Devel::PerlySense::Cookbook -- simple solutions to common issues


Weird characters in the *compilation* buffer when running tests

You probably use a recent version of Test::Harness or something. It has nice colorized output as default. Which doesn't look so good in the not-so-ansi-color-aware buffer.

Change your Project Config for running files to

  prove --nocolor


Highlight Catalyst/DBIC setup code

Add this

    moniker: "Package method calls (Cat/DBIC)"
      - qr/ __PACKAGE__ \s* -> \s* ( [\w]+ .* ) /x

to the Bookmarks section in your Project Config. It will highlight things like


These declarations are part of what defines the class, and so are very useful to see in the Class Overview.

Configure Run to run your unusual test files

If you look in the config file in .PerlySense/project.yml (run perly_sense create_project to create one) you'll see that the action to take when running different sorts of files is entirely configurable.

The default configuration for .t files look like this:

        command: "prove  --norc --nocolor -v ${INC} \"${SOURCE_FILE}\""
        alternate_command: ""
        moniker: Test
        rex: \.t$
        run_from: source_root_directory

You can define what to do with tests specific to your project. Just put extra mappings in the list. First match is used.

You can also use whatever you have configured in the "alternate_command" by doing calling Run File with a prefix argument, i.e. C-u C-o C-r.

You can do the same in the debug section to run the files through a debugged Perl with C-o r d or C-u C-o r d.

Run Test::Class classes with C-o C-r

Let's say you have Test::Class test modules under t/classes/Test. When you type C-o C-r you want to run them through prove, just like ordinary .t file.

Before the normal .pm spec, add this:

    command: "prove  --norc --nocolor -v ${INC} \"${SOURCE_FILE}\""
    moniker: Test
    rex: t/classes/Test/.*?\.pm$
    run_from: source_root_directory

Run yaml files through a custom test framework

Let's say you have a custom test framework that uses yaml file configuration files to drive the tests. In the shell they are run like this:

  prove -v t/acceptance.t :: "t/acceptance/user/user-can-log-in.yml"

Add this:

    command: "prove  --norc --nocolor -v ${INC} t/acceptance.t :: \"${SOURCE_FILE}\""
    moniker: Test
    rex: t/acceptance/.*?\.yml$
    run_from: source_root_directory

Now you can edit your yaml file and type C-o C-r to run the acceptance test, just like you normally do with .t files.