Revision history for DateTime-Format-Duration

1.04    2015-09-20 06:17:20Z
    - converted tooling to Dist::Zilla (fixes RT#48187, RT#82055, RT#53462)
    - added missing prereq declarations (Params::Validate)
    - fix ""Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" warning in 5.22+
    - remove use of $& to improve executable speed (RT#97667)
    - fix formatting of code snippets in pod (RT#105323)

1.03    2007-06-01
    - the Björn Again release
        - This has been a looooong time coming, and I've only just
          managed to get off my arse and fix it thanks to Björn
        - Fixed test 41 was incorrect.
        - All other tests were correct, but as date math had changed,
          we needed to refactor the normalisation
        - Updated DateTime requirement to 0.30 -- the new math

1.02    2004-04-04
    - the 'Mixed Components' release
        - DateTime::Duration now accepts mixed components so the need
          to handle them differently has been removed. Old methods
          remain in place though. See the POD.

1.0101  2004-01-09T02:28:00Z
    - the 'anonymous tester' release
        - added 'use warnings'
        - fixed a missing escape on the whitespace parser
            - thanks to fairly anonymous CPAN tester!

1.01    2004-01-08 02:19:00Z
    - the 'Britney Spears' release (oops I did it again)
        - Removed reliance on DateTime::Event::DST which doesn't exist!
            - Thanks David Wheeler and Mike Castle
        - Reorganised code to make it neater
        - Created new tests for normalising and parsing
        - Fixed bugs new tests revealed
        - Moved old, redundant tests to *.old.
          They should still pass if you want them!

1.0002  2004-01-07 12:35:00Z
    - quiet release to cpan
        - This release just fixes some doc bugs I should have fixed last night.

1.0001  2004-01-06 09:18:00Z
    - second release to mailing list
        - Support for Leap Seconds
        - Normalise dramtically overhauled and quickened
        - Docs said normalise and normalize. Code didn't.
        - Patterns now allowed outside the object
        - Parsing and Formatting now available without OO interface
        - Made pretty pictures for explaining normalisation concepts
        - Changed example formats to not look like DateTimes
        - Reworded parts of docs to make things clearer
        - Added a lot of normalisation tests as that's the most likely
          place to get errors!
        Thanks to Dave Rolsky for most of the above suggestions.

1.00    2003-12-15 13:29:43Z
    - Changed name to DateTime::Format::Duration
    - initial release to mailing list

0.00    2003-11-09 07:39:56Z
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
        -X -v1.00 --use-new-tests -b5.0.5 -nDateTime::Format::StrfDuration