0.403   2016-06-27

- Use DateTime->set_locale instead of ->set to set the locale. Using ->set may
  actually change the local time unintentionally. Patch by Dave Rolsky. GitHub
  PR #2.

0.402   2015-07-06

- included META.JSON (closes RT #105633, by ETHER)

- added contributors list (and put back SPOON as the main author)

0.401   2014-05-03

- Fix the tests to accomodate the new 1-digit format for days of month
  before the tenth. Thanks to Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker for the patch.

- add some more sample dates to t/sample_dates
  and run one test per sample date in t/sample.t

0.400   2014-04-13

- New maintainer - Philippe Bruhat (BooK)

- Now depends on DateTime 0.18. RT #74580.

- Moved POD tests to the release stage.

- format_datetime() now uses 1-digit numbers for day of month < 10.
  Dates with unrecognized timezones lead to the creation of a DateTime
  object with a floating timezone.
  UTC is now formatted as +0000, floating is formatted as -0000.
  RT #94556.

- Now packaged using Dist::Zilla. Moved back to three-digit version numbers.

0.3001  2007-08-30

- No longer including RFCs in the tarball, per the request of the
  Debian maintainer for this package. Apparently, this makes their job
  harder, and it serves no useful purpose for me. Requested by Gunnar
  Wolf. RT #28480.

0.30    2006-07-24

- The strict parsing made the day name mandatory, even though RFC822
  and 2822 specify it as optional. Reported by Julian Mehnle. See RT

- Turned off signing, since it seems to be causing more trouble than
  it's worth.

0.2901  2004-01-24

- New maintainer - Dave Rolsky.

- Switched to Module::Build.

- Removed some files generated by Iain's docmaker program (which I
  don't have).

0.29    2003-10-22

- Corrected an error message.

- Added some more error checking.

- Added some more method examples.

0.28    2003-10-21

- Default cutoff is now 49, as per RFC2822.

- Doc shuffling and formatting tweaks.

- set_year_cutoff and year_cutoff stricter with arguments.

- Cloning fixed, be it from clone() or new().

0.27    2003-08-01

- Made strict mode stricter.

- Advertised loose mode more loudly.

0.26    2003-07-16

- Uses the spiffy new Locale system.

0.25    2003-06-03

- Backported to 5.005_03

- Fixed TZ bug.

0.24    2003-04-08

- Minor documentation fixes.

- Refactored year and timezone repair functions.

- Added tests for said functions.

- Added ability to parse multiple sign timezones.

- GMT and UTC are recognised as timezone names.

0.23    2003-03-30

- Initial version.