Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-GenerateFile-FromShareDir

0.015     2021-03-23 20:05:21Z
          - removed Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GenerateFile::ShareDir, deprecated
            since version 0.008
          - now only look in the local directory for the template file if it
            cannot be found in the installed sharedir

0.014     2018-05-01 04:58:42Z
          - fix for Dist::Zilla 7: ensure that the proper directory is used
            for locating the distribution sharedir

0.013     2016-12-23 01:10:31Z
          - When building a distribution that matches the name of the
            distribution which has the share dir, we look in the source of the
            sharedir for the file rather than in an installed sharedir. This
            fixes an issue where a bundle that uses this plugin cannot be
            built until the bundle is installed, but you can't install it
            because you can't build it. (Dave Rolsky, PR#2, RT#119340)

0.012     2016-06-22 03:38:43Z
          - declare missing test prereq

0.011     2016-06-21 05:23:55Z
          - require a more recent RepoFileInjector, for compatibility with
            Dist::Zilla 6

0.010     2016-06-21 00:40:32Z
          - fixed the default value for "-phase" option, and added a check for
            invalid config combinations

0.009     2015-11-14 02:15:03Z
          - added missing test prerequisite that was introduced in 0.008

0.008     2015-11-12 03:36:14Z
          - renamed this plugin and distribution; [GenerateFile::ShareDir]
            will live on for now in deprecated form

0.007     2015-10-30 03:11:38Z
          - some logic abstracted out to Dist::Zilla::Role::RepoFileInjector

0.006     2015-07-05 05:26:56Z
          - fix pod errors
          - add new configuration options "-location" and "-phase", for
            allowing file generation to the repository rather than the build
            (Kent Fredric, PR#1)

0.005     2014-01-14 05:38:04Z
          - remove code in test templates that required perl 5.16

0.004     2014-01-12 21:10:11Z
          - specify minimum Path::Tiny version needed for slurp_raw
          - fix test that broke with Dist::Zilla 5.010, where internal testing
            zillas have no $VERSION

0.003     2013-12-08 17:34:21Z
          - bump prereq for MooseX::SlurpyConstructor to bypass old metaclass

0.002     2013-10-20 23:35:59Z
          - new "-encoding" option - works with versions of Dist::Zilla both
            before and after 5.000

0.001     2013-10-12 18:05:08Z
          - Initial release.