0.900014    2019-08-09
            * Declare internal variables -- threaded perls

0.900013    2019-08-08
            * Clean up includes -- threaded perls

0.900012    2019-08-06
            * Replace JSON::XS with JSON::MaybeXS
            * Patch bin scripts to support the #! Makefile.PL was invoked with
            * Add DEVEL_QUICKCOVER_{INCLUDE,EXCLUDE} filters
            * Add release script
            * Update ppport.h
            * Update version and dependencies

0.900011    2017-07-03
            * Minor charges to Html report generation

0.900010    2016-11-09
            * Minor fixes for report generation

0.800000    2016-10-23
            * Added documentation and command-line help for scripts
              Thanks to Gunnar Þór Magnússon
            * Added support for collecting subroutine coverage

0.700000    2016-07-04
            * Fixed unbalanced braces; easiest seen when running
              as "perl -MDevel::QuickCover -E1".
              Thanks to Vytas Dauksa.
            * Several cleanups and improvements.
              Thanks to SawyerX.

0.600100    2016-06-03
            * Fixed compilation on newer Perls.

0.600000    2016-06-02
            * Added support for gathering information about
              Perl compiler phases.
              Thanks to Stevan Little.
            * Fixed mistakes in memory allocation, and
              improved integration of Stevan's changes
              into the rest of the module.
              Thanks to Vikentiy Fesunov.
0.500000    2016-02-29
            * Many great improvements by Mattia Barbon:
              + Hook dbstate as well as nextstate, to allow
                coverage when debugging is enabled.
              + Track actual source lines as seen by Perl.
                The previous implementation tried to parse
                the source code, which is obviously less
                accurate than getting the source lines
                directly from the interpreter.
              + Don't track source code from eval STRING.
              + TEST_REQUIRES and META_MERGE require a
                recent ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
              + Remove unused return values.
              + Don't track coverage for evals. It does not
                exclude evals with #line directives, but it
                serves to reduce report size.
            * Changes on leap day... cool!

0.400001    2016-01-18
            * Add support for option noatexit.

0.400000    2016-01-18
            * Support passing an optional boolean nodump arg to end().
            * Include -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=700 only when not compiling for FreeBSD.
            * Use a dynamically growing buffer, for output_dir and metadata.
            * Allow multiple calls to start() and end() with no ill effects.
            * Add functions to set output dir and metadata.

0.300002    2016-01-15
            * Add a newline at the end of generated cover files.
            * Fix / improve scripts qc-aggregate.pl and qc-html.pl.
            * Scripts qc-aggregate.pl and qc-html.pl are now installed.

0.300001    2016-01-05
            * Fix typo: medatada is really metadata...
            * Fix prerrequisites for the building and for testing.
            * Everywhere we now use JSON::XS instead of JSON.

0.300000    2016-01-04
            * Allow passing metadata only when calling import.
            * Change dump format to have an array of lines for each file.
            * Change av_top_index to av_len, trying to fix warnings
              reported by CPAN.

0.200001    2015-12-31
            * Improve how we manage dumping the cover data, whether when
              end() has specifically been called or when the module exits.
              Particularly relevant in the pressence of fork(), such as
              when running under Plack.
            * Check that all memory is properly disposed of; particularly
              relevant for long running processes (again, Plack).
            * Improve logging messages when compiled with -DGMEM_CHECK and/or
            * Don't break tests, use $^X instead of perl.
            * Be more succint with logging.
            * Attribute all authors in Makefile.PL.
            * Happy new year!

0.200000    2015-12-29
            * First released version.