leaving a broken file on CPAN. Reported by Olaf Alders. GH #4.


Sets an authordep on this bundle in the dist.ini
Creates a .mailmap to populate Contributors in docs
Creates scripts to install precious and git hooks
Checks the branch on non-TRIAL releases
Sets up default license and copyright holder
Subclasses MakeMaker::Awesome to add -W flags for XS code
Creates default perltidyrc and perlcriticrc files if they don't yet exist
Creates a default precious.toml file if it doesn't yet exist
Creates a test that runs precious
A plugin that exists solely to hold Pod::Weaver config
DROLSKY's plugin bundle
A plugin bundle for pod woven by DROLSKY