use strict;
use warnings;
package Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CheckChangesHasContent;
# ABSTRACT: Ensure Changes has content before releasing
our $VERSION = '0.011';

# Dependencies
use Dist::Zilla 6 (); # XXX really the next release after this date
use autodie 2.00;
use Moose 2;
use List::Util 'first';
use namespace::autoclean 0.28;

# extends, roles, attributes, etc.

with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::BeforeRelease';

has changelog => (
  is => 'ro',
  isa => 'Str',
  default => 'Changes'

has trial_token => (
  is => 'ro',
  isa => 'Str',
  default => '-TRIAL'

# methods

sub before_release {
  my $self = shift;
  my $changes_filename = $self->changelog;
  my $newver = $self->zilla->version;

  $self->log("Checking Changes");

  my $changes_file = first { $_->name eq $changes_filename } @{ $self->zilla->files };

  if ( ! $changes_file ) {
    $self->log_fatal("No $changes_filename file found");
  elsif ( $self->_get_changes($changes_file) ) {
    $self->log("$changes_filename OK");
  else {
    $self->log_fatal("$changes_filename has no content for $newver");


sub _get_changes {
    my ($self, $changelog) = @_;

    # parse changelog to find commit message
    my $newver    = $self->zilla->version;
    my $trial_token = $self->trial_token;
    my @content   =
        grep { /^$newver(?:$trial_token)?(?:\s+|$)/ ... /^\S/ } # from newver to un-indented
        split /\n/, $changelog->content;
    shift @content; # drop the version line
    # drop unindented last line and trailing blank lines
    pop @content while ( @content && $content[-1] =~ /^(?:\S|\s*$)/ );

    # return number of non-blank lines
    return scalar @content;
} # end _get_changes





=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CheckChangesHasContent - Ensure Changes has content before releasing

=head1 VERSION

version 0.011


  # in dist.ini



This is a "before release" Dist::Zilla plugin that ensures that your Changes
file actually has some content since the last release.  If it doesn't find any,
it will abort the release process.

This can be contrasted to L<Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::ChangesHasContent>, which
generates a test to perform the check.

The algorithm is very naive.  It looks for an unindented line starting with
the version to be released.  It then looks for any text from that line until
the next unindented line (or the end of the file), ignoring whitespace.

For example, in the file below, algorithm will find "- blah blah blah":

  Changes file for Foo-Bar


    - blah blah blah

  0.001  Wed May 12 13:49:13 EDT 2010

    - the first release

If you had nothing but whitespace between C<{{$NEXT}}> and C<0.001>,
the release would be halted.

If you name your change log something other than "Changes", you can configure
the name with the C<changelog> argument:

  changelog = ChangeLog

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=head1 SEE ALSO

* L<Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::ChangesHasContent>
* L<Dist::Zilla>

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at L<>.
You will be notified automatically of any progress on your issue.

=head2 Source Code

This is open source software.  The code repository is available for
public review and contribution under the terms of the license.


  git clone

=head1 AUTHORS

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Karen Etheridge <>



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This software is Copyright (c) 2017 by David Golden.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004