Revision history for Date-Easy

0.10      2020-01-14 13:57:52-08:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Fix failing unit test caused by imperfect mirroring of `gmtime`/`timegm`
      github #14 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    * Fix a small typo

0.09      2019-09-03 16:34:03-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    * Reviewed all POD and fixed a few typos
    * Fixed a POD link (github #13--thx manwar)

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Fix format test so it can handle weird chars in default format
      github #9 (thx richlv)

0.08      2019-06-28 17:42:42-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [Efficiency Improvements]
    * resimplify `strftime` implementation to simple delegation
      this made possible by the fixing of Time::Piece GitHub #24 (thx ESAYM!)
      that fix means we must require at least 1.32 of Time::Piece

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Fix Kwalitee issues
      github #11 (thx Zak B. Elep (ZAKAME))
    * Fix failing unit test caused by bug in `str2time`
      github #12 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    * Correct broken distro (no `provides` in META.*)

0.07      2019-04-16 00:33:10-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    -- broken distro --

0.06      2018-06-15 22:34:29-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [Bug Fixes]
    * workaround for upstream bug in Date::Parse [base bug RT/53413]
      now doing a more faithful recreation of D::P's strptime
      and using it for both dates and datetimes

0.05      2018-05-31 02:50:30-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [New Features]
    * Can now subtract one datetime from another (gives seconds).
    * Can now subtract one date from another (gives days).

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Change date-parse unit tests to calculate epoch dates
      so they work in all timezones.
      github #10 (thx Ron Savage (RSAVAGE))

0.04      2017-07-27 17:47:54-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [Bug Fixes]
    * `add_months` was returning a Time::Piece instead of a Date::Easy
      object (fixed)

    [New Features]
    * New `day_of_year` method
      returns day of year (1-366)
    * New `split` method
      splits to (Y, m, d) for date, (Y, m, d, H, M, S) for datetime
    * New methods: `add_seconds`, `subtract_seconds`, `add_minutes`,
      `subtract_minutes`, `add_hours`, `subtract_hours`, `add_days`,
      `subtract_days`, `add_weeks`, `subtract_weeks`, `subtract_months`,
      `add_years`, `subtract_years`
    * New class: Date::Easy::Units
      simpler interface for date math

    * Added "Language" section to "Limitations"
    * Added "Inspiration and Credits" section to POD
    * Documented effects of upstream bug RT/105031

0.03      2017-02-21 19:45:46-08:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [New Features]
    * New `add_months` method
    * New `iso8601` method (and `iso` alias)

    [Interface Changes]
    * Have `as` able to recognize a string like '-Ymd'
      (same as `strftime('%Y-%m-%d')`)

    * Make all method headers consistent (show arguments)

0.02      2016-06-25 02:00:48-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    [New Features]
    * New `time_zone` method

    [Interface Changes]
    * Make `add` and `subtract` in ::Date private methods
      (this fixes POD coverage tests)

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Stop using `\h` in test regexen because 5.8 doesn't recognize it

    * Added basic POD

0.01_03   2016-05-25 22:43:31PDT-0700 America/Los_Angeles (TRIAL RELEASE)

    [Bug Fixes]
    * The "%s" format specifier now always returns the same value as the
      epoch method, regardless of what the underlying implementation thinks

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Fixed `strftime` unit tests being locked to the author's timezone
      github #6 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    * Removed check for "%p" in `strftime` test because it's locale-specific
      github #7 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))

0.01_02   2016-05-22 01:48:55PDT-0700 America/Los_Angeles (TRIAL RELEASE)

    [Interface Changes]
    * ::Date and ::Datetime now have accessors that follow the UI of
      DateTime rather than Time::Piece
    * ::Date and ::Datetime no longer inherit from Time::Piece

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Fixed multiple cases of datetimes not matching due to clock rolling over
      github #4 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    * Fixed out-of-range tests on 32-bit machines
      github #3 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    * Fixed bug where List::Util might be too low a version during testing
      github #5 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))

0.01_01   2016-04-16 18:52:35-07:00 America/Los_Angeles (TRIAL RELEASE)

    [Bug Fixes]
    * Correct the bug whereby handing off to Time::ParseDate::parsedate
      used the wrong DST flag

    [Distro Fixes]
    * Incorrect issues link fixed
    * Now prints timezone info to help identify smoker problems
      (thx Andreas Koenig (ANDK)!)
    * Added author test for parsing dates in all timezones
      (should provide better test coverage on release)
    * Marked bogusly failing datetime test as TODO
      (see also:

0.01      2016-03-07 01:22:16PST-0800 America/Los_Angeles

    * initial version