Revision history for Devel-DumpTrace

0.29	2019-05-03
	PPI suppress implicit $_=~ for naked regexp in split call
        Other improvements in inserting implicit $_ and $.

0.28    2018-12-19
	Fix issue with PPI and naked top-level blocks.
	Overcome limitation of $30 regex matches.

0.27    2018-07-24
	Output condition that exits a for or while loop
	Support for v5.8.1

0.26    2016-07-25
	Improved handling of threads and global destruction

0.25    2016-07-05
	Handle numeric values for DUMPTRACE_COLOR
	Upgrade to Text::Shorten v0.07, other performance improvements

0.24    2015-07-05
	Efforts to improve safety and usability under threads

0.22    2015-07-01
	Extend implicit $. comparison to .. operator in scalar context
	Support DUMPTRACE_COLOR env variable
	Fix silly test misconfiguration in t/ppi/36-implicit.t
	Pod fixes

0.19    2015-06-30
	In PPI parser, insert implicit $_ assignment in while(<FH>)
	    construction and $. comparison with the ... operator

0.18    2013-03-27
	Accomodate changes in hash order in Perl >v5.17.10

0.17    2012-06-07
	Use Hash::SafeKeys as permanent solution to RT#77673.

0.16    2012-06-06
	RT#77673 infinite loop with PPI and each %hash construction, fixed
	    using Storable::dclone to copy hash without resetting iterator
	Check,trap whether t/89-incl-exl.t is affected by Perl v5.8.8 bug with
	    calls like  "perl -d:Foo=arg ..."

0.15    2011-11-28
	Put PPI into separate Devel::DumpTrace::PPI package.
	Put useful constants into separate Devel/DumpTrace/ file
	Support for DUMPTRACE_COUNT=true to count how many times each line
	    was executed.
	Fixed bug that prevented DUMPTRACE_TIME from using Time::HiRes::time
	Fixed deep recursion issue in Devel::DumpTrace::dump_scalar

0.14    2011-07-14
	Fix for t/ppi/33.t failure on some systems.

0.13    2011-07-12
	Evaluate subscript arguments and provide smarter abbreviations
	    of large arrays and hashes.
	Upgrade bundled Text::Shorten to 0.04.
	Detect when implicit $_~~ is used in some given/when blocks.

0.12    2011-03-22
	Support for DUMPTRACE_PID and DUMPTRACE_TIME env var.
	Support for DUMPTRACE_FH=tty.
	Support for DUMPTRACE=a=b,c=d,... as shorthand for 
	Fix inappropriate implicit $_ on barewords that resemble builtin names.
	Fix deferred evaluation of complex lvalues.

0.11    2011-02-25
	Support to include/exclude packages at import. This also fixes the
	    uninitialized hash warning with v<=5.8.

0.10    2011-02-18
	Implemented decorator (see 0.09) for for[each] LIST construction.
	Implemented decorator for do-while and do-until constructions.
	Fixed PPI parsing to treat source code specified from -e, eval, or
	    standard input the same as code from a file.
	Fixed bug about inappropriate implicit $_ inserted after builtins.

0.09    2011-02-16
	Defer output of statements containing function calls until after the
	    function call completes.
	Refresh pads to evaluate lexical where assignment and declaration are
	    in the same statement. That is, we now get  my $x=7 --> my $x:7=7
	    and not my $x=7 --> my $x:undef=7.
	Implemented "decorators" for C-style for loops, while/until loops,
	    if/elsif/else statements to show expressions that were implicitly
	    evaluated between potential breakpoints in the trace output.
	Include subroutine name in trace output.

0.08    2011-02-10
	More efficiency improvements for abbreviating large arrays and hashes.
	Fix in Text/ that for code that was incompatible with
	    Perl v5.8.
	More PPI tweaks to improve displayed results.

0.07    2011-02-08
	Rename $XTRACE_FH to $DUMPTRACE_FH and XTRACE_xxx env vars to 
	PPI tweaks to improve displayed results.
	Made Devel::DumpTrace::PPI the default module (when PPI is available)
	    and added Devel::DumpTrace::noPPI to explicitly use non-PPI vers.
	Efficiency improvements for abbreviating large arrays and hashes.

0.06    2011-02-01
	Rename distribution from Devel-XTrace to Devel-DumpTrace.
	Release candidate.

0.05    2011-01-31
	PPI fixes. Added smoke tests. 
	PPI detects when implicit $_,@_,@ARGV should be inserted.

0.04    2010-11-30
	Initial PPI implementation.
	Rename $LEVEL to $TRACE and aliased to $Devel::Trace::TRACE.

0.03    2010-11-26
	Implement output reduction strategies and $LEVEL verbosity level var.

0.02    2010-11-15
	Remove some of those limitations from v0.01.
	- Handle package vars
	- Handle special vars $ARGV, %SIG, $1, etc.

0.01    2010-11-05
	Initial version. Many "BUGS AND LIMITATIONS"