Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-DynamicPrereqs

0.040     2022-06-12 23:30:29Z
          - want_pp now returns undef when PUREPERL_ONLY is not specified
          - added want_xs sub

0.039     2020-10-26 20:33:35Z
          - fix incorrect warning message (and possible uninitialized warning)
            in runtime_requires, build_requires, test_requires functions

0.038     2020-07-28 03:12:31Z
          - minor doc fixes

0.037     2020-02-15 18:57:05Z
          - update a test to use a local module to test has_module(), to
            reduce possible sources of errors (RT#131684)

0.036     2020-01-27 00:25:40Z
          - use -nologo option for VC Perl (nmake) builds (in tests); (RT#131185
          and PR#2; thanks Graham Ollis!)
          - fix misidentified version in error message in requires(),
            *_requires() subs

0.035     2019-04-03 04:46:16Z
          - the result of parse_args() is now cached so it can be called
            multiple times with efficiency

0.034     2017-12-21 00:49:09Z
          - can_cc implementation updated to match
            Module::Install::Can::can_cc, by adding a code snippet for VMS

0.033     2017-04-30 18:58:42Z
          - documentation added regarding the lack of ability to use dynamic
            requires-recommends, requires-suggests etc
          - add is_miniperl() helper sub

0.032     2016-08-16 01:00:05Z
          - in _add_prereq sub, do not warn about prereq merging if the
            previous version being merged into was a mere "0"

0.031     2016-07-03 06:07:23Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - removed dependency on Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleIncluder by
            inlining the necessary bits

0.030     2016-07-02 06:34:54Z
          - fixed a test that fails with newer ModuleIncluder, that changed
            the text of an error message

0.029     2016-05-06 19:40:13Z
          - temporarily work around Module::CoreList::is_core issue exposed by
            include_dependencies feature used in
            Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleIncluder 0.005 and later

0.028     2016-05-05 00:53:13Z
          - fix test failure with MSWin32 path separators

0.027     2016-05-03 00:42:24Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - bundled an updated ExtUtils::HasCompiler for can_xs(), to support
            building with a noexec $TMPDIR.

0.026     2016-04-22 09:54:05Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - bump version of [MakeMaker::Awesome] needed for optional tests, to
            skip past some problematic changes to Makefile.PL whitespace

0.025     2016-04-21 15:18:58Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - bumped up "background perl" used in ExtUtils::HasCompiler
            inlining, to avoid inlining File::Temp and its dependencies

0.024     2016-04-21 11:07:53Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - can_xs() is now implemented with ExtUtils::HasCompiler, rather
            than ExtUtils::CBuilder
          - new helper sub: want_pp, for use with can_xs

0.023     2016-04-21 10:44:21Z
          - really fix all remaining tests that require newer MakeMaker

0.022     2016-04-18 21:08:47Z
          - fix test that was written assuming older MakeMaker behaviour

0.021     2016-03-16 20:50:11Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - optimize use of blank lines in modified Makefile.PL content

0.020     2016-03-16 02:42:30Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - perform Makefile.PL content modification at the proper time (as a
            FileMunger, rather than InstallTool)

0.019     2016-01-20 04:43:24Z
          - perl prerequisite lowered to 5.8 (Graham Ollis)

0.018     2015-12-02 03:40:03Z
          - added options '-body', '-body_from_file' as aliases for '-raw',
          - *_requires subs now warn if adding a prereq that might conflict
            with one that already exists (prereq merging not yet supported)

0.017     2015-09-27 07:13:45Z
          - fix new test failure on MSWin32

0.016     2015-09-07 00:12:19Z
          - added new helper subs: requires, runtime_requires,
            build_requires, and test_requires, as sugar for updating prereqs
            in Makefile.PL
          - the -include_sub option is no longer needed: -raw clauses are also
            now searched for sub names.

0.015     2015-08-21 23:49:23Z
          - has_module($module) now returns the $VERSION of the installed
            module, or undef otherwise, if a second argument is not passed

0.014     2015-07-22 02:41:49Z
          - new '-condition' option, as sugar to provide expressions to be
            inserted into Makefile.PL (definitions of referenced subroutines
            are automatically included)

0.013     2015-05-30 19:16:03Z
          - require a new enough Module::CoreList in tests to ensure is_core()
            is available

0.012     2015-05-25 00:47:09Z
          - fix test failure with PadWalker on older perls

0.011     2015-05-23 18:27:08Z
          - warn whenever can_xs, can_cc, or can_run is used, until
            implementation concerns are resolved
          - add new sub has_module, as an alternative to can_use that does
            not load the module

0.010     2015-02-15 01:12:41Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - new -raw_from_file option, when content is too long to inline into
          - new -include_sub option, to include definitions of commonly-used
            helper subroutines

0.009     2014-11-29 06:28:55Z
          - bump minimum required version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, to avoid a
            mess in MYMETA.json during testing

0.008     2014-10-08 04:44:15Z
          - fix uninitialized warning on 5.10.x and earlier

0.007     2014-09-18 05:26:51Z
          - new '-delimiter' option, which allows the use of leading whitespace in
            '-raw' strings

0.006     2014-09-06 08:44:46Z
          - no longer dropping the last character off Makefile.PL (significant
            when several copies of this plugin run at once!)

0.005     2014-06-16 00:18:15Z
          - fix case where Makefile.PL content was not recognized when there
            were no (static) prerequisites declared for the distribution

0.004     2014-05-19 05:15:36Z
          - fix tests that fail with older ExtUtils::MakeMaker due two stupid
            typos that conspired together in a web of evil

0.003     2014-05-17 17:11:46Z
          - really fix tests this time...
          - new runtime check for versions of [MakeMaker::Awesome] that are
            too old to be compatible with the munging done in this plugin

0.002     2014-05-13 05:03:02Z
          - fix tests that fail when ExtUtils::MakeMaker is at version 6.63_02
            or older

0.001     2014-05-10 23:04:10Z
          - Initial release.